best experiance last night with a mates ex

best d***k sex last night , i was able to take advantage of Rheanna my mates ex girlfriends d***k body

i went with my mate Jack and his older b*****r Sam to pick up jacks ex girlfriend who was in town drinking with some other girls . and i was told to sit in the back . when we arrived to pick Rheanna up she was standing there so d***k , wearing a tight black dress and really sexy tall high heels that showed off her perfect red toe nailed feet not bad for a 17 year old . she stumbled to get in the back , but once she sat back she passed out from drinking so much . then we started heading home to drop her off .

i was staring at her brown tanned legs for ages just thinking what id do to them . i looked at her to make sure she was still passed out then i bent down to see her feet and saw that one of her black heels had fallen off . i slowly picked it up and put it to my nose and smelt her tasty little feet . i got an instant hard on .i spat in the inside of the heel and licked my spit all over the sole of her black high heel . i then spat 3 more times in the inside of it and then put it back down and slid the spit covered heel back on Rheannas little 17 year old foot .

we stopped off so Jack and Sam could get a kebab . they both got out the car to go get a kebab each leaving me and Rheanna in the back of the car . now was my chance . i lent over and sniffed her hair . it was so nice the smell was incredible so i decided to stick my tongue out and started licking up her face and around her ear . i then grabbed her right hand and stuck it down my trousers and clenched her hand around my stiff hard 8 inch cock . i saw they had just ordered so i had plenty of time . i slid my trousers down , exposing my hard cock and seeing that she still had hold of it . i gently pulled her hand off my cock . i grabbed her passed out face and kissed and licked all over her 17 year old little lips . i then oped her mouth spat into it then positioned her head over my cock . then let her head fall on to my throbbing cock . i then face fucked the little 17 year old trusting my cock up into her little mouth making sure she ate all of it . then when i thought i was close to cumming i pulled out and threw her against the side again . i pulled her right leg so it was behind me then i was able to see her little black thong showing from her dress . i grabbed the thong and ripped it off . exposing her shaven little pussy with out fingering or lubing i lent in and stuck my cock straight up her minge making sure she took every inch . i then pulled back out , then in again and started fucking so hard for several minutes i could hear little moans coming from her it was such a turn on .

while i was still in her i pulled her legs and feet down so they were level with my face then started licking her little toes through her black high heels . i then pulled both heels off then stuck her left foot in my mouth then continued to fucking the poor little girl . her little foot tasted soo gooood . then looking down and seeing my self trusting Rheannas little shaven minge . i pulled out cause i know i was close to cumming so then i cupped both her feet around my big cock then started wanking my cock off , i then spat down on her feet and my cock to get the last bit of excitement out . i was so close to cumming so i stuck my 8 inch cock back in her minge until i felt my ball-sack touching her ass . then cummed in-side her , it felt so good as i looked down and saw her still passed out but still lightly moaning . i pushed her back into her seat and sat her up then pulled her skirt on and put her heels back on i saw that some of my cum was running down her leg but i didn't bother to clean it up .

Jack and Sam got back in the car then we continued to drive rheanna home
we eventually woke her up and made her walk in her house . she didn't have a clue what i just did to her little 17 year old d***k body . they took me home . just before i got out the car i looked down and forgot about her thong that i ripped off her . i couldn't leave it in the car so i put her black thong in my pocket to wank over later and then got out the car and wandered in home.

the end

Heres A Pic Of Her :D
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