The Fuck Dance

I first spotted Jin at The Element a nightclub in town. For the first hour of our acquaintance I called her Lynne, Jen, Jim and possibly another half-dozen names all of which were wrong. Once out of the nightclub I ascertained her correct name: Jin – short for… Jin (her father was Chinese).
Jin was a freak. She danced all night on her own – but she was not alone. She had several male and female friends with her and flit between several people – one of which was, thankfully, me! She also sampled all 3 floors – each with it’s own kind of music. She favoured the House on the 2nd floor to the Disco (on the ground floor) and the Techno (on the top floor), but was perfectly happy wiggling about to almost any kind of music.
When they kicked us out at 2pm, I was hastily finishing my drink when she danced her way towards me, even though the music had finished and the bouncers were ushering everyone out. We chatted some more and she made it clear she wanted to dance some more. I invited her to mine, telling her I am a dance instructor and I have the room, the music and the expertise. She considered my offer carefully for a full minute – and then agreed!

We got a taxi to mine and it soon became evident she had more than just dancing in mind. We chatted for about 10 minutes and then cuddles and kissed the rest of the way. She went to the studio and admired herself in front of the huge mirror.
“I look a wreck!” she said, trying to straighten her straggly, long black hair. I just laughed and tried to say something to correct her but instead just stood there and admired her: Long, straight, raven-black hair. It was a bit all over the place by now as was most of her makeup. Her skin was perfect, white, unblemished by tattoos or piercing – at least that I could see. There wasn’t much hidden out of sight by her tiny black mini and tank-top but there was always a possibility there was a strategically placed tattoo somewhere. I could only imagine…
“You look sexy!” I eventually managed and she looked at me through the mirror and smiled. All while she never stopped dancing. She even kept her high heals on which was even sexier.

I offered her another drink, but she declined. She just carried on drinking so I went and got myself a coffee. My ears were thumping and I was definitely tipsy. The coffee did me good. I was quite reluctant to go back into the studio again as she had cranked some house tunes back on and I was just grateful I didn’t really have neighbours. Be once in I was in heaven. She was still dancing away lost in the music. So I sat myself in comfy seat and just watched while I drank my coffee.

She put a lovely show on for me. She danced around slowly, using the whole room. Her arms and head were going crazy yet from the waist down she moved really slowly and sexily. She would crouch all the way down, stroke herself and stand again. She had strong legs – not surprising if she behaved like this on a regular basis. She really took her time and make sure to give me every angle as she did. Facing me I could see her black thong when she crouched all the way down and when she had her back towards me she would make sure to bend over more than crouch giving me the most delightful view!
Meanwhile she stroked her face, her neck, legs, the inside of her thighs when she crouched and her bum when she bend over. All the while she smiled, pouted, blew kisses to me and licked her licks sensuously. Occasionally she would play with her hair and her boobs and before long she had traversed the entire witch of the room and breadth; she came close enough for me to touch and then away again up against the mirror.
It was like a lap dance but much better, somehow! She didn’t try to make slow and sexy and in fact most of the time she conjured images of “head-less chicken” or “frog in a blender”. At the same time it was much more subtle and sensual than the R&B clips where some woman plans her huge arse in your face and just furiously wiggles it for 5 minutes. Words cannot describe what she was doing to me and by the time I had finished my coffee I had a stonking erection in my jeans and that pawed dawn trying to make it less painful and less obvious.
By now she had sauntered to the other end of the room that had spot lights. She bathed in the light and pressed herself against the mirror. I was in a slightly darker part of the room and just watched transfixed. She placed her bum against her mirror and bent forwards offering me a spectacular view of her small, firm tits and her gorgeous bum in the mirror. The tiny thong was invisible from this distance but I knew it was still there. She noticed the look on my face and smiled then turned around and placed her palms on the mirror and perked her bum out as far as she could.
My eyes were as big as dinner plates and she looked at me through the mirror. She then bent over and kissed her reflection! I just had to grab my cock. I was actually really embarrassed but there was nothing I could do. She flicked her tongue out and licked the tongue in the mirror. I could not believe it. Her one hand went to her pussy and her eyes closed. She carried on kissing and licking her own reflection. Her body was still writhing in a wave-motion in rhythm to the music and her tits pressed against the mirror.
She hooked her one leg onto the horizontal bars and bent her other leg. One hand hung onto to the bar and the other pulled aside her panties and she started playing with her pussy. The visibility was terrible where I was but I was more interested in the fact she carried on licking the mirror with her eyes closed. Occasionally she would open them and admire herself, her mouth slightly opened and she began to breath heavily.
Her breath left misty patched on the mirror, scared by the tracks of her saliva dripping down the length of the mirror. All the while she kept on dancing. It was incredible. I just had to let go of my cock now as it rock hard and throbbing on its own. I stopped being so embarrassed as I watched her doing things with the mirror I did not though possible. I slid further down the chair to make myself comfy and admired her with my cock bouncing against my stomach. She carried this on until her one leg could no longer carry her.
She eased herself away from the mirror and half approached me. She started thrashing about the room – where she was getting this energy is beyond me. As she spun round she pulled her top off, over her head and threw it in a corner. Then bopped to the beat, facing me and unzipped her skirt, threw it to the floor and did likewise with her thong, flicking them in opposite directions. Other than her high heels she was totally naked now.
Her cheeks were rosy read as were her thighs, her back, her tits and her neck. It was quite warm in here and her bouncing about obviously made her overheat a little. She crouched in front of me rubbed her clit furiously all the while her head was tilted backwards, her eyes shut. She did that for a few seconds and I just removed my clothes, watching transfixed. My cock was bulging and the tip was read. Drops of pre cum on my bell end but I dare not touch it because I would just spill my seed there and then.
Her head carried on rocking to the music, making her long hair cascading behind her sway like a curtain in the wind. It was magical! Eventually her free hand went behind her and rested on the floor for stability. She was doing a bridge now, with one hand on the floor, the other still on her pussy, her legs, tummy and tits. Eventually she sat down and then lay down. The floor was wooden but still much colder and it must have gone some way to cooling her down. She held her legs up and kicked them about playfully in time to the beat of the house music.
She bent and twisted her legs in all sorts of bizarre, funny angles as though completely out of control. She twisted and bent her hips too and thrashed her arms around happily, lost in the music. Eventually she lay flat on her back and rolled about the floor like a happy, carefree c***d. I considered how fortunate I was to be having this awesome creature expressing herself in such a sexual and natural way – it was unbelievable. I actually own quite a high quality camera but it went completely out of my mind.
Eventually she got back up and walked over to me. Suddenly I felt embarrassed again but she took me by the hand and stood me up. She smiled at me and then crouched in front of me and took my cock into her mouth! There was no hesitation on her part, no gently playing first she took a deep breath and gulped as much of it as she could inside her. It was unbelievable. Her mouth was so warm and gentle it cradled my cock deliriously.
She looked up at me and half smiled – best she could with my cock deep in her mouth. Her feet were close together and her knees wide apart with my legs between them and her hands wrapped around my legs and dug into the top of the back of my thighs. Without taking her eyes off she just carried on dancing. She steadied herself with her arms on me and kept just the tip of my cock in her mouth.
She bounced up and down with her eyes fixed on mine. She rocked her head back and forth so my cock fucked her mouth and then side to side making it rub against the inside of her cheeks and even the back of the throat. It was magnificent. Occasionally her tits would brush against my legs but all the time her hands clung to me. Then she put her hands between my legs and pushed them apart. I opened my legs as instructed, until she could slide beneath them. She did so and opened her mouth wide and inhaled in bollocks into her mouth. I helped her a bit and before long both of them were inside her mouth while my cock bobbed up and down in the air.
I had no intention of stopping her and she took her time. Soon though, she let go and pulled me to the floor with her. She made me lie on the cold floor and crouched on top of me. She placed a high heel either side of my stomach and carried on dancing. The view from here was stunning and my cock was now gagging for a some attention. I tried to reach down to grab it but she kicked my hand away. So I grabbed her ankles and held her tight as she carried on dancing and gyrating. Occasionally she would look down at me and flash me that sexy, knowing smile of hers and then go back to dancing. She turn around and keeping her legs stretched she bent over till she was practically folded in half and she took my cock in her mouth again. She tenderly hang on to the tip and danced!
Wiggling her bum, thrashing her arms and bobbing her head. The angle offered easier entry and every time she bobbed her head down my cock completely vanished inside her. I reached up and cupped hub buttocks as best I could the way she was thrashing. Her hair had fallen all over my pelvis area and tickled delightfully. Eventually she stood up and turn again facing me. But she carried on teasing by bending and stretching her legs. With every dip she got closer. Deliberately inching closer every time but the look on her face was a far away, dreamy look with eyes closed and arms and head thrashing to the music. It was incredible. Eventually she hit my cock. At first all I could feel was the updraft, then a slightest touch and then a gentle prod. Eventually more substantial pressure as it was trapped for a matter of seconds between her bum and/or her pussy and my pelvis.
She was sweating quite a bit now and her pussy was very damp. She left moist patches all over my cock, pelvis, upper thighs and stomach. Eventually she crouched low and stayed there for a second. She grabbed my cock and eased the tip into her pussy. The difficulty was getting herself to keep still long enough but eventually she squeezed enough inside her to let go. It was incredibly tight and incredibly wet. Completely unbelievable. My cock twitched and for a second I almost lost it and exploded. But I got distracted by the view in front of me managed to hold back.
She was struggling really hard to start making funny facing at me but my cock inside her was offering her a distraction too. She tried to repeat what she doing in the mirror: blowing kissed and licking her lips and smiling at me and for the most part she managed just fine. I must have looked a gormless mess as all I could do was watch wide-mouthed. She sank all the way to the bottom and danced some more. She stroked her face giving her tongue a few fingers to lick. Meanwhile she gyrated and bobbed on my cock. I folded my handed behind my head and enjoyed the show. It was ridiculously silly and amazingly sexy at the same time. She mouth-fucked herself with two finger of one hand and stuck her tongue out. With the index finger of her other hand she taunted the tip of her tongue. Her eyes were shut most of the time.
Eventually she opened her eyes again and fixed with a manic stare. Her hands went to her knees and she started paying attention to the music. She picked up pace as the music did and soon she was going insane again. Her face was a picture. Constantly changing from a frown of intense concentration and pleasure to a sexy pout, to a knowing smile, all the while her tongue darting in and out – sometimes uncontrollably. Meanwhile her pussy’s lips stretched and contorted as she frantically gyrated and moved from side to side.
I was now beginning to grunt and soon I was gonna explode. I’m not sure if she heard me growling or if she just got too tired but all over a sudden she was gone. She took me by the hand and led me to the chair where I was sat. She sat down and pulled me in front of her. She sat back and hitched her legs up offering her wide open pussy to me.
“Time for you to do some work now!” she growled. “my legs are knackered. But I want you to come all over me!” Her voice went really strict but I had no intention of disappointing her. I opened my legs wide and lent forward a bit. She positioned her self and hooked her arms under her legs. Her head tilted back and I think started swaying to the music again. I guided my cock and slid inside her violently. She jolted her head upright, let out a sharp, shrill scream, and opened her eyes wide. She looked at me for a second and started laughing. I smiled like an idiot and started humping. Slow and hard at first, slamming home with ease making a loud squelch. She put a huge smile on her face, closed her eyes and starting thrashing her legs to the music. I got carried away too and starting thumping away at her pussy to the rhythm of the music. It was magical and her face was contorted with pleasure. This time I was inches away from her. A fact which she exploited to the max. She let go of her legs and grabbed my head with both hands. She stuck her tongue out and started licking my face; Like a dog; Planting the whole surface of her tongue on me and licking upwards until ever inch of my face was covered in her saliva.
I carried on hammering away to the rhythm of the music and she loved it.
“Oh yeah! Fuck me… Fuck Dance me!” She whispered. She gradually got louder, still interspersed between her frantic licking. “Fuck.. Dance me! Fuck me, fuck me… Dance me!” She giggle and screamed “Fuck dance me!” It was so magically distracting that I could not concentrate much so I lasted a good several minutes. A feat I never would have managed normally. She wiggled her bum underneath me and kicked her legs happily and as I noisily slapped home she half spoke-half yelped:
I had to let out a giggle as I stopped for a second and she looked at me and started laughing heartily. So I slapped it into her with fury, just once and stopped again.
“Oooo..yaoo – Phuk Dance!” she yelped. So I repeated.
“Iiiiiieeeee Dance!”
“mmmnngg Fuck! Fuck… again.. Fuck!
It was ridiculous. I slowed right down and just watched the reaction on her face. Eventually, the deranged little tart started thrashing to the music again – almost as though she was bored of waiting for me to slap up her. She started nodding to the music and trying to sing the music. Especially any heavy base lines:
“Boom, boom, boom…” she nodded happily.and then as I slammed my cock to the hilt it would seamlessly change to a happy, surprised “…WeEeEeE!”
“M – m – m – m Mngiiihahahaah!”
“La-lala-lala.. Aaaaa… !”
She grabbed my head again and locked eyes with me, making me stop mid flow.
“You Fuck Dance me… I’ll fuck sing … just go slow….” She was almost begging but without using the word ‘please’. I was happy to oblige of course. So I looked at her face trying to ascertain weather she meant slow-as in the opposite of fast or the opposite of hard. She just threw her head back and pointed her index fingers upwards and started drumming to the beat.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” she said over and over again as her arms drummed away. Perfectly in rhythm to the music and my fucking. I had to skip a beat because the house music was too fast and she implied she wanted it slow so I tried to comply. She slightly changed her tune to a happy:
“Yeah-yeah-yeah… baby.. Baby???” she asked and when I looked at her perplexed she smiled, opened her eyes wide and laughed: “Fuck dance!” in a cheery voice.
“Oooo-oooo-ooo…. A! oooo-ooo-ooo A!” I was lost and confused but deliriously happy. Only problem was that slowing down made it much harder for me to not blow my load. Somehow when I sped up the intensity was reduced and could thrust away for a bit longer. So I ignored her request and sped up.
“ha- ha-ha HA-YA!... HA-YA!... HA-YA!” I interrupted her mid-flow but I could now go a bit longer and harder and so I did. The noises she was making and the faces she was pulling eventually took me over the top.
“I’m going to cum!” I grunted in her ear. So she opened her eyes wide and squeezed my head in her two hands again. She cackled like a witch and licked my face again. Then she blew in my face, making a harsh howling sound as she inhaled and exhaled by blowing in my face. The draft cooled my face deliriously and I slowed up again.
“Cum all over my body, baby! Cum-Dance me!” And then giggled again. I just had to pull out of her and straighten myself. My legs trembled and my arms ached from where I was leaning on the chair. I stood there for a few seconds and admired her again. She carried on wiggling and thrashing to the music. She smiled and winked at me. My cock stood furiously ahead of me; red, purple; veinnny and glistening. She looked at it and grinned happily. So she started humming and dancing; of course. I went to grab my cock but she kicked my hands away and sat up.
“That looks too tasty. Let me have some!” and she gobbled up my cock. “MMMmmmMMM” she said. The vibrations of her voice a new, awesome feeling. “Pussy-flavoured cock!” She took it back in her mouth, as deep as she could and started humming the music with my cock nudging the back of her throat. She threw her arms up and thrashed and tried a muffled murmur to the music but the vibrations on my cock just threw me out of control. I pushed her away and she giggled, hopped back onto her chair and opened her arms and legs towards me. “Cuuuuuum daaaaaaance meeeee!” she shouted. I grabbed my cock, pulled on it and took a half-step closer. I stroked another couple of time and a huge dollop of thick, white jism splurted forth angrily. I was left wide-mouthed in show and grunting. It easily jumped the two feet to her body and splashed all over her glowing-with-perspiration face.
That stopped her mid flow. For a split second she looked at me in shock and horror. Then a huge smile filled her face and a loud, hearty giggle drowned my groans. Then a second jolt of my hips was followed by an equally large ejaculation of spunk that hit her face, landed in her open mouth and on her chin. The first one stopped her singing, this second one stopped her laughing and a very serious look of concentration took hold of her. Another splurt landed on her tits and she frantically started rubbing it all over her body. My cock carried on twitching and chucking more, hot, thick white cum on her and she scooped it all up put in her mouth and let it drip back onto her chest.
My balls having being emptied all over her I calmed down. My cock stood angry and proud and twitched for a few minutes later. She carried on her ritual while muttering “Cum shower-cum dance… Dance, then fuck-dance then cum dance!” When all the jism-saliva was under controlled she jumped back up giggling and pushed me out of her way. She rubbed her body with the glossy, white liquids and laughed: “Cum dance! Cum dance! Aren’t I a lucky girl…. And you- you beautiful boys and girls and all come dace on me!”
I was very confused but tried not to think about it and instead just flopped onto the chair. I then realised she meant my sperm. The actual sperms in my jism. Crazy bat, I thought and slunk back in the chair calming down and getting my breath back. She carried on dancing, rubbing her face, neck, breasts and tummy, then licking her fingers and repeating. I eventually left her to it and went to the loo and kitchen for a pint of cold water. I got two and when I returned she had calmed a little and was sitting in the chair. I passed her the water which she thirstily gulped down; as did I.

Fifteen minutes later my cock had calmed down but the head was still swollen and red. She stopped the music and waddled over to me.
“Tired?” she chuckled.
“A little… but I’m having too nice a time to feel it…”
“Good… You stay there a sec. I’m going to the loo and I’ll be right back!”
I just sat in the empty room, enjoying the silence while she went to the loo with my head back and my eyes closed. I probably nodded off for a second too but the sound of her high heels brought me back to reality. I wearily lifted my head in time to catch her kneeling between my legs, looking up at me with a wicked smile on her face. Her thought were obvious and her action deliberate. She made a large ‘O’ with her mouth and inhaled my limp, but swollen cock into her mouth. The sensation was unbelievable. Soon her warm mouth had my cock standing upright once more. I sat up to try to grab her, dunno why, it just seemed like a good idea but she jumped out of my reach and sauntered over to the CD player again.
“I was kinda loving the silence” I complained.
“You can only have fuck-dance with music!” she said as she hit play again. My ears rang in protestation as the silence was torn apart again.
“This CD rocks! You have some awesome music!” She yelled. I smiled and was happy to make the compromise. She took me by the hand over to the dance pole. She guided me to sit down, then lie with the pole next to me. She then made me straddle the pole with one leg so it was between my legs just a few inches away from my bollocks. Then she started gobbling up my cock again till it was half hard once more. She spread my legs open as far as they would go and then placed a foot either side of the pole. She lowered herself slowly, always hanging onto to the pole and I soon got the picture. Her bum landed gently on my pelvis and she slowly allowed her full way to fall on my. She gently shifted about and I reached down and grabbed her bum easing it up. She grabbed the pole again and hoisted herself enough for me point my dick skywards as she gently lowered her pussy on to it.
It sank inside her, I let go and she slunk all the way down hugging the length of my half-hardon with the strong muscles of her vagina. She turned as much as she could to look at me, smiled, winked and cheered:
And with that she started bouncing on my cock to the rhythm of the music. I stared down in disbelief admiring her gorgeous arse and arsehole and it puckered and clenched rhythmically. Then I noticed she was looking at me through the mirror again. Somehow she had managed to ensure she was side on to the huge wall-to-wall, floor-top-ceiling mirror. When my eyes met hers she smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back like a moron – what else could I do?
She seemed to appreciate it though and thumped her way home and my cock. She formed the words slowly with her lips and mouthed them silently into the mirror at me: “F-U-C-K-D-A-N-C-E” As she carried on fucking herself with my dick. She bounced carefully and steadily, holding onto the pole for support and eventually sped up to meet the face pace of the music. Then she sank all the way down and rested heavily on my pelvis. She gyrated her hips from side do side and tilted her back and head back till the tips of her hair were tickling my chest. There she stayed for a few moments and my dick, now hard as a ram rod again, was churning about inside her.
Then she pulled herself back up and started bouncing again. Only the base of my cock was visible and then only on occasion as she had picked up a furious pace once more. As she hit bottom she would let out shrill but perfectly timed, almost musical sounds. At first it was: “iiiiE, iiiiE, iiiiE, iiiiE, iiiiE….” Although I think she might have been saying “yeah”, I am uncertain. Then it changed to a deep, throaty, but still musical “oo..OH! oo..OH! oo..OH! oo..OH! oo..OH!....”
The girl was insane and I was rapidly being driven insane. Good job I had dropped a massive load not long ago or else that would have been very short lived indeed. She then started grunting, barely audibly, “Loving…” as she dragged her self upwards and then as the base line thumped in she slammed herself down as she yelped “…it”. Over and over again: Up: “Loving…”; Down: “…it”. Up: “Loving…”; Down: “…it”. Up: “Loving…”; Down: “…it”. By now I was grunting too with the effort and concentration. I put my hands on her buttocks and thrust my pelvis up as she sank down. That got her attention and she looked at me through the mirror again. She winked and smiled at me through gritted teeth and just carried on.
I exploded. There was only so much I could take of that and I had reached my limit. I exploded inside has and she was spurred on. My cock felt like it grew a little more during ejaculation and I think she felt it too because she looked at me and let out a surprised “Ooooo…..!” as she sped thumped away harder. I was groaning and grunting totally lost, trying to hold her buttocks to dictate the rhythm but there was no point. She was in control and she knew it. She half laughed, half chocked as by dick slammed about inside her, spurting load after load inside her and pushing against her cervix.
“Your cock… is dancing… inside of me…. And your spunk… is dancing in… side of me… now!” She sang as I literally thrashed about on the floor. My arms and legs waves about uncontrollably as my pelvis was pinned underneath her as she carried on fucking, and dancing and fuck-dancing my brains out. I cock was now aching but she sped up and her yelps got louder and shriller. Her head slumped forwards and rested against her hands that were still gripping the pole tightly. She sobbed and came too. Her pussy gripped my cock even tighter and my spunk, mixed with her juices and splashed about all over my pelvis. She carried this on for a bit longer and eventually sank down onto my cock and slumped forwards resting her body on the pole and stretched her aching legs out in front of her, either side of the pole.
I could just lie there catching my breath and she did likewise, but sitting up, resting on the pole, her bumming getting heavier on my pubic region, my cock still buried deep inside her. She was getting bit heavy now and I thought of trying to nudge her out of the way. She happily obliged but struggled to pull herself up completely, landing heavily on me, burying my cock again to the hilt inside her. She yelled a surprised “Weeee!” and then giggled like a little girl. She tried again, half spinning and did it again. There was no doubt she was doing it deliberately now until she was facing me, her feet placed either side of me. Her knees wide open exposed her gorgeous, tidy, tight pussy, with a crown of short, black pubic hair, but nothing obstructing the view – all immaculately shaved off.
She still leaned back against and held onto the pole with her hands wrapped around it just above the back of her head. She smiled and laughed at me and bucked up a little again. My cock had stopped aching and relieving off her weight off my pelvis was very comforting. I held onto her ankles and watched as she very slowly and gingerly carried on bucking up and down on my cock. The sight of her bald, soaking pussy, exposed and so close up for the first time was amazing. Her small tits, bright red, like her neck and face from her recent orgasm sported huge nipples, erect and hard. Her hair was damp and clung in long, black streaks across her face and neck. As she sped up, again, her titties began jiggling playfully in response. I could not believe what this girl was doing but she was going for it.
She began panting again and my cock, though only half-hard was able to stay inside her with ease and the copious lubrication allowed it slide in and out effortlessly. Her one hand let go of the pole and rubbed her clit. That f***ed a sharp, shrill drawing of breath as it must have been still very sensitive. Always bucking up and down slowly and gently she let go and pinched her one nipple then the other. The she slapped her nipples in turn and yelped as she did. She did that a few times till they turned red-raw and she pinched, tugged and twisted them so hard even I winced, as I watched.
Then she let go and headed for her clit once more. She took it much slower this time and let a long string of saliva drop from her mouth and onto her belly. She scooped up all the lubrication and mixed it with her saliva and started rubbing her clit. Harder and faster her hand went as she bucked up and down with increasing gusto. Eventually she yelled out loud. A long, piercing scream that drowned out the music as she turned the colour of a lobster being boiled alive – she sounded like she was going through the same torture!
As she calmed down a little she stopped rubbing and started slapping her clit. As she did she screeched and thrashed and her legs wobbled dangerously. A tightened my grip on her ankles thinking I could keep her steady. She stopped for a second and giggled and then repeated again. A few short taps on her clit that turned into audible, squelching splats accompanied by shrieks and leg trembling. Eventually she buckled under her own torture, slumped forwards and let her legs slide from under her. They stretched out in front of her, splaying either side of my head. She doubled over and slammed her head on my chest.
That crazy position was a bit painful on me but I didn’t have the heart to stop her. It rubbed her clit hard against me and my dick dank as deep as it could in this position. She carried on breathing heavily and her legs still wobbled making the heels of her shoos judder and shake on the wooden floor, inches away from my ears. It was an incredible sight and as I calmed I could hear and feel her heart thumping away against me. Her arms were limps on the floor and she groaned a low hum which turned into a soft purr as she calmed and I wrapped my arms around her.

“Help me up, please” she whimpered after a few minutes. I lifted my hips and turned slightly as she flopped onto the floor and rolled about clumsily till she found her footing and stood up. She took a few precarious steps towards the toilet and I hoisted myself up also, heading straight for the CD player to turn the damn thing off. She was gone for ages so I gathered up her scant clothes and then went looking for her. I eventually found her in my bedroom curled up under the duvet like she owned the place.
“Thanks for turning off that racket” she whispered hoarsely. “Can I have a glass of water please?” she continued pathetically. I chuckled and got her some helping her to sit up slightly and take a few sips before her head flopped on my pillow again. I showed her her clothes and she gestured to the floor growling “Thanks” and pulled back the duvet for me to get into bed with her. I smiled and clambered in and seconds later I was fast sl**p.

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