The Milk Boy Revists

The Milk Boy Revisits

--- ZERO ---
After my escapade with “The Milk Boy” as I referred to him, I never got to see him for another week. That was an awfully long time to go again without some thick, warm gloopy semen trickling down my throat.
He gave me four very healthy portions of jism last Saturday which kept me very happy for the rest of the weekend. I wouldn’t have turned down some more, as early as the next morning, but a girl gets what a girl can get. Then the week rolled on and work and the daily routine took over.
I did get to see his mother though! He had forgotten his rake in my garden so on Wednesday evening, just as I walked into the house she was walking over from across the street. I knew who she was but we never spoke before. I gladly gave her the rake back.
“I never paid him, either!” I said nonchalantly.
“Yeah I had no cash on him and I haven’t got any on me now. I owe him £20. Sorry”
“Oh… No problem”
“We kinda got rained off so he left his rake here to finish the garden – can I have his number please so we can arrange something if that is ok with you?
“Erm yeah… I don’t know it… hang on…”
“It’s ok I’ll give you mine. He can ring me to sort something out? Sorry about the money again”
“Thanks. No problem. Bye!”
My lover would be over this weekend so I would be fed but there was no harm in being able to get in touch with The Milk Boy. I’d say he had my number for 1 second before he text me. I told him my boyfriend would be here at about 10pm this Friday. If he came round at 6, I’d be home, and I could give him the money I owed him. He already had plans for the night, so it was left hanging; at least we had each other’s numbers and future meetings – feeding sessions! –could be arranged.
And thus the plans were left.
My mind raced and my pussy tingled as I recalled what happened last time he was here. I had to wank myself to sl**p – never thinking for a second about my boyfriend!

--- ONE ---
Come Friday it was as though he had been stalking me. He was walking across the road towards my house as I put the key into the door! Once inside, he made some idle chit-chat making it clear he had plans for later tonight; seeing his own girlfriend. I got a £20 note out and hand it to me. As he meekly reached out to get it I snatched it back. Took another £20 and held the £40 up.
“I need feeding!” I said walking into the kitchen. He mumbled some kind of excuse but he followed me in and rested his bum on the sideboard. In exactly the same spot where he dumped his last load on my face 6 days ago.
I had only just walked into the house but I was in that weekend mood. I threw my jacket onto the kitchen top and stuffed the money between my tits and went for his zipper. I hitched my pencil-skirt up and crouched placing my face in front of his crotch. I looked up at him and he had a huge, cheeky, knowing grin on his face.
By the way his cock sprang forth I would say he had gone as long as me without proper sex. I actually felt my pussy trickling forth some juices almost like wee as I gobbled his cock and a tiny warm orgasm filled my pussy. It was unbelievable. Going so long without sex is not healthy, I’m sure. I needed some jism, this boy could provide it and my body seemed to know it!
When I composed myself and looked up at him – his cock still deep in my mouth – his head was hanging limply, his face contorted with pleasure. His eyes were mostly closed and occasionally they would half open and he would gaze at me dreamily. He had trimmed his cock, which helped because the pubes tickled my nose before. But now it looked bigger and keener and cleaner and I attacked it with greed.
Spurred on by his moaning I wrapped my arms around his hips and took him in as deep as I could. Fortunately for me it was average sized so I made it all vanish inside me without gagging. He was well and truly lost inside me in every sense of the word.
He put his hands on my head and stroked my hair tenderly. It was heavenly. I shook my head violently side-to-side and then paused. Then I repeated in an up down fashioned. He groaned in appreciation.
I pulled my head back to catch my breath. Long strings of saliva stretched between my mouth and his cock end. They wobbled seductively as I took a few deep breaths. The poor lad looked like he needed the break more than I did.
I looked back down and his angry cock-head glistened and twitched. He kept his hands on my head stroking my hair gently. I wanted to wait there, admiring his cock until I felt his hands tugging my head towards him but his cock stared back at me, its big eye dilated fully.
I think I might have come again! I tiny, quiet, ever so warm and pleasant little orgasm that f***ed my one hand to leave his waist and start tugging at my skirt. I stayed crouched with my legs clutched tight, squeezing on my clit, driving it insane. Once my skirt was high enough I opened my legs and frantically rubbed my clit with my free hand. The lovely warm feelings were re-kindled and my panties were now completely drenched. I was so aroused, could smell myself, despite my nose being inches away from his cock.
I then felt the eye of his penis glaring at me with the silent promises of his massive load and I could not wait for him to pull me closer. I inhaled it into my throat! I repeated my head-jerking with it totally inside my throat and felt it swell some more. I knew what was gonna happen so I snatched my head away – teasingly.
He groaned almost in pain but kept stroking me. I wait a few seconds and a tiny, drop of clear precum appeared on the tip of his prick. I lapped it and his cock jerked. So I wolfed it down again and shook my head back and forth viciously, my nose slapped into his bladder and my chin into his ball bag. The tip of his cock fucked the entrance to my throat and his shaft was sucked by my mouth and tickled by my tongue.
His cock then turned rock hard and he clenched. It could no longer bend down the curvature of my throat and it poked away inside me and exploded. I kinda lost count and track of what was happening as I suffered another one of those tiny, fulfilling yet frustrating mini-orgasms again.
All I know is that I tried frantically to gulp it all down but I had forgotten what a heavy load this boy carried. I usually like to count the number of spurts but I forgot myself and just sucked and gulped and swallowed as best I could. It was really hot and so slippery, like mercury – and just as heavy! It raced along my tongue and down my mouth and then seemed to rest heavily in my tummy. I had not eaten since breakfast (yes I know, with my fuller figure I am always self conscious and on these stupid self-inflicted on-and-off type diets).
In any case I had not had anything pass my throat but cold water since breakfast about 10 hours ago. His seed, was like manna from heaven! Just what a hungry, hard-working girl like myself needed to start her well-deserved weekend!

--- TWO ---
Eventually, of course, The Milk Boy ran out of milk. I greedily kept sucking as though this could make it carry on delivering! It had become too unbearable for him so instead he pushed me away, lifted me by my arm-pits. My legs wobbled as I stood up. He spun me round and pushed me against the opposite side board.
He bent me over and pulled my panties to one side and spread my cheeks as best he could. I immediately got the picture and did my share. Soon – with a single, furious thrust – he was inside me!
I think I came again! I’m not sure; since I first gulped his cock down I had several weird build-ups and releases inside me. Most of them my own mini-orgasms ebbing and flowing all over the place, totally out of control. One, of course, was Tom’s own release, which I enjoyed as much as my own.
He grabbed me by my hips and hammered it home. Last time he took me from behind he gently massaged my buttocks, which I usually love but this time he was insane! He humped away furiously and as my panties, that were clumsily pulled aside, trapped my clit they pinched it painfully.
I yelped in pleasure and pain as his cock reminded my pussy – that had remained vacant for almost a week! – what it meant to feel a throbbing cock massaging you from the inside out. My head rocked upwards with every thrust and I carried on yelping. Then I looked down and froze on horror and delight.
Poor Tom must have really cum hard because his jism had escaped my mouth – in abnormally high volume – and had landed on my tits. They were now heaving, and flopping about in response to his wild pumping. My top could hardly contain them and I am glad that his seed had not been wasted. I blamed my own simultaneous mini-orgasm as he came in my mouth for not swallowing it all there and then but it meant I could have a desert!
I carefully wiped my tits clean with my finger and licked my finger clean. Several times until I was sure there was not a drop left. Then I scooped by boobs out and in turn suckled the nipples in turn.
His banging became more furious and was brought back to my senses. Don’t get me wrong what he was doing to me was lovely and it made my legs wobble deliriously. The way my panties strangled my clit and the edge of the board dug into the top of my thighs was getting a tad uncomfortable now. But my main concern was: “Does he remember last weeks Rule Number One?”
I was taking no chances and pushed off the sideboard. Reluctantly he let me go. He staggered back and after the initial disappointment he seemed glad for another break. His cock looked still as angry.
“Rule Number One?” I reminded him as I reminded myself I actually wanted him to cum inside my pussy!
“Oh yeah… Of course…” he looked miles away and then I realised why. I caught myself straightening my panties and trying to remove them properly. My tits jiggled about playfully as they rested outside my top and bra. My nipples still glistened with my saliva when he grabbed me. I was undoing the zip to my skirt and he was lifting my tits to his mouth and sucking them hungrily.
He had to stop eating my tits for me to remove my top and he took the opportunity to remove his jeans and trainers. I stood in the kitchen in nothing but my high heels. He had nothing but his t-shirt on.
I wiggled my bum upwards trying to find purchase on the side board. He immediately got the picture and gave me a hand. Soon my bum was precariously clinging to the edge of the sideboard, my legs we wide open and the tip of his cock prodded blindly. We gave each other a deep, passionate bear-hug and he kissed my head as I tugged at his t-shirt and removed it.
Then he grabbed by cheeks with his two hands and pulled my lips to his. His cock entered my pussy again just as his tongue entered my mouth and I was in heaven!
The Milk Boy fucked me hard and kissed me even harder. I loved it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and raked my nails down his back as his arms squeezed me tight. It was unbelievable and unbearable. His arms gave me a strong, stifling bear hug making breathing hard and hurting my rib cage. At the same time his mouth was so demanding it chocked me.
His cock squelched away inside me and it felt like it was trying to push the life out of me as his arms squeezed me in trying to contain it. The combined sensation was nothing short of unbearable and I think – again the details are hazy – I came again almost passing out!
When I gathered my thoughts I was slumped limply over his shoulders, my legs dangling limply either side of him as he cradled me – very tenderly this time – in his arms. He had taken a step back, panting heavily and stroking my hair. My pussy was still convulsing as if trying to scream out in protestation to being left vacant.
I reached down with one hand and frantically rubbed my clit with my entire palm and I climaxed again. This was a proper orgasm. It made me yelp out again. Not the sharp yelp of pleasure but the prolonged scream of released, pent-up frustration and glee all in one. He just supported my weight as it wobbled uncheck all over the kitchen top clinging to him for dear life. It was glorious!

--- THREE ---
It took me several minutes to calm down enough to walk – somewhat wobbly – out of the kitchen, stepping over discarded clothes and into the living room where I flopped onto the sofa. Tom just wanted to carry on fucking. It was amazing. My pussy was – for now – satiated unlike his cock. It had dried up and dangled in the sexiest semi-hard-on. I grabbed it in one hand – the first time my hand had touched it since last Saturday and it was sticky with dried-up love juices. I took it again in my mouth and tasted my own pussy-cum-juices.
It didn’t take long for him to stand to full attention again and I rested my hands on his hips again as he stood in front of me. He arched his back and groaned, bracing himself. His nuts were about to deliver yet another load inside me and I was now able to enjoy it properly.
I brought one hand forward, wanked him and gripped his bell-end in my lips tightly. Soon the usually pliable head stiffened so much my lips could no longer squeeze it. I flicked the tip of my tongue all over its opening and his heavy load was dropped! It was delicious, possibly because I had the chance to savour it this time, and copious as ever. Needless to say it never saw the light of day and it was sent straight into my tummy.
The sticky, salty after-taste lingered all over my mouth, in every nook and cranny. I loved it and my spunk-fixation was once more being satisfied. He was all spent too and flopped onto the sofa next to me where we leant back and admired the ceiling in blissful silence!

--- FOUR ---
A ringing phone brought me back to my senses. I lifted my head groggily, adorned with smudged make-up, running mascara, messed-up hair stuck to my face and a huge-grin and glanced at the clock. Just gone 7pm.
It was Tom’s phone and he was finalising plans for tonight with his little girlfriend. He sat back down next to me when he had finished on the phone.
“What time did you say your boyfriend is back?”
“Erm… 10?” I vaguely recall my phone going off earlier on when my hands were busy. I got up and sauntered off to find it among the discarded clothes. I picked up the money that had been stuffed between my tits and hid it back into my handbag as I got my phone out. A text off my boyfriend confirmed it.
“Yeah… ‘Just landed. Will text you when I am driving out of the car park’ I read to him”
“that was over half an hour ago so…” I was interrupted by another text.
“’Just driving off….’ So that means that by 9 o’ clock at the latest you need to be gone”
“No problem. Will probably leave in a bit. Heading off out with friends.”
Here friends == girlfriend, probably, but he was too shy to admit having done what we just did together. It was sweet and endearing of him. But an evil plan was being formed in my sick and twisted little brain. I had deliberately hid the £20 again. When he went to the kitchen to get his clothes there was a pregnant pause between the shuffling of fabric. He was having a good look around but walked back out with everything but his shoes back on and sat next to me on the sofa. I knew he came over tonight to get his money to take his little girlfriend out. How sweet!
“What time do you need to go?” I asked as I walked over to the kitchen.
“Erm…. In a bit…” He was struggling to find a way to ask for the £40 I semi-promised him.
“Can I get you a drink?” I enquired. My tongue had spent the last 15 minutes prodding every square inch of my mouth it could reach. The sticky coating of his jism had been cleaned up and I allowed myself a beverage now.
“Can I grab that money, now please?” he asked.
“Cheeky bugger!” I joked.
“Sorry, but going out with mates and not got any cash, really”
“I understand, you silly bugger. And you deserve it. Have you had a good time?”
“Yeah… great… thanks!”
“OK, I said here’s the deal. I promised you £40, right?”
“Yeah... well… I got some cash on me; no need…”
“Nah… listen…. I’ll make it £50 but you need to make cum again.”
“With your mouth! It’s been along, hard, boring week, I need a release. How about it?” He looked nervously at his phone.
“Can I owe you?” He asked, cheekily.
I handed him a single £20 note, which he took sheepishly and examined.
“Yeah, that’s what I owed you, right?
“Yeah… I thought….”
“What time you meeting her?”
“8” he said without correcting me. It was just gone 7.30. Plenty of time I though, but my sordid little mind made other plans.
I decided that, 1st of all, I am gonna make him late for his date. The 2nd leg of the plan was more sinister. After ensuring he made me cum again I intended to m***** him once more! Forcing him to cum a 3rd time in under 2 hours just before he took his girlfriend out seemed so perverse and dirty it was the biggest turn on ever!
“Plenty of time!” I echoed my thoughts. Not all my thoughts of course. Not many people could handle to listen to all my thoughts! He thought for a few seconds and I honestly thought he was gonna make his excuses and bolt. Either way I wasn’t too fused. I could do with the extra £30 in my purse!
Instead he got on all fours and smiled at me as I opened my legs to him. He crawled into – literally into – my pussy, head first. He clumsily went straight for my clit. It reminded me of the quickie I got out of him last Saturday just before he left only now the tables were reversed.

--- FIVE ---
“£60?!” He said pausing. He sat back onto his feet as he still knelt on my carpet, in my living room, between my legs. I was furious. The little bugger was haggling his body with me! I was ready to chuck him out of my house but he had worked my pussy up and I was really feeling in the mood now. I didn’t know what to say and he just waited there patiently. It was clear it was either that or he was gonna walk.
But two can play that game.
“OK, but after you have made me cum with your mouth you need to fuck me again.”
“OK…” he replied without hesitation.
“And come in my mouth!”
“OK?…” with some hesitation in his voice.
“And you need to come and finish the fucking garden…”
“This weekend!”
“Weather permitting…”
“EAT!” I commanded, opening up my pussy-lips and exposing my clit. He obeyed like a The Good Milk Boy that he was. I glanced over at the clock behind him. I was gonna make him late!

--- SIX ---
On the whole he did a good job. With a bit of guidance and with his stamina and keenness he would quickly be trained up to perfection. Once the silly conversation about the money was over he behaved as if it never took place.
He forgot about the time (so did I, to be honest) and passionately ate my pussy. He paid attention to the clit and when close to cuming I would instruct him to get inside. This made me last longer and built up a massive orgasm inside me. He didn’t object either and after about 15 minutes of eating me out I had had enough of this torture.
“Get your fingers inside me… and lick my clit…” He obeyed.
“Harder… use plenty of saliva on my clit and rub my clit hard!” again he demonstrated an adorable capacity for instruction.
“There… just there… Destroy that pussy Milk Boy!!!” I shouted out in desperation. How bizarre, I thought later; that was my secret nickname for him. His tongue went crazy on my clit and his hand was practically punching my pussy as his index~ and middle~ finger rubbed my G-spot gloriously.
There was no way I could prolong this anymore and I erupted. My pussy swelled open and I pinched my nipples hard tugging my boobs up and out. Again my legs kicked about in the air frantically as his tongue pressed on my clit that was frantically trying to slide away from this glorious torture.
I was proper-screaming now and eventually had to stop tugging my nipples and pushed his head away.
“Keep fucking my pussy!” I growled at him. My growls were mixed with loud slapping sounds as he continued to punch me into several smaller orgasms that rolled around in the wake of the huge one that just ripped through me. When he mercifully stopped, the carpet between my legs, not to mention his hand and the patch of sofa my bum was on were soaked!
“Time to fuck me, Milk Boy!” He jumped up and undid his jeans again. He tried to manoeuvre the tip of his dick into my pussy but I had other plans.
“Get all your clothes off.” I commanded as I rolled over and knelt onto the sofa. I leant my elbows on the back and my nipples rubbed against the back. I looked back and now totally naked, he was threateningly guiding his cock towards me. I glanced over to the clock: something to 8.
“Don’t forget Rule Number…” I tried to remind him “… ONE!” I squealed as he slapped his cock in me all the way to the hilt with one, mighty stroke. Mentally I started chastising myself again. I was now ready to scoop it all out of my pussy and eat it. I wanted him to come inside my pussy!
He started kneading my bum again – which I adore! He got harder and stronger as his thrusts continued relentlessly. I went to work on my tits, pinching the nipples and squeezing my tits. Occasionally I would let go with one hand and rub my clit. It wasn’t too easy though as he fucked quite hard and my hand struggled to stay on target.
I loved it, though. I didn’t have an orgasm again but I felt my entire body benefiting from a delirious internal massage. His pace and his groans made me realise he was getting close though. I had no intention of stopping him. If he came inside of me that’s all good – plus I can pretend to be annoyed with him and not pay him. If he pulled out then that works for me too!
Either way, this guy is a hero. But once I made him cum for a third time he surely aint gonna be fucking his little girlfriend. That, combined with my boyfriend fucking – and feeding me – only hours after The Milk Boy fed me, really made me feel naughty. Naughtier than usual. So I let him get on with it.
Eventually of course he pulled out, I stayed put. I glanced over to the clock; almost a quarter past eight! This guy fucked me solid for over 15’! He played a bit with my tits, my back, my bum and my hair. He ran his tongue up and down my spine. All thoroughly appreciated delay-tactics and then stuffed his cock in me once more and started hammering away!
He never noticed the time. I wanted a quickie to make him late but it seemed like I would have to stop him to get rid of him before the boyfriend arrived! What a trouper! Then he gave one big thrust and wrapped his arms around me again keeping still inside me. I was in heaven again. He was obviously just trying to delay himself and I was loving it.
I reached down and was able to rub my clit again. My pussy convulsed and squeezed in a welcoming fashion, the lovely, hard meat inside it. I started moaning again and told him to just stay there which he happily did. I rubbed harder and harder and his hands rode up and grabbed my tits. I told him to pinch my nipples hard and as he did I rubbed my clit. Harder and faster my hand went until I felt myself physically pushed upwards.
I wasn’t too sure where this f***e was coming from but I was lost. Thrashing and growling maniacally I came again and Tom just held fast. It was such an amazing orgasm; and it lasted a good few minutes and even when he pulled out my pussy kept on clenching so hard it felt as though eh was still inside me!
“You definitely deserve your £60, Tom…”
He just smiled
“But you still need to cum inside me.”
“OK, where do you want me?”
“Here, sit on the sofa”
He obliged and as I knelt between his legs my heart skipped a beat: 8.30! His phone rang and he looked over to the clock. His eyes widened with fear.
“Leave it.” I commanded him. “This won’t take a second”
“OK… I need to go soon!”
I knelt between his legs and took him in my mouth. I moved my head up and down slowly and he clenched. He had come twice but was ready for the final shot. My one hand pressed his belly, pushing him into the sofa while the other cupped and lifted his bollocks. My head carried on rhythmically.
Soon he groaned and his testicles shrinked. His entire body, sweaty and hot as it was, clenched. So did his penis… and then it exploded. His body thrashed it time with jets of thick, hot jism heading straight down my throat. Or most of them were. He rocked so hard some escaped. And a few minutes later he had relaxed.
Once calm I could go to work around his pubic area and his bollocks to clean up every last droplet that escaped my mouth. Satisfied I had not wasted anything I let him go. He jumped up and got dressed hurriedly while glancing at his phone.
I just laughed at him as I rummaged through my purse.
“Only got £50 – sorry…”
“That’s great – thanks!”

My phone rang as I shut the door on him. The boyfriend was going to be here in 30 minutes. Perfect timing!

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