The Milk Boy

The Milk Boy

“I bet he would have some milk to deliver too!” That is the first coherent though I had after laying eyes on the k** that lived next door.
Let me introduce myself. My name is… not important. What’s important is that I have a fetish for spunk. I think everything about it is sexy-sexy-sexy. Best served straight into my mouth – where I can greedily gulp it down.
What’s also important is that “he” was my neighbour, he was 17 and the son of a milkman. His name was Tom and totally gorgeous. I am 29 and had to compete with young teenagers for this k**’s attention. So it was mostly easy despite – or probably because of – my fuller figure!
I live alone and in the last few years I’ve drank the seed of about half a dozen men. Currently I have a lover-partner. It is mostly a convenience issue for both of us though I have no complaints really. He is 44, settled and much better off then myself. He kindly feeds me his milk fairly regularly. For an addict like me, however, “too much” does not exist. So I planned to milk him Tom, at least once, see if he was worth the effort.
It took me 6 months to arrange it and for various fortuitous events to conspire, aiding my plans. But it was well worth it!
Getting him to come over to do the gardening was easy. Offer to pay him £20 for what should have been 2 hours work is a bargain in anyone’s book. But I ended up with the sweeter deal. He stayed over for six hours, cleaned my garden from all the autumn leaves, I paid him nothing at all and best of all he fed me his seed!
Let me start from the beginning. He knocked on my door at 8.30am on Saturday morning. I know I said “…first thing…” but that was crazy! I looked a wreck and felt even worse. Hair all over the place and no makeup, I opened the door wearing nothing but a thick gown.
“Morning! It looks like rain, so I better get cracking!” he said eagerly.
“Oh, ok…” I said. Looking out I thought he was probably right. I had to compose myself for a few seconds. He was a very charismatic, sociable and confident chap but this could blow up in my face – what I really wanted was his penis blowing up in my face!
He just marched through my house like he owned it, unlocked the back door and got to work. Five minutes later the heavens opened. He carried on working. I tapped the glass and motioned him in. He reluctantly dropped the rake and came in.
“That does not look like it is going to stop any time soon” I said and took a sip from my steaming tea. “Come in, sit down, can I get you a drink?”
“Nah! It’s ok. I don’t mind. The sooner I get it done, the better! The little prat was heading back outside. I didn’t want my fucking garden done! I couldn’t care less, I didn’t have £20 cash on me and I could get my b/f to do it for free. But I had not seen him in a week and was not going to see him for another week and I wanted to be fed!
“Don’t go out there!” I said sternly. This time he obeyed. “You will catch your death – and your parents will never forgive me. This aint a summer shower!” I motioned to a chair – didn’t want the sofa to get wet. “You got a girlfriend?” I asked – completely changing the subject and making him forget why he was here.
He sat down and we chatted for a bit. I was still in my robe and I could not help but admire his body some more. His soaked T-shirt and jeans clung to his body. I was seriously turned on. I had to make my intentions felt soon. If he declined I was sending him back out to finish the garden!
I never heard his answer and didn’t really care. “I really fancy you!” I came out with it. I was prepared for a bit of a fight now. But none was needed – just patience. He almost fell off the chair. He swallowed uncomfortably and stuttered and stammered for a bit. “Erm… Thanks!” was the only sensible thing he said a minute later. “Look you aint getting any gardening done today – don’t let the whole day be a waste.” He looked at me quizzically. “Fuck this! I’m going back to bed. You can either let yourself out and go home – or take those wet clothes off and let me warm you up” and just walked off.

Two minutes later, I was naked in bed, when I heard him padding upstairs.
“I’ve left my shoes by the front door!” He shouted. A huge grin appeared on my face and a tingle in my pussy. He pushed open the door to my bedroom and walked in. He just stood there, awkwardly in my room.
“Get those clothes off and come here!”
He obeyed like a good boy. We spent a few minutes chatting and then cuddling. He was definitely warming up! His penis was about average size but of above average keenness. It was pressing into my tummy as we cuddled and when I reached down to play with it, I noticed it was already leaking pre-cum.
He shoved me back roughly and climbed between my legs. I was getting quite wet and his penis was so rock hard that he was soon inside me. I immediately felt a tiny release inside me! I had gone for a week without dick and this was heaven. This k** really put his back into it. I remember thinking it was over 10 years since I had a 17-year-old dick in me and what a waste it had been!
But he could not last long and could tell he was close to cumming so I pushed him off me roughly. He looked at me disappointedly. “You cannot cum!” I said.
“What?” he replied “I got condoms at home. Going to get some!”
I laughed out loud. “Definitely not!” I said. I want to taste your cum. You can cum inside my mouth – not my pussy!”
Obviously he did not object. He was still rock hard when I went to work on him. I knew he could not take much more of this. It was never my intention to postpone him finishing so as to get more shagging in; quite the contrary. If he blew his 1st load in a hurry then there would be more to follow – for sure!
“Oh…Uh… I’m gonna cum!” he politely informed me.
Poor darling never had this done to him before. “Gimme your best shot!” I though. And his best shot he gave me! It was truly huge. In fact I didn’t quite swallow it all – which is so unlike me! I was not ready for that! The first few spurts were huge and came in very rapid succession.
They were thick, gloopy and hot and I wanted to savour them in my mouth but my mouth soon filled up and then over-flowed. The silly bugger kept jolting and jerking too, which didn’t help so a few droplets escaped my mouth. I was not impressed with myself. I gulped a huge load down and then a second. The poor darling must have ejected about 8 or more healthy, powerful splutters.
I was in heaven. It left a sticky, salty after taste in my mouth and throat. It was amazing. I decided there and then I aint letting this gem out of my sight and he would be doing my garden quite regularly.
I then noticed the ones that got away. The droplets that escaped my mouth were slowly trickling through his pubic hair. I let go of his penis and greedily hovered them up. This time I could take my time to play with them in my mouth. I swilled them around and squished them through my teeth. I let the few droplets of jizz coat my lips. They soon gained volume as they mixed with my own saliva. Satisfied I had my play and my fill and gulped it down eagerly.
Then I paid attention to his penis again. A thick, pea-sized droplet of bright, white spunk rested on his strawberry-red bell end! I carefully grabbed the base of his penis. It convulsed in appreciation. I squeezed tight and slid my fingers up his shaft and the droplet grew to twice the size. Fearful it might roll off, I placed the tip of my tongue on his bell end and angled his penis. The beautiful droplet rolled expertly onto my tongue where it rocked back and forth in the canal I formed in my tongue.
He just stared at me in amazement and groaned. I smiled at him gleefully opening my mouth slightly so he could witness what I was doing to his babies. When I could no longer hold the jism in my tongue I tipped my head back and let it trickle down my throat into my stomach.
I proudly opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out at him. He just stared wide eyed and almost as wide-mouthed! A smiled broadly and blew him a kiss.

I lay next to Tom for a bit and chatted. He still had difficulty making eye contact with me. His shyness was quite cute but I was certain I’d knock that out of him just about when he would be knocking the back out of me. Hopefully this would be happening soon. After about ¼ of an hour of chatting I knew almost all about his little life. After another two minutes I had completely forgotten it. That was party due to the fact I didn’t give a toss and party because I had better things at hand. Namely various parts of his body. I had forgotten how tight and muscular male bodies are at that age and I was relishing this well-maintained specimen.
There wasn’t an inch of fat to be found. He muscles rippled and throbbed with excitement as I kissed, licked, sucked, nibbled and scratched him. By the time I decided it was time to pay another visit to his cock it was already gagging for some attention. It made a refreshing change to be sucking a cock because it was already hard rather than to get it hard.
I sucked it with a loud slurp-pop into my mouth and took it deep in me and held it there.
“Uugghhhhhh!” was his own audible contribution to the lovely sex-sounds that were filling my long-silent bedroom. His hands grabbed my head and he gently positioned my head where he wanted it. For a few minutes I carried on sucking him undeterred knowing he would now be lasting a lot longer.
He started fumbling for my pussy found it and slid a couple of fingers in me. Soon I was ready for a serious shafting. I didn’t have to wait long as this very eager and pro-active lad pushed me aside and before I could reposition myself he was standing behind me on the floor, stroking my bum that was still up in the air.
I was already on all fours and even if I wanted to object I didn’t get a chance. God job too because his penis was already poking at me! It was rough and f***eful but totally welcome. His first thrust was deep and he held in for a few seconds giving me a second to turn my gasp of surprise into a low moan.
And then he picked up pace. There were no airs and graces here and I am just glad he had recently cum because he did not hold back. He slammed into me violently for… who am I k**ding I lost track of time for the next few minutes!
His hands kneaded my buttocks as his cock mauled my insides. The slapping of his body against my buttocks was so hard I had to push back with my hands to stop me sliding away on the bed. Occasionally he would get the angle just right and his balls would swing and slap my clit hard The pleasure-pain was so divine the little fucker made me cum 3 times quite hard.
The 3rd time I squealled like a wounded pig so loud I think I scared him. He stopped and took a breath. Which is a good job really, because all the while I wanted to tell him to not cum inside me but I didn’t have the breath. I was too busy gasping and sighing and panting. I rolled onto my back and grabbed my head trying to steady my thoughts.
He stagerred backwards a little and laughed. His entire body was glowing pink and shone from the effort. I admired him like some kind of angel. I couldn’t even smile back at him. Then my eyes roamed down and his prick was standing almost vertical, purple, glistening with pride. A white foamy ring – the remnants of my pussy juices worked up to a fine lather were around the base of it.
I put my arms out to hug him:
“Come here you… look at you… just look at you!”
He stepped forward tittering. I put my arms around his tiny waist. My tits pressed against his cock. It was rock hard and burning hot.
“You cannot cum inside me” I finally managed to utter.
“I know. That’s why I stopped!”
“What a good boy” I though.
“Well… you cannot come inside my pussy.” I corrected myself. “You can come inside my mouth though. In fact that is the only place you are allowed to cum ok?”
“Ok!” he replied laughing.
I slid down a bit. His cock, trapped between my tits and his bladder squirmed. I bent my neck downwards and sucked his head into my mouth again. He groaned and leant back, holding onto my head. My tits dangled freely between his legs so I lifted them until they were pushing his nut sack gently upwards.
He groaned and clenched as I slid my mouth back and forth on his shaft. Again I noticed how appreciative his body was in its response. His cock was rock hard and it throbbed with the slightest touch. It tasted of a glorious mix of my pussy juices and his sweat. And once that was all eagerly lapped away all I could taste and smell was his cock and its lovely pre-cum.
It hit the back of my throat and poked at it f***efully. We soon guilt up a lovely rhythm and soon his cock was vanishing completely as it poked into my throat for a split second and then retracting – only to repeat a second later. It was glorious and I let go of teasing his nut sack with my tits and grabbed his waist. His hands were still on my head and together we guided each other.
The only sounds now filling the room was my sucking and slurping and his groans. I wrapped my hands around his waist. His cock vanished and he held my head in place. My hands were now clawing at his tightly clench buttocks. He groaned and this time I could tell it was almost feeding time at the zoo!
He repeated this but much slower. My hands left his hips and slid under his legs. One grabbed his bum again from underneath and the other squeezed his nut sack. He groaned again. A longer, deeper louder groan. He thrust and held the tip of his cock in the entrance to my throat for a couple of seconds. This he did another four or five times and my hands holding onto his nut sack felt it actually shrink and tighten as a long groan escaped him through gritted teeth.
His cock started jerking in my mouth and then I felt the tip engorge a little more with bl**d and swell up. What happened next was – even for an experienced, self-confessed sperm addict like myself – amazing! A giant hot splurt of jism hit the back of my throat and trickled down. I felt it slithering down almost as if it was alive! I though I had a pretty good control of my gag reflex but this was too much. He backup a little as a second splurt ejected the tip of his giant bell end and filled my mouth. Again it was a massive splurt that was almost immediately followed by a third!
Now I could actually taste it before I swallowed it and it was indescribable – other than GORGEOUS! It was hot and thick – so thick and gloopy. It mixed with my own saliva, which was ample as my mouth was getting seriously fucked for the last ten minutes or so. I took a massive gulp trying to make sure I did not loose any in the process like before.
As my throat strained to get all the fluid down me – and what with his cock jerking in my mouth, my own saliva and his jism – my cheeks we swollen like a hamster’s. Some escaped out of the side of my mouth as I took another big gulp and my hands moved under my chin to catch any more drops should there be any.
His cock jerked again as it deposited a few more spurts that were eagerly swallowed. His cock had calmed down a little now. All but the tiniest of drops that were now trickling down my chin and onto my waiting hands were gulped down.
Now – something like 8 powerful blasts later! – I could open my mouth wide, with his cock still in it and l looked up at him. He had let go of my head and his arms hung limply by his side as he looked down in utter bliss and amazement. His cock stayed hard but stopped dribbling so I took it out my mouth and started frantically licking my fingers.
I licked my lips and cleaned my chin with my hands and licked them clean too. I ensured it was all gone all the while looking into his eyes and his panting eased to a steadier, calmer breathing. Then I noticed a tiny droplet on his dick again. This must be my favourite part. I grabbed the base of his dick, squeezing with my thumb the base of his sperm canal. I slid my fingers up slowly and eliberately. His bell end turned a deep purple as the bl**d was trapped. But so were the last drops of his jism that were f***ed by my fingers onto the tip of my tongue.
Once more I let the last few droplets of shiny, white, highly-viscous Cream of Young Boy dance all over my tongue. It was divine! His face was a picture. I eventually – somewhat reluctantly – swallowed up the last drops and proudly smiled and blew him another kiss as I flopped backwards onto the bed.

He flopped onto the bed with me and we chatted some more. He was definitely making eye contact now! That didn’t take long at all. I had had my breakfast and refreshments but I was certain he needed to keep his strength up. It turned out he hadn’t had anything to eat or drink.
So left him for a bit to get him a bite to eat and drink. ¼ of an hour later I was heading back upstairs with a tray with a cup of tea for myself, two pieces of toast and jam and orange juice for him. He was fast asl**p!
“Typical!” I caught myself thinking. But soon corrected myself that I would still be in bed at this time on Saturday normally. Whereas now I had had two huge, delicious loads of jism to eat and 3 amazing orgasms. I had absolutely no reason to complain. So I put the tray on the bedside table, took my tea and tip toed downstairs again.
It wasn’t raining as hard anymore. I put the TV on and watched some boring daytime TV. I must have nodded off too. I was woken by the patio door sliding open.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you!” Top whispered. He was fully clothed and was heading into the garden – bless him!
“Where… What time…?” I glanced over. Almost 11am.
“Thanks for breakfast.” He smiled. Definitely making eye contact! “I’ve left the tray in the kitchen. I’m gonna get at least started on the garden. If I do not finish it I’ll do it tomorrow or whenever the weather permits.”
I groggily shook my head and motioned for him to come closer as I switched the TV off. He obeyed. I couldn’t care less about the garden.
He joined me on the sofa. “You never answered me: Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked completely ignoring the garden issue.
“Yeah… kinda?” was his c***dish but perfectly accurate answer.
“Me too – boyfriend!” I was glad to agree.
“I think your girlfriend, your parents and my boyfriend had best never find out about this!”
“Yeah!” His face lit up but he pretended he was a bit sad about it.
“but I had enormous fun and I hope we can do it again? If you want?”
“Yeah!” this time with no hint of sadness.
“When are your parents expecting you home?!”
“2 o’ clock. For lunch, like…”
“OK. Have you got your strength back up?” I enquired groping for his crotch. He just smiled. A cute, knowing smile that instantly got my pussy tingling!

Seconds later he was sucking on my titties. I was still in my gown and he had opened it up and greedily ate up my ample tits. Clearly much larger than any his teeny girlfriends might have had and probably comparable to the ones he wanked over in porn movies.
He was hasty and clumsy but made up in eagerness and more surprisingly, in patience. With a little guidance from myself I was thoroughly enjoying myself and when he got completely naked and moved to my pussy I was in heaven. His patience was indeed rewarding – at least for me – because he managed to make me orgasm again! And when I was done screaming the house down he carried on finger-fucking me ferociously and trying to lick my clit until it was too much for me to bare and had to push him off.
He stood up and took his top off as I undid his jeans. There was something already very hard in there and I wanted it. As I pulled his jeans and pants off with a single move his dick sprung out, all red and furious and bounced against his belly. I took it into my mouth and he grunted.
I stopped again to help him loose all his clothes again and took it again in my mouth making him grunt again. I was loving this. His body was so tight with toned muscles all of which responded to my every touch. I would not mind betting this was probably the best shag he had ever got in his short sex-life.
When I felt my pussy had sufficiently calmed I let go and leant back on the sofa. He rested one arm on the back of the sofa next to my head and angled his dick downwards. His young cock, eager for my sodden pussy was pointing skywards and had to be pushed won by f***e. I tell you that is not a common sight with my 44-year-old lover. What a turn on!
But I could not relish the sigh for long as his penis vanished with a swift jerk inside me to the hilt. I arched my back in ecstatic delight. I clamped him tight with my pussy muscles and he could now let go and place the palms of both of his hands on the back of the sofa, either side of my head.
He gently moved, constantly adjusting and repositioning himself till he found the best spot. He opened his legs wide and took a step back – all the while still inside me – and plunged. While he took his time to do all this his hard dick was completely submerged and altering the angle tugged and pushed at my insides deliriously. My head was leaning back and I just admired the ceiling lost in a daydream!
When I looked back down at him he was standing on his tippy toes, legs with, resting on his palms taking push ups! I almost started giggling at him but I had to admire his enthusiasm. I then admired his physique and his dedication. His penis would pull out till all but the tips of his prick was exposed and then he would bend his elbows and arch his back. This would make his pelvis slap against mine and his prick would burry – to the hilt – inside me. The natural curvature of my internal vaginal walls squelched, as they strained against the rock-hard and ram-rod-straight muscle inside me. It was a delirious tug-off war that could only have one winner!
My legs, up in the air and bent at the knee, were now rhythmically stretching and bending as they kicked about happily. But not because I wanted them to; in fact I had forgotten where I was, who he was and I would not mind betting that if someone had asked me my name there and then I would not have known!
And still he carried on taking push-ups! I suffered – and “suffered” is a carefully chosen word here – an amazing deep orgasm that seemed to originate deep inside my bowels, probably inside my stomach or something and moved upwards into my chest, my breasts neck and eventually head.
And still he carried on taking push-ups! Every time he lowered himself he put pressure on my clit. When I was in the throws of my first orgasm every time he slapped himself home a tiny tingle would assault my clit. Bizarrely, my toes, nipples armpits and my brain would tingle in a simultaneous response, a tiny fraction of a second later.
And still he carried on taking push-ups! As the deep-rooted vaginal orgasm was ebbing away the rhythm of him slapping my clit had built into a sharp but delirious shock that rode up my spine and made my head thrash from side to side. I grabbed his wrists and when the electric shocks had turned into an amazing, light orgasm all of their own that cascaded over the previous, heavy-duty I turned my head bit his wrist, muffling the long, high pitched squeal that seemed to be f***efully pushed out of me despite my best efforts to contain it.
I think I scared him again because he slowed up a bit – I probably must have hurt him too! He left his prick buried inside my wiggled his bum. The tip of his cock rubbed against my cervix; it was delicious… and then delirious… and then unbearable. His groaning made me realise he was about to blow but you know what? I didn’t care. I might have just wanted him to explode inside me; I can’t remember to be honest. The feeling of man’s seed splashing about inside is insanely good too!
But he didn’t!

He took several deep breaths. I did likewise. We both needed them – badly. The next thing he uttered cracks me up to this day:
“Sorry but any more of that gorgeous pussy and I would cum!” The little darling was saving his spunk for my tummy. Just as I had requested! He was apologising for giving me five orgasms in the space of two hours. At least five – I hasten to add – as my counting skills were bound to be affected under the circumstances. I grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. The first I kissed him on the lips!
“No need to apologise. That was amazing! Mind-blowing!!” He smiled. “But thanks for stopping!” I continued and his smile turned into the most adorable laugh.
He straightened himself and with a sloppy squelch pulled out of me. His cocks-head was again purple with anger and shiny from all the moisture it was still covered in. I got him to switch places and sat him down. I knelt between his legs.
I held his cock in my hand and ever so slowly started stroking it. With my hand gently wrapped around it I moved up and down slowly. His head leant back as he relaxed and let me do some of the work now. I gradually tightened my grip until I was moving his foreskin with my hand. My grip eventually became so tight I strangled the bl**d to his bell-end that swelled up so much the foreskin would not envelop it.
I loosed slightly and let a drop of saliva fall onto his bell-end. It enveloped his head and instantly his foreskin wrapped around it with ease. I carried this on for a bit longer making sure to keep my hand real slow. It was difficult to do as I absent-mindedly sped up and had to deliberately slow myself. As I eased my grip again, I blew on his bell end cooling and drying it.
I then took it deep into my hot mouth with a sudden gulp. He inhaled sharply, groaned and squirmed. Making my man do that is an awesome feeling. A bit like feeling him squirt his jism against my cervix or feeling it my mouth and down my throat as I drink it. It is not as lovely as an orgasm, of course but it has the advantage of being able to keep my wits while I do. In a way – a different, more deliberate, kinky, even sinister way – equally pleasurable!
He was gonna blow soon. I decided to punish him they way his cast-iron dick "punished" my pussy walls and clit moments ago. Not to mention the way the gallons of jism "punished" my throat earlier! He clenched his legs and buttocks and braced his hands on the sofa groaning. His prick twitched a couple of times and jolted violently. This time I was expecting it! The 1st splurt hit the back of my mouth and vanished down my throat into my tummy. The 2nd one followed; copious and furious instantly also vanishing down my greedy throat. I never even got to taste it!
But I didn't have to wait long. A 3rd, 4th and 5th spurt followed, a bit weaker and smaller this time and I played with them in my mouth as best I could with a mouthful of twitching, hard cock too! I wanted to relish the flavour but my greedy tummy f***ed me to swallow that load too. Fortunately for me there was more to come! His dick carried on supplying his glorious milk; this time he had calmed down enough for me to really savour it in my mouth. But his cock end had become so sensitive he was struggling to compose himself.
But I intended to carry out his “punishment”. I squeezed his cock with my hand and its tip with my tongue making sure I get as much jism as possible. He thrashed and screamed and eventually pushed my head away panting. I giggled and gave him a second to calm a second but then I noticed his bell end was covered in a fine, white film. That was gently lapped up too and now – at long last! – his penis was visibly softening. A sat back and admired him for a few seconds till feeling his seed in my mouth, throat, even inside my tummy – which I know sounds stupid!
“Not half past eleven yet. It’s stopped raining. You got two hours to finish the garden!” I joked. I got up and headed towards the kitchen.
“Tut - give us a second!” he laughed.
“Can I get you a drink? I’m not drinking or eating anything for a bit – I want to savour the flavour of your lovely spunk!” I shouted at him from the kitchen.
“Water please”.
I brought the poor lad a drink and excused myself to visit the loo. When I returned he was nowhere to be found. Then I spotted him in the garden raking the leaves!
I laughed to myself but let him get on with it.

At just after 1 he came back in.
“I was joking about the garden!” I said to him looking away from the TV.
“I know! But, seriously, it’s gonna rain now till March so I thought I would take advantage”
“Fair enough. Let me have a look!” I was joking again but I think he was trying to impress me – as if he hadn’t already! I pretended to inspect his handy-work.
“Perfect!” I lied to him. It was ok, don’t get me wrong but hey, he wasn’t a professional gardenner after all. The bits I was not happy with the boyfriend could fix.
“Good glad you liked it. That will be £20, please” he exclaimed.
For a second I was offended but then I calmed as an evil plan sprang into my disgusting little brain.
“Sure – follow me” I lead him into the kitchen. The sideboards were at the perfect height. I motioned for him to lean against them. His confused was short-lived. This time his prick needed a bit of effort to respond.
I loved it. Soft it filled my entire mouth. Pliable and shape-able it filled my cheeks and I rolled it around and played with it. Soon enough the little blighter was standing half erect in my hand again. I stopped playing and massaged it. I was deliberately rougher this time and once my saliva was all used up I did not apply any more. I needed a quick blast and the extra friction would be needed as he had already dropped three massive loads in my mouth in under four hours. These youngsters have it so good!
I built up quite a speed and his cock responded as I expected it to. I flicked my tongue out at the tip. Synchronised with my down-thrust it drove him crazy. My free hand squeezed his tight thighs and pressed his tummy feeling his 6-pack. It roamed up and stroked his pecks and played with his nipples. Soon his one hand clenched the side board and the other pressed my free hand that was exploring his body against his chest. I knew what was going to follow.
Surely his 4th load would be a bit more civilised? Especially as it was a "quickie"? I pulled his dick out my mouth and raised my head slightly, pointing his dick at my face. I kept the tip an inch away from my forehead and carried on wanking furiously. He screamed almost in pain as his nuts were f***ed to deliver a forth load of cum. It splashed against my forehead but it was indeed much more controlled this time. 4 or 5 smaller and weaker spurts trickled down my forehead and nose, into my mouth and onto my cheeks and chin.
There I left them as licked clean the last drops off his trickling tip. Once satisfied his nuts were totally drained and his penis clean I stood up. Once more he was reduced to staring at me in amazement.
“You better go before your parents come knocking and see me in this state!”
He just laughed as he did his jeans up frantically. He hopped and skipped to teh front door and when he was decent I opened teh door for him. He forgot his rake and his money and shouting a quick thanks he was gone.
I closed the door behind him and headed straight for the bathroom where I admired the mess he had made of my pretty face. It made me wonder of the “mess“ my throat must have been in, and the “mess” my tummy must be in. I wiggled my bum convincing myself I could hear it sloshing about in my tummy the way you hear water if you drink alot of it quickly, on an empty stomach on a hot day. I scooped it up with my one finger, carefully licking it off savouring the delicious, tangy stickiness of it.
“Damn he never gave me his number!” but that was the least of my regrets.
“I never got to feel his heavy load splashing on my cervix!” was my greatest regret – one I was planning on fixing soon. " I bet his jism will taste even better when I scoup it with my fingerts out of my pussy!"

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2 years ago
don't know who's luckier, you or the kid! lol
great story!
2 years ago
the odd spelling mistake? please let me know. i wanna correct.
2 years ago
Very hot story...mmmmm I started young myself...ask me about it Phoolio
3 years ago
lovely story just the way it is, an odd spelling error but who the fuck cares, we all wish we were one of the characters in this story, or both depending on the mood or desire, i just loved it.
3 years ago
again in draft format. any and all mistakes please tell me about it...