Best Night of my Life *True Story*

So the night after my girlfriend of 2 months broke up with me there was a huge party my buddy was throwing. He said it was gonna be the craziest shit ever. I was kinda hurtin from the breakup so I didn't want to go, I just sat on the couch and watched porn, jerkin it like crazy. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, I cleaned my cum quick and pulled up my pants to go answer my door. The second I open it, my buddy, with about 15 gorgeous girls, came piling in, all wearing almost nothing. "I brought you a present!" He yelled at me, holding up a beer in each hand. I instantly smiled a huge grin. everyone got wasted that night within about an hour, except for me, i managed to keep at a good level so I would remember the fun I would have (im just smart like that). So I banged 12 girls that night and got a blowjob from every single one of them, so did my buddy. (in fact, he was so hammered he gave me a blow job to, which was fine cause im bi...but he's not so shhhhh) Than, suddenly, all of the girls got on their knees in a circle and me, my buddy, and a few other guys (they were there all along, i just forgot to mention em) all stood in the middle. They knew that I loved to cum all over girls faces, its my favorite thing to do ever. So all of us blew our loads on these girls, they got it in their eyes their mouth, everywhere. That, my friends, was the best night of my life.
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4 years ago
interesting but short
4 years ago
sounds almost too good to be true but congrats!