What a mother won't do for her daughter!!!

Until recently I owned and operated my own online sales an customer service business, the business was small, about 35 employees mostly women. I have been divorced for 4 years now. Last summer at the company picnic I gave motorcycle rides to some of the employees who had never been on a Harley, everything was going well until the daughter of one of my employees who was 22 I think asked for a ride, I was getting tired but I said yes. So I explained what things to do and what things not to do while riding, mostly safety information. Shelly was an average looking girl, sort of thin, red hair, and a great ass. I had been riding for about 5 or 6 minutes and started to hear little moans come from her every time we he a little bump in the road and I told her to hold on tight because we were coming to a part of the road with a lot of pot holes and then I hit one and she let out a scream, and moved her hands from my side to around my mid section, and a few minutes later I hit the next and she said she was scared and wanted to go back. She explained she was worried she would fall off and asked if we could stop for a soda and we did. When we arrived at the store I got off first to help her and looked down at her crotch and she had the sweetest little camel toe, she lifted her leg over the seat and I was hoping to get a glimpse of what was behind the cute camel toe, but no luck after she got off she pulled the seam of her shorts out of her sweet looking slit by pulling her pant leg down, My cock was getting hard so we got the pop and went back to the picnic. When we arrived back I did notice her looking at my hardening bulge while helping her off, showed another great camel toe and got off, she once again tugged the seam out of her crack, gave me a quick hug and thanked me for the ride, I told her my pleasure and said anytime and she went to her mom ans tried to tell her how good of a time she had, and her mother looked up at me and and gave me the biggest dirty look like she had just caught me fucking her daughter. Later that week at work as I walk the around the office her mother told me that Shelly had a great a boyfriend and thought something sexual had happened during the ride and wanted nothing messing up their relationship. I assured her I was a complete gentleman, she smiled and said Shelly had also told her that. Stacy's mother's name is Ann just went through her 3rd divorced but she was hot, she always dressed sexy/conservative and some great fuck me jeans on casual Friday. After work that night while at home my phone rang and it was Shelly, she asked me if I meant it when I said anytime for another ride and I told her I would love to and for her to call me Saturday morning. So we ended the conversation with her asking what is proper riding attire, I said what she was wearing at the picnic was fine and said goodbye. I sat there and wondered what I just did, If I fucked Shelly like I want to I was pretty sure it was not going to be a quick fuck, I figured I could fuck her all day and send her walking funny back to mommy. I was also afraid her mother would quit if she learned what nasty things I was going to do to her daughter. So the following day at work near the end of her shift I called Ann in to my office and she looked worried, I could see her hands shaking and then she asked me with tears in her eyes if I was going to fire her. First I told her that her job was safe and not to worry, she was relieved she wiped a little tear from her cheek and why did I bring her up here? I told her it was about Shelly and the phone call I got from her and told her if we went on that ride that I was pretty sure I was going to try and seduce her and was worried that she would quit over it. Then I got up and went around to the front of the desk where she was sitting and explained I really hoped she would not quit because she was a great employee, but I did not know how to work around this issue. She sat there for a while and asked if there were long term plans with Shelly, I said no, just sex. I could feel my cock filling up with bl**d thinking I could fuck Shelly and keep Ann working for me. I started to explain that I had sexual needs also but did not want to have this come between us. I noticed her glancing at my hard cock, I thought about sitting back behind the desk to hide it, but I decided to see where my cock would take me. She than stated that she heard I had a lot of girlfriends and was that not enough, I said it was never enough. She stood up and asked me what her options were. I then started explaining to her that as her employer I was unable to be honest about what I thought of her, and than she asked me if I thought she was sexy and reminded her that she is the one who asked, and I told her I thought she was very attractive and then her eyes rolled down to my very hard cock and asked if I was willing to make a compromise? I flat out told her that if there was anything sexual between us she would have to start it. By now I had slid off the top of my desk and was just leaning against it and she slid to the edge of her chair and started to rub the large outline of my cock through my pants, reached up to undo my belt and unbutton my pants than stopped to make me promise that I would leave Shelly alone, I replied with my assurance. Then she proceeded to tell me that it had been a while for her and that her ex husband made her feel very unattractive, I put 2 fingers up to her mouth to let her know nothing had to be said. She was now trembling terribly so I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet gave her a big hug, kissed her neck, she smelled wonderful and told her so, I then kissed her neck and she moaned and asked her if the really wanted to go through with this, she whispered in my ear “oh god yes”. I reached for her face with both hands and told her to relax and kissed her softly, she began to grind her skirted hips against my super hard cock. I took my hands began to unbutton her blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and removed it for her and lay it on my desk, then once again she pressed her very attractive hips back to my cock. I then reached around and unhooked her black lacy bra, and for her being 44 she has great tits, large eraser nipples, I kissed her and began to lightly twist and massage them, and they to were hard in an instant. I reached for her skirt at her ass on caressed each cheek with each hand she moaned, I kissed her again, I began to slid my fingers to the heat of her soaked panties, I reached for her hand and told her to slid it down the inside of my pants as she said my ex's were not that large and she said she was not sure if she could satisfy me. And once again I pressed my 2 fingers to her lips to reassure her. I turn her so her great ass was to my desk and lifted her skirt up and had her sit on the desk, I then laid her flat on her back the and sucked on those great nipples as I ground my the underside of my cock against the thin fabric of her sexy panties, she moaned very loud and ran her gentle fingers though my hair as I focused my attention on her very sweet pussy and and ass, I began edging my fingers under her panties and surprisingly found it was closely shaven with a huge clit, I squeezed and rubbed her clit and she pulled away a little, like she was embarrassed I sucked her clit through the thin fabric when she pushed my head away and told me I did not have to do that, I lifted her ass off the desk and removed her soaked panties, I then began to slowly suck all the wonderful juice up she lifted her hips off the desk and against my mouth. I took my fingers and spread her pussy lips apart and ran my tongue from her ass to her throbbing clit, she grabbed my ears and pulled me harder to her. I know she was close so I tweaked her hard nipples blew very lightly on her clit and she exploded, she is a gusher and in a matter of a few minutes she came 4 or 5 times. I reached in my desk drawer for a towel I use after I work out and wiped her off, my face and desk, she was very embarrassed, and told her it was fantastic. We were both tired so we smoked a cigarette, I asked her if she smoked pot, she said yes a few times when she was younger, so I dropped that subject. She grabbed her blouse and covered her self as we talked, I took it and told her that I loved the way she looked. We finished the smoke and I sat in the chair and told her to kneel in front of me, she did after removing what skirt was still on her. I asked her to take my pants off, she did slowly as I lifted my ass up to assist her. She looked a long time at my cock as it laid to the side in my briefs, I placed her hand on my rock hard cock and she said I think I will like this, with her other hand she cupped my balls. I reached down an fished my cock out and squeezed it tight in my fist, and it was like the first time she ever laid eyes on a hard cock. I let go and she wrapped her tiny hands around it and stroked it hand over hand and she watched as the drop of pre-cum leaked out. I pulled her up so I could kiss her knowing when I did her tits would surround my cock, as her tits hovered over my erection I started to thrust my hips up and she squeezed her tits knowing what I wanted. I wanted her suck my cock but wanted her to decide on her own. I begun to pull her up so I could suck on her big nipples and knew her pussy would be right above the biggest cock she has seen in person in her life. After a few minutes of sucking, I felt her hand grasp it and and in seconds I felt a burst of heat surround my cock head as she lowered herself on to my shaft, she braced both hands on my chest, all 10 inches disappeared inside and she stopped to savor it, then slowly began to ride it like it was her last fuck, and the look on her face was pure passion. Soon I was drenched with her juices and each down stroke could tell she had great control of her pussy muscles. She was picking up her pace on each stroke, faster and faster and with each stroke the slapping got louder, then she whimpered real loud, she bottomed out until she washed my entire shaft with her orgasm, as it subsided she began to ride it faster and then she was slamming again she came again, and again she leaned forward and rested on my chest and hugged me, all this time I was still buried to the hilt in her happy pussy, I got up and told her to sit in the chair and slid her ass forward, as she did I raised her knees to her chest and watched her watch my cock slowly disappear deep in that shaved Disneyland (The greatest place on earth), her fat pussy lips snug around the shaft and all that was rest to see was her swollen clit as I fucked her nearly 15 minutes, I knew the end was near, a few times I would pull out to far and my cock head would slid downward and against her very tight asshole, after a few times of doing that my aim got better (was testing the waters) my balls began slapping her ass again, I told her I was almost there, she reached down with both hands, one wrapped around my shaft and she was pinching her clit with the other. With in 5 minutes I told her I was going to cum and I begun fucking and grinding real hard, I whispered in her ear I was going to shoot my load, at the same time her legs locked around my ass, and she started to orgasm with me washing me with her pent up juice, causing my load to release, erupting into her tight cavern, she kept on telling me, then almost screaming in my ear to full her cunt with my huge load of cum, I was glad to do this for her, it was like her pussy was sucking my cock off while it was buried to the hilt, filling her with cum. When the cum stopped flowing I pulled out and watched my huge load along with hers run down her ass. I stood to reach for the towel and Ann grabbed it from me and told be she would do it, so I watched her mop up her pussy and ass and when she was finished she did me and kissed the head of my cock and whispered to my limp, tired manhood “I knew I was going to like you”

I never did fuck her daughter, nor needed to, Ann and I fucked ever Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning for 6 months, most of the time in my office.

93% (50/4)
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3 years ago
Great story Ann sounds fantastic!
4 years ago
4 years ago
very hot and sexy a real turn on
4 years ago
very good but more details & do you still see her a part 2
4 years ago
that was really good
4 years ago
mmm let me work for you!
4 years ago
Well written!
4 years ago
i like fuck anal fuck..