Wow... Random woman dry humps me at Target? (10/1

Not good with writing stories, just joined x hamster a few months ago, but anyways this is a true story it just happened to me earlier today. (10/1/11)

So my mom and i went to to Target to get some stuff, and like i normally do at most stores i go check out the electronics section and game section while my mom shops for food and stuff. So im checking out the new game releases for xbox like MW3 and Battlefield, then i see a shelf full of these cool funny shirts in the mens clothing department. As i was reading all of these funny shirts i briefly looked up and my eyes met this woman who was staring directly at me, at least 30 feet away from me. She quickly looked back down, i kneeled down to view some more shirts and peeked through a crack in the shelf, i saw this woman slowly moving toward me pushing through racks of clothes. She had dark black waist length hair, massive round boobs and one hell of a hot body. I was guessing she was around 30-35 years old? Anyways i quickly stand up as she turned and started walking down my isle.

There was practically no one in the store and it was around 8am on a Tuesday, and this woman and myself were the only two people looking around in the clothing department. As she walked toward me she stared directly at me, her long hair covered her round bouncing mounds, i then turned my head the other way when she was just about to pass me. But then she stopped, i heard three words... "excuse me hun". Now i was behind this massive clothing shelf and in front of me was practically no room to move so i leaned back as far as i could go so she would have just enough room to pass me. She smiled sweetly and she tried to squeeze by, she then looked like she dropped her purse right in front of me on purpose, i mean she just flat out dropped it while looking straight at me.

So i began to bend down to pick it up for her, when she stopped me. She then used her left hand to hold my right hand back, she then turned around bent over... i almost died, her massive bubble but booty was straight up in the air, i was less then an inch away from my mid section rubbing against her.

Then it happened... she backed up and bumped into me. Within seconds, my cock was rock hard, throbbing and bulging through my pants. But she never looked up, she kept bumping me ever so slightly and i was wondering if she was doing it on purpose because i thought i heard some giggling? Anyways she then turned her head up to be and whispered "do you like that hunny?" I froze, my cock was throbbing faster and faster, then my phone went off saying i had a text message, the beep the text made scared me and i leaned forward forgetting this woman was even there. Slamming my mid section and aroused cock beneath my pants into her bubble butt at mock speed. Her head shot forward into the soft pile of shirts, before i could even say sorry she said "grab my fucking hips you fucker" i was like what?! I then grabbed her hips and said that i needed to answer my text in a shaky voice.

Still wondering what this woman just said to me, i then panicked and realized my mom sent me a text and wanted to know where i was, i made a little fib and told her i would be out in the car in 10 minutes im just talking to the electronics guy.. I shut my phone and this woman then smiled at me and began basically dry humping my cock with her amazing ass. i was shocked, my hands gripping her amazing ass as she basically humped me for 60 seconds straight, then she said "pull my fucking hair" out of pure shock and disbelief i grabbed her long sexy hair pulling in back in a sexy long ponytail. By now it had been a full minute and i was enjoying every second of it, while she occasionally tiled her head at me and smiled and laughed saying "good boy",

It had been about 2 minutes that we had been dry humping for, and yet know one was around? I released her long sexy hair and whispered in her ear, "i want to fuck you"... She turned around, took out a notepad wrote her number and gave it to me without saying a word. Then she realized i still had a massive boner, she leaned down kissed my cock through my jeans, i came, my cum filled my boxers and made a wet stain on the outside of my jeans. She then smiled at me turned around and walked straight out of the store through the back entrance with her ass swaying back in fourth.... i could not believe it. This was probably the most weirdest sexual experience ive ever had... i then ran out of the store and acted like nothing happened when i got into my moms car!

Part 2 Will come soon if you guys like my personal story that happened to me earlier today. Im sorry for a grammar/word errors i typed this story really fast because i am still in pure shock about what happened this morning. Now im going to bed! Good Night.
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3 years ago
Hot let's hear the next story
3 years ago
3 years ago
liked it
3 years ago
Can't wait to hear the next installment
3 years ago
go fuck her
3 years ago
lol you came with nothing