Getting Kay Pregnant...(a fantasy I shared with a

As the weekend rolls around, we both get home tired from the grind of the week and exhausted from all your classes...yet we both still have some energy to spend. I suggest we dress up and prepare a nice dinner at home. We both agree it would be a good idea, and as we prepare dinner...cutting up the vegetables, sipping on our wine, laughing and just unwinding from our week, I tell you that I'm jumping in the shower just to rinse myself off before I change. To my surprise, you say "I'll join you in the shower."

I get the shower running nice and warm. I step in and get my body all join in a few seconds after I've been under the water. We sensually and very romantically clean our bodies off. I massage the shampoo into your hair, and after rinsing, I apply the conditioner. Our eyes never leave sight of each's as if we're in an extremely romantic stare with each other. Almost like speaking to each other without saying a word.

Our hands caress each others' bodies as we lather one another up. You feel my soft fingers separate your soft pussy lips as I clean between your legs...then you feel my fingers sliding to your ass as I clean you up there as well. As my hands lather up your body, I can feel your soft hands lathering up my chest, neck and back. Then I feel your soft hands stroking my hard dick so softly. You know that drives me insane, but you don't get me too worked up.

As we finish up in the shower and dry ourselves off, you tell me you have a surprise for me, and dash off to dress for dinner. I finish dressing and make my way to the dinner table. You're wearing an evening dress I bought you for a special occasion. It's a very sexy yet sophisticated dress that drives me insane! I can tell you have on sheer pantyhose and a nice pair of heels on.

I pull the chair out so you can sit, and place the napkin on your lap, and pour you a glass of wine. We both are looking very nice as we're home enjoying a nice candle lit dinner we both made special for each other.

We eat dinner, talk, laugh so more and I feel your hand touch mine at the table at the same time feeling your foot brushing up my leg. The look in your eyes is very seductive, and you begin to dip your finger in the wine placing it in your mouth as you were sucking on your finger...then grinning at me again very seductively.

I say "Kay...are you trying to seduce me?", you giggle and say "That's too easy babe..."
We start kissing each other very passionately, yet very softly. Our hands are exploring our bodies while trying to take each others' clothes off.

We somehow make it to the bedroom where as you're undressing, I'm lighting some candles and making the setting a very calming yet romantic setting. As I look over to you, you're wearing a sexy sheer black teddy with sheer nude color thigh high stockings. You slip your heels off, and you look absolutely perfect! You smile at me, and I walk up to you and we start kissing again.

As we become more passionate with each other, I hear a soft, sexy voice whisper in my ear, "can we make a baby Jose?" Just as you ask me that question, you look up into my eyes and give me a soft smile. I don't answer...I just continue to kiss you as I lead you to the edge of the bed. I sit you down as I kneel between your legs. I gently spread your legs and start kissing your inner thighs. I'm very passionate and sensual with my kisses, and I feel your soft hands caressing my back and neck.

I can feel the warmth coming from between your legs, and instead of indulging myself, I work my way back up to kissing your lips and our bodies touch. As our kissing becomes more sensual, I feel your hand grasping my rigid dick...and then I feel your hand pulling my dick closer to your wet pussy. Our bodies finally come together, and we begin to make love to one another. Our movements are smooth and sensual. Our bodies locked in the heat of the moment. I can feel your legs tangling into mine as my dick is sliding softly in and out of you. Our breathing becomes more paced. We can't look anywhere except into each others' eyes.

We both are passionate about each other and our body language says it all. Our pace of breathing picks up as does the pace of our bodies in the tangled heat. I feel your stockings encasing your legs wrap around my hips as you feel me become harder the deeper I go inside you. In the midst of me kissing you, you can hear me muddle to you how I feel like I'm going to cum. You pull my face from yours, look me in the eyes and say "I want you to cum Jose, that's the whole point honey..."

After your sweet words, it only takes a matter of minutes before my body convulses into a climactic orgasm...shooting my hot sperm deep inside your womb. I can't control myself and can't stop cumming! All this while our eyes never lose sight of each other.

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