T. & M.

T. was a sexually frustrated 17-year-old boy and M. was an equally frustrated 38-year-old mother. The attraction was instant!
For months the pussy footed around each other, socially imposed inhibitions and the demands their different lives imposed on them. But they both wanted and in a way they both knew the other party wanted it. So when T. got a text on his phone from M. saying she was feeling quite poorly could he please help, his heart started pounding in his chest.
Apparently, M. had called into work sick, her husband had gone to work, the c***dren were at school and T. was all to glad to skip college. He knocked on her door at about 9am and M. opened the door in her gown. She invited him in and made small talk for a bit.
Who jumped who was not too clear but before long they were snogging passionately on the sofa. M. sat on the sofa and T. knelt in front of her. She opened her legs slightly letting the gown reveal her soft, white thighs. T. was very eager to experience everything and carried on snogging M. passionately – a little too roughly sometimes, but it made a nice change from the routine she was used to.
He wrapped his strong arms around her and squeezed tight as he carried on kissing her. His mouth moved down to her neck, and then he opened her gown and started suckling her nipples. He held her tight from the waste and went to town on her ample, soft tits paying particular attention to her nipples. When on occasion he was too rough again, she could tug his hair and soon he found the right balance.
He wanted to carry on going down and M. had no objections. He opened her gown some more and she leant back. Under the gown she was wearing nothing at all and T. eagerly went to work on her. He stroked the inside of her thighs and kissed them and gradually moved up towards her pussy. His hands groped roughly at her buttocks but hit tongue was surprisingly gently.
M. was not expecting this. T. caught her eye originally because he had the body of a builder. About 5’9” with short, blond hair somewhat uncouth and tact-less. Rough, ready and rowdy, with chunky arms, shoulders and thighs and mannerisms to match. Indeed he had proven her instincts right. His tongue was swift and gentle applying loads of saliva to her little clit. Soon, however, his tongue became rougher with her sensitive little love-button but it was exactly what she needed. She was rolling and squirming on the sofa, arching her back and soon she had to be held down by f***e.
Fortunately, T. was strong enough for the job and M. had to fight her sobs down as he drove her over the edge with his tongue. Eventually she had to have a rest and she pushed him off her. She stood up and took him by the hand upstairs and into the master bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him towards her.
She undid his belt and zipper and helped him clamber out of his trainers, socks, pants and trousers. He stood in front of her with a thick, glistening, veiny, 7-incher, that was not even fully erect! It was her turn now and casually discarding her gown she started wanking him gently. She took his head into her mouth and rolled it about in her mouth with her tongue and lots of saliva. T. looked at the ceiling and moaned.
M. enjoyed making her lover moan and his tool was so magnificent she could happily have played with it for hours but T. had other plans. He pushed her away and got between her legs. He placed the tip of his penis against her opening and pushed.
M. was soon sobbing again and T. was forcing his entire length into her. He then positioned himself a bit better and placed his strong hands on the underside of her thighs and pushed hard. He rested his weight on her as he pushed her knees under knees. He rested his knees on the edge of the bed and put his thick, long cock deep into her pussy as it was fully exposed.
He moved up a bit and grinded left to right, making himself sink a little deeper into her. She gasped open mouthed for air and he violently shoved his tongue into her mouth. She gulped and gasped and T. moved up and down a bit without moving in and out.
His strong member yanked about at her insides and she her sobbing became louder. He then Moved her slightly so as to get his feet onto the bed and balancing on his toes he lifted his knees off the bed. He then moved his dick out a bit and slapped it inside her viciously.
She moaned in glee. He repeated slowly. Only a couple of inches of his length – which was now fully erect at over 7” – was being withdrawn before he hammered it home again. It made a loud splat as his pelvic area slapped her swollen, wet pussy. She was soon passed the moaning stage and was clearly whimpering. The whimpers were replaced by loud, sobs in rhythm to his pounding.
Before long she was let out shrill screams and he let out a long groan as he picked up pace and f***e for the last few strokes. Eventually he clenched his cheeks and thrust hard as his penis ejaculated what felt like gallons of hot, sperm into her pussy. Her pussy was convulsing in unison with his as his seed was f***efully pumped against her cervix.
Tears were streaming down her face as M. continued to exhale high-pitched moans through clenched teeth for a few more seconds as T. emptied his nut sack deep into her needy pussy. Completely spent he let go of her legs and rolled off her. They both lay there panting for a few minutes.
M. then moved, kissed gently on the chest and went to the bathroom for a shower. She deliberately left the door open and after a few minutes of soaking T. joined her.
She sponged him down paying particular attention to his buttocks, balls and penis. He then grabbed her be the waste and spun her round. He pushed her against the wall and pressed his body against hers.
Her shapely, wet, slippery bum felt heavenly against his still-soft penis. He moved up and down gently rubbing against her. His strong arms roamed all over her body and soon he was getting hard again. With a little help from M. experienced hands, and a bit of wiggling about from both parties he was inside her once more.
They had to go slow at first but as he got harder it got easier. She arched her back as best she could, placing her hands on the wall. He helped by leaning back and soon they were building up a nice rhythm. He hammered away at her pussy and she pushed back from the wall.
Having recently cum meant he could fuck her hard without cumming again. And to M’s delight that is exactly what he did. He thumped his prick deep into her, while the hot water poured all over their bodies. He would occasionally slow down and play with her body, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her back. Occasionally he would reach round and play with her tits, slap her bum and even play with her bum hole.
Before long, though, he went back to pounding her. He would grab her hard by the hips and pound her very hard and fast for a few minutes.
Just before cumming again, and while M. was gasping in sheer glee he pulled out and went down on his knees and starting eating her bum hole. She had done anal before and usually quite liked it but this was very new and very exciting. His tongue sent little electric shocks up her spine and was relishing every second of it – but wanted more. She reached round and opened her cheeks as best she could granting his tongue deeper access.
She then grabbed his hands and moved it towards her bum hole. Soon he got the idea and starting prodding her with the tip of his finger. This was a very interesting predicament but not particularly comfy for either of them. She turned the shower off and without drying themselves went back into the bedroom.
M. reached into the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled out some KY jelly. She got on all fours and started applying some to her bum hole. T. soon took over though and applying some to his fingers he was soon moving 2 fingers in and out of her tight, hot bum hole.
M. then reached round and grabbed his penis as he continued to play with her bum hole. She then applied more KY to the shaft of his prick and soon they were both lubed up well and proper.
He then proceeded to ease 7-and-a-bit inches of rock-hard man-meat into her tight bum hole. T. had never experienced anal before and M. had not done anything like this in a long while. Despite him recently cumming and him having time to relax a bit he found it hard to hold back. She was very tight and hot and this position allowed him to completely vanish inside her quite easily, with the amount of lube they were sharing.
M. arched her back, and as T. eased her buttocks apart she let out deep, prolonged, throaty groans of pleasure. T. could not help but build up a quick, rough rhythm and soon he could hold back no more. He emptied his nut sack once more deep into her bowels.
But the tightness of her bum held on to his penis. Trapping the bl**d supply in his member meant it didn’t go immediately flaccid but instead it allowed him to carry on gently rocking back and forth.
When he was about to pull out M. reached one hand down to her pussy and started massaging it urging T. to carry on pumping. He did as asked and carried on pumping away.
M’s gasps became closer and louder and soon she climaxed screaming loud as she rubbed her clit roughly with copious amounts of KY jelly. Her tight bum hole clenched tight and convulsed as a powerful orgasm tore her up inside. Spurred on T. pumped her and more violently as M. carried on plying with her pussy. Her clit was far too sensitive now so placing a couple of fingers into her pussy meant she could prolong the lovely feeling of a subsiding orgasm.
Her two fingers rubbed against T. shaft as it continued to pump her hot hole. This continued for several moments until T. pulled out his swollen, purple head and wanked himself all over her back. Having already cum twice already he spurted just a few drops of thick jism over her back and buttocks.
They collapsed on the bed again, cuddling and giggling. They lay there in the spoon position, hugging and kissing gently until they were both fast sl**p.
They woke up at about noon. They were both parched and starving so made their way to the kitchen and chatted over an orange juice, a cup of coffee and a sandwich each.
With their strength back up after their well needed power-nap, and food they had to make good use of their last couple of hours of freedom. M. had to get the c***dren from school at 15.30. So with T. still sat at the table she got on hands and knees and started sucking him off again.
The fit 17-year-old responded accordingly. Before long his penis was standing to attention and M. placed a leg either side of him and sat on his lap facing him. He sucked at her nipples as she bounced up and down on his penis. She was able to dictate the rhythm, depth and f***e of penetration and soon she felt being pushed over the top.
His strong hands rubbed her back and shoulders and his lips sucked at her nipples hard. He mauled her buttocks with his hands as he kissed her neck and licked her ears. When he moved his hands up and pulled her hair down hard she was pushed over the edge. She leant back and his lips found her nipples again as another orgasm began to grip her.
A lovely, deliciously warm feeling spread out of her pussy enveloping her entire body.
And as it spread her legs began to tremble. She carried on humping as best she could but soon it was futile. Her orgasm made legs buckle and she just helpless flopped onto his erect pole whimpering and sobbing.
But he had other plans. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up! Just a little bit. And then just let go. Her entire weight plopped onto his erect pole. She whimpered. And he lifted her again. Her knees were now lifted up of the floor and bent in mid air. He let go and she plopped onto his prick with a yelp of surprised delight. He lifted her up. And then let go. She slopped and squalled. Her legs flailed either side of him as he pussy clenched and squirted its own juices making the squelching slapping sound more prominent. This he repeated to M. amazed delight several times and then he grabbed by the buttocks and stood up. Effortlessly he wiggled her side to side and his penis yanked at her internal organs, and it felt like her heard was prodded too. She had to time her breathing carefully, as once more tears streamed down her face as she gasped for air, her orgasm, strangely persisting and insisting on making all her internal organs vibrate in unison.
T. was exhausted and had to sit back down. He let go of M. whose entire weight pressed hard on his cock. She gingerly wobbled off his cock and knelt between his legs again. All T. could do was sit back and try and catch his breath. M. started lapping at the white froth around T. cock. When completely clean she started wanking him off slowly. T. didn’t budge and M. took advantage, she sped up until T. clenched his buttock tight. She knew he was about to explode all over her face and she love it. T groaned and stood up. M. sat down (still kneeling) and with hand on shaft carried on wanking gently and placed her open mouth at the tip of his penis.
T. let out a long groan and a huge, thick, jet of jism erupted out of the tip of his prick. His entire body shook and a gooey mass, went into M’s mouth. It was so f***eful it streamed down her throat making her gag slightly. She help on tight though and T. jerked again to scared to breath. Once more his prick ejected a spurt of white stuff that landed on M’s face. It hit her nose, as they were struggling to keep still It bounced onto her cheeks, forehead, and chin. Some landed in her mouth again but she had no time to react as another jet was spewed forth. This time it landed on her forehead. It was beginning to trickle into her eyes but once more M. was splashed by a spurt of jism. This time much weaker it landed in her mouth and on her chin. She carried on patiently milking his cock and several streams of jism decorated her face and when it ended she milked him with her hand and sucked him with her mouth until his bell end was too sensitive to take any more. By then her face was covered in jism and her eyes were shut tight as it sting her.
T. handed her the kitchen towel roll and sat back down to compose himself. They chatted and joked about the state of M’s face and having wiped all the spunk off her face and off his cock they got dressed again. It was approaching 3pm and T. to hope he could catch some class mates to grab the notes and M. had to get ready to collect the c***dren from school. T. skipped quite a few classes that year, while taking care of M.
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