Natalie and Emma

(When the parents of the girl next door – who you have fancied since day-one – are away, you would be insane not to, at least, try…)

Emma waved goodbye to her parents, shut the door and rushed back inside into the warm. Seconds later her phone rang – Natalie.

Natalie was her 22-year-old neighbour and probably Emma’s best friend. She had male and female peers of course that were friends but Natalie was more of the older s****r she never had. They used to spend hours talking about make-up, hair, shopping, tanning, clothes, men and all things girlie.

Secretly Emma admired Natalie. Living on her own at 22, she was obviously successful, confident, independent and undeniably attractive. She had a chiselled triangular face, perfectly framed by a short, black, straight bob. Her figure was fairly average but Emma would secretly admire it from her bedroom window early in the morning when she would be leaving for work. Occasionally Natalie would spot her, smile and wave at her.

Natalie’s affection for Emma, though secret, went much further. She fancied her – plain and simple. She had had physical relationships in the past with both genders and Emma had something that drove her crazy. Her perfect, teen body, oodles of energy, shyness, unsuspecting innocence, long brown hair, big brown eyes, how she always seemed to smell of almonds and her infectious giggle made Natalie’s head swirl.

ß Nat à: Hi… they gone?

ß Em à: Hi… yeah…. huhmmm

ß Nat à: <There’s that sexy giggle> Cool… first time home alone?

ß Em à: tut… No!

ß Nat à: Heheh… What you up to now?

ß Em à: Going back to bed – it’s only 8!

ß Nat à: Don’t blame you – it is Saturday morning after all.

ß Em à: I know….

ß Nat à: OK, well sl**p well.

ß Em à: thanks…

ß Nat à: Listen, I’m making pasta and I always make too much. Come round at about 2ish if you want. Do you recon you’ll be up by then?

ß Em à: yeah…. ‘course…. I got an exam in about… 50 hours! Cacking myself….

ß Nat à: Well, get cracking and if you are peckish at about 2 o’clock I aint doing anything…

ß Em à: ok cool… the alarm is set for 10, 4hours of study and I’ll see you then…

ß Nat à: OK

ß Em à: cool… thanks….

ß Nat à: see you later.

ß Em à: Bye….

ß Nat à: Bye!

Come 2pm it was Natalie’s phone that was ringing:

ß Nat à: Hello?

ß Em à: Hi.. I’m starving… smells good…

ß Nat à: Heheh… does it now?

ß Em à: yeah…. Huhmmm… shall I come….

ß Nat à: Sure, I’ll dish up.

ß Em à: cool

ß Nat à: See ya!

At 2.02pm Emma was pushing open the front door Natalie had left ajar for her. Natalie was in the kitchen getting things ready.

For a second Emma admired her from outside the kitchen as Natalie, in her bum-hugging tracksuit and bust-hugging T-shirt and then walked in.

ß Em à: hi…

ß Nat à: Hi! How was revision?

ß Em à: Good, actually…. I didn’t go back to sl**p after all. Couldn’t. So just hacked away at it.

ß Nat à: Wow! Still cacking it?

ß Em à: huhmmm… not really… yeah… huhmmm

ß Nat à: you’ll be fine. What you drinking?

ß Em à: Got any juice?

ß Nat à: Sure, I’m having red wine. Perfect with Spag-boll!

ß Em à: Oh! My favourite.

ß Nat à: What? Spag-boll or wine?

ß Em à: Spag-boll, of course. Huhmmm….

ß Nat à: Well, I’m not going to finish the bottle so you can have some if you like.

ß Em à: Um….

ß Nat à: Having been such a good girl with revision you deserve it!

ß Em à: OK, I’ll have a bit but can I have some juice too, please?

ß Nat à: Sure – help yourself: Orange and apple in the fridge. Dinner’s ready when you are.

They chatted and laughed and finished the wine – and got half way through another when Emma’s parents rang. Emma tried her hardest to compose herself and then spoke to them.

By 4 o’ clock they were on Natalie’s sofa, watching Bridget Jones Diary, drinking coffee and wine and eating cheese and biscuits. Natalie then took the bold step of putting her arm around Emma’s head, filled her glass and lent back into the sofa.

Emma snuggled up to her and took a huge gulp of wine giggling. About an hour and half into the movie Emma was sound asl**p. Natalie turned the TV off, pulled a thin blanket over the pair of them and cuddled up to her. Emma just moaned and buried her face into Natalie’s shoulder. Natalie found this terribly arousing and in turn buried her face into her long, untidy hair. She inhaled deeply savouring her almond smell and wrapped her arms around her.

She had managed to manoeuvre her into lying on her side on her, plush, wide sofa. She kissed the top of her head gently and pulled her close to her bosom where Emma’s gentle, rhythmic breathing warmed her skin through her thin T-shirt. This instantly made Natalie’s pussy moisten and tingle and she wanted to eat her up there and then.

Instead she wrapped her arms around her, tight. Hooked one leg over her legs pulling her closer. She let her head relax onto a cushion and soon Natalie was fast asl**p too.

Natalie woke up first and it was dark! She couldn’t see what time it was but she estimated at about 6-ish. She was gasping to go to the toilet so slid out from under the blanket and snuck off. When she returned Emma was still fast asl**p. She had rolled onto her front and the blanket had fallen off the sofa. Her top had rolled up a bit and was exposing her lower back.

It looked too good to ignore. Natalie walked up to her and gently squeezed her buttocks together and kissed her lower back. Emma never flinched. Natalie moved her head down a bit and carried on kissing. She pressed her face into her soft buttock and kissed again. She let go of her buttocks and slid her hands up her loose top pushing it a bit further up her back.

It came to her bra and carried on moving. She buried her face deep into her buttocks and inhaled deeply. The usual ubiquitous smell of almonds mixed with her own personal aroma and it was driving Natalie crazy again. She could feel Emma heat through her panties and jogging bottoms. Her hands carried on exploring and stroking her back.

Eventually Emma started stirring and moaning gently. Natalie quickly took her mouth away from her crotch and noticed a tiny wet patch forming but that was probably her saliva rather than anything else. She quickly, but gently slid her hands back out from under her top and got up.

While Emma woke up properly, Natalie got up and turned some lights on. Emma stumbled to her feet and straightened her top and hair as best she could.

ß Nat à: Hello sl**pyhead!

ß Em à: Hi… huhmm…. Can I go to the loo please?

ß Nat à: Sure carry on. We both had a skin full.

ß Em à: yeah…

When Emma returned, Natalie had straightened the sofa and made herself comfy on it again. She refilled both glasses.

ß Nat à: Are we gonna finish that movie?

ß Em à: Yeah sure…

She replied, grabbing a handful of biscuits and taking a gulp of wine from her glass. She clambered onto the sofa again stepping over Natalie and snuggled down next to her again. Natalie put an arm around her neck again and kissed her head as she got comfy under the thin blanket. Emma never flinched and settled down to watch the movie.

Some 15 minutes later, she wanted another sip of wine but that was on the coffee table out of reach. Natalie was holding on to her glass and offered her some of hers. Emma smiled shyly and took a tiny swig from her glass. She kept her legs wrapped tightly around Natalie’s as he did so.

Throughout the whole movie Natalie stroked her hair and Emma’s hand idly stroked the top of Natalie’s thigh as it rested there under the blanket.

ß Em à: I can’t believe I’ve never seen that movie before!

Said Emma while stretching as the credits came up.

ß Nat à: yeah it’s a good one and I’ve got the sequel, too. One of my favourites.

ß Em à: I’ll have to come round to watch that too some time, if you don’t mind.

ß Nat à: Mind? I’d love to.

Natalie wiggled down a bit and wrapped her arms around Emma as she was stretching. She looked into her eyes and continued:

ß Nat à: I’ve had a lovely time. Spending time with you is awesome. Drinking wine and cuddling on the sofa is my favourite pastime.

ß Em à: huhmmm…. Mine too…. Shame I have all that revision waiting for me.

Natalie just ignored that and squeeze her lithe body and planted a big sloppy kiss on her cheek. Emma stopped stretching and lowered her hands around Natalie’s head. She then went really nervous and couldn’t make eye contact. Natalie carried on kissing and ruffling her hear up.

ß Nat à: You smell of almonds – you even taste of marzipan – it’s delicious!

ß Em à: huhmm….

That nervous giggle of Emma’s was just too sexy. She had no idea she was doing it or what effect it was having on Natalie. It made her tummy churn inside and her heart skip a beat.

ß Nat à: I think… “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a girl healthy, wealthy and wise!” How would you like to head to bed with me – get a bit more of this lovely cuddling in – and fall asl**p all cuddled up? Then you can carry on your revision 1st thing in the morning.

ß Em à: huhmmm…

ß Nat à: After my famous breakfasts!?

Emma never said anything so Natalie took advantage of the situation and carried on kissing her. She kissed both cheeks, her forehead her neck and licked her earlobes. She wrapped her arms around her tiny waist and moved down a little bit. Emma kept her head tilted back but her hands were getting more adventurous. She ran her fingers through Natalie’s short hair. She let her hands roam southwards down her back. Her brain had stopped working properly. She always secretly admired Natalie – but was it more than just admired?

It was clear Natalie liked (REALLY liked) her so what was going on here? She was so relaxed, any hint of inhibition she might have had was thoroughly drowned in wine by now. She never verbally gave any consent but the way her hands squeezed Natalie’s shoulder meant she did not want her to stop.

Natalie turned her head and started kissing Emma’s hands and fingers as they rested on her shoulders. Natalie wanted to let her hand roam far further from just her tiny waist but she didn’t want to spook her off. So she kept her arms and hands perfectly still and let her mouth roam. Emma seemed to prefer it that way. She carried on nibbling her hands and fingers, tickling Emma and making her give that sexy giggle of hers she so much adored.

Then she took one finger into her mouth and sucked it eagerly. She nibbled it and bit it quite hard and carried on rubbing her tongue up and down the length of it. Emma chuckled again and relaxed her fingers a little. Natalie carried on sucking her index finger and – much to her amazement – Emma brought her middle finger closer. She opened her mouth slightly and allowed her middle finger in too. She looked up as she did and noticed Emma’ huge, brown eyes staring down into her own.

Even her eyes were almond shaped and a gorgeous, deep, nut-brown colour. Emma smiled nervously and Natalie relaxed her mouth a bit. She softened her tongue and lips and stopped biting. Emma’s finger’s came to life inside her mouth. They gently tapped her tongue and rang around her teeth.

Natalie was in heaven. She never thought she would get anywhere with that perfect little almond from next door. Now she found herself in this position, with Emma actually taking control?! This was too good to be true. Emma’s fingers gently exited her slightly open mouth and headed towards her own. She sucked Natalie’s saliva off her own fingers while she carried on smiling down at her.

It was Natalie’s turn to be fixed, as if in a daze and her pussy tingled as she watched Emma move slightly, slowly and very deliberately. Emma lowered her fingers again and touched Natalie’s lips. She ran them around her the outside and Natalie’s tongue darted out to meet them. Emma brought he thumb up and tried to grab her tongue. But it was too wet and it slipped between them.

Emma giggled again playfully and Natalie repeated the process again and again – relishing the sexy sounds Emma was making. Natalie then kept her tongue still and let Emma hold it, ever so gently, in her fingers.

While making eye contact she craned her neck and watched as Emma lowered her head and moving her hand out of the way she pursed her lips. Natalie did likewise and closed her eyes. Emma planted a single gentle peck on her lips and pulled back.

That was nowhere near enough so Natalie took control now. Her hands left her waist and grabbed Emma’s head. She guided it by her hair towards her face. Emma’s hands were cradling Natalie’s head but Natalie’s were f***efully pushing the other girl’s head to hers. Not that she had much resistance, as she gladly placed her mouth exactly where Natalie wanted it.

They kissed passionately for a few minutes. Their lips gently pinching each other’s and occasionally their tongues would meet and send shivers up and down their spines. Emma was much higher up on the sofa than Natalie which meant she could not reach on awful lot. But Natalie had let go of Emma’s head now and were roaming her tight, young body.

She grabbed her buttocks for a bit, squeezed them and dug her fingers into them. They were awesomely firm and strong. Emma clenched them tight around her hand as she tried to dig between them. The heat inside them was intense. Natalie’s hands then roamed up and under her T-shirt. They carried on kissing and Emma arched her back as Natalie dragged her nails down her.

She tried hitching her top up some more and Emma wiggled a bit allowing her. She bunched her T-shirt under her chin and ran her fingers along the straps of her bra and then came to rest on her boobs. Emma squirmed uncomfortably so Natalie did not f***e the issue. Instead she moved her head down a bit and started planting baby kisses on Emma’s firm tummy.

Once more Natalie’s ears were filled by the sound of Emma giggling. Only this time it was mixed with a few moans and squirms. Natalie was in heaven, feasting on the most divine nectar and ambrosia!

Emma was relaxing some more and her hands started tugging on Natalie’s hair. Harder when she tickled too much and pressing her face gently into her tummy when she enjoyed it more. She opened her legs now and wrapped them around Natalie’s hips. Natalie sized this unique opportunity and hooked her arms under Emma’s legs. Her hands ended, inevitably, on Emma’s firm buttocks again

She started kneading them again and Emma carried on giggling. They were getting quite physical now, thrashing and rolling all over the place. But the sofa was unforgiving and soon they ended up on the floor. They stopped with a startle, looked at each other and broke out in fits of giggles once more.

Eventually Natalie got up and grabbed Emma by the hand.

ß Nat à: I think it’s your bedtime, young lady!

ß Em à: oh, ok then… as long as you can tuck me in? huhmmm… please?

ß Nat à: you sure? I think you are old enough to sl**p on you own now!

ß Em à: I can definitely sl**p on my own, but that aint much fun.

ß Nat à: oh ok then, I’ll read you a story if you like!

Natalie lead Emma upstairs, to her bedroom. Here there was a huge double bed and even an en suite bathroom. Bigger and plusher than Emma’s room and much tidier. Neither of them turned any lights on but left the door open allowing just enough light to stream in. Emma excused herself to visit the loo once more. By the time he was out Natalie was in her pyjamas: Loose fitting shorts and a tight vest-top; clearly no underwear.

ß Em à: I’ve got no pyjamas!

ß Nat à: You better get your kit off and get in bed!

She replied and took her turn in the loo. When she returned, Emma was in bed, her clothes discarded, in a messy-teenager-fashion all over the floor.

Natalie climber into bed and cuddled up to Emma. Her body was indeed naked apart from her boy-shorts. They lay next to each other in the fresh, fragrant, sheets, pillows and covers. Their lips embraced once more and their bodies pressed tightly against each other. Natalie’s hands roamed all over Emma’s body and she couldn’t help but notice how hot it was. Eventually, her hand, once more headed between her bum cheeks. This time Emma exhaled a warm, gentle moan all over Natalie’s face. By now Emma was quite wet under her panties and Natalie felt it.

She wiggled down a bit until her head was completely under the duvet. She planted baby kisses all over Emma’s small, pert, tight titties. Emma squirmed and Natalie carried on kissing, nibbling, licking and just eating every inch she could reach. Eventually it got stiflingly hot under the duvet so she threw it off. Emma rolled on top of Natalie and Natalie moved down some more. Now her head was directly beneath Emma’s tummy.

Emma’s legs were open wide enough to rest on the bed, either side of Natalie’s body. Emma would lower head body a bit trapping Natalie’s head there until she wanted her to move down some more. Natalie happily obliged. Soon she was kissing the top of her panties. She tried pulling them down a bit and moving her tongue inside them. Emma’s legs were too wide open, though, to allow this.

So Natalie came up with an evil plan. At the next opportunity she moved down a little more and by now Emma’s pussy pressed hard on Natalie’s mouth. Her panties were still on and although Emma was trying her best to keep her body aloft, Natalie grabbed her buttocks and pressed them down. She opened her mouth as wide as she could while doing so and she completely engulfed her pussy.

The warmth and wetness of Emma’s pussy and Natalie’s mouth mingled and the tiny, moist fabric did nothing but turn them on even more. Emma’s face was pressed into a pillow and she sobbed with every move Natalie made. Be it a stroke of her hands or a flick of her tongue, even as Natalie drew breath in and out – through Emma’s panties had her gasping, sobbing, quivering and convulsing.

Natalie then put into action the 2nd part of her dastardly plan. She pulled her boy-shorts to one side and with her free hand starting rubbing her pussy. Bare and naked this time. Her mouth still pressed hard against the top of her pussy (over her panties) tightly engulfing her clit. Her fingers, however were prodding at her naked pussy.

Emma was well passed presenting any resistance and Natalie knew this. She carried on playing with her pussy. She shared the moisture from the panties which was a mixture of her own saliva and Emma’s natural, gorgeous lubricant that was oozing out of her. Soon, Natalie’s fingers were as slippery as Emma pussy and the slightest attempt at entry was rewarded.

The tip of Natalie’s finger vanished inside her to the first knuckle. Emma gasped and Natalie relished the intense heat and tightness. Emma gripped onto her finger and squirmed. A few minutes later Natalie’s index and middle finger were waggling about inside Emma. Emma was loosing control and had difficulty keeping her pelvis up. She had to rest her knees down either side of Natalie’s head and Natalie’s pulled her panties harder to the side and up.

This completely exposed her pussy and slightly pulled (on the one side) her outer labia aside. Emma’s clit was completely exposed, inches from Natalie’s mouth. Natalie admired it, how it glistened and played hide and seek inside its hood each time she tugged her panties and played her fingers inside her.

She then took a second to admire the patch of long locks of pubic hair around the crown of her pussy. It was surrounded by sparse, thin hairs but at the top there was a cluster of denser, longer and thicker brown hair, several inches long. Natalie admired them a second longer and then flicked her tongue towards Emma’s clit. It’s unlikely that she actually touched it but Emma groaned, nonetheless.

Natalie paused again to admire the perfection of her pussy as it clamped tightly around her two fingers. She wiggled them about some more and rubbed them against her G-spot, all the while as Emma sobbed into a pillow. Natalie looked up as best she could, from where she was. She saw Emma’s tummy heaving as she breathed heavily under the strain of a building explosion. Her small titties jiggled slightly and between them Natalie could see Emma’s chin. That was all that was visible of her face.

Natalie looked back down at Emma’s clit and then dived for it. She put a blob of saliva on the tip of her tongue and placed it against the clit. Emma body heaved, angling her pubic region towards Natalie’s mouth. Spurred on she rubbed her tongue on her clit and her fingers on her G-spot.

Eventually, Emma let a loud, long cry out and thrashed. She spasmed several times until Natalie could no longer keep her clit. She kept her fingers on the right spot though and Emma grunted and gasped some more. As Natalie slowed down Emma lowered her hips only to have her clit tortured by Natalie’s insatiable tongue. Emma would lift her head out of the pillow and let out a shrill cry of delight. This happened several times until Emma was too exhausted and with trembling legs climbed off and lay on her side.

Natalie’s fingers were coated with white juices from Emma’s pussy, which were quickly lapped up. Emma lay on her side, with her back towards Natalie, her chest still heaving from her heavy breathing. Natalie pulled the duvet up and cuddled up to Emma. There they lay for a few moments and Emma reached round and stroked Natalie’s legs and bum.

Natalie was dropping off again when Emma started stirring again. She turned around and kissed Natalie on the forehead. Natalie was coming around again and she felt her boobs being gently massaged. It was a gloriously warm and comforting and it was then joined by Emma’s glorious, thin, high-pitched voice:

ß Em à: You have huge breasts. I love them!

Natalie just smiled and relished the feeling that seemed to swirl inside not only her breasts, but chest, tummy and head. She kept her eyes closed and just enjoyed herself.

ß Em à: Do you mind me playing with them?

Natalie just shook her head gently, smiling her approval.

ß Em à: They are much bigger than mine and so warm! Can I get them out? Or we can just sl**p if you like – I’ll cuddle these beauties!

Natalie said nothing again but eased her shoulders slightly allowing the straps of her top to fall off. Emma got the picture and helped her. Soon, both boobs were hanging out, firmly clutched in Emma’s small hands. She squeezed them together and rubbed the nipples gently with her thumbs. Natalie lay there helplessly with her eyes shut. She then put one hand on Emma’s head and pulled it down towards her chest.

Emma did not need to be “asked” twice. She cupped her tits upwards, forming large blobs of soft, warm boob-flesh which she kissed gently – and then a bit harder. Natalie did nothing but lie there. Eventually Emma moved to her nipples and let her mouth play with them for several minutes. Again Natalie did nothing.

Until Emma stopped that is. Natalie opened her eyes, blinking several times and focusing on Emma’s eyes. They were still a few inches away from her glistening nipples. She smiled up at her and gave that sexy giggle again:

ß Em à: huhmmm… thought you were asl**p. Want me to leave you alone?

ß Nat à: no, darling! Keep eating me. Never leave me alone!

ß Em à: Oh, ok! If you insist!

And with that, she put one hand around Natalie’s waist and turned. She lay on her back, dragging Natalie on top of her. Natalie’s tits flopped free and fulsome into Emma’s face. Emma pressed them into her face and sucked. She filled her mouth with them and flicked her tongue on the nipples for several minutes.

Natalie wanted to return the favour though so she got up and got Emma to move down the bed. She clambered on top of her again with her boobs jiggling away in her young lover’s face. Only this time Natalie was upside down. This allowed the two girls to eat each other’s body unhindered in a kind of 69. Of course this distorted 69 turned into the real thing soon enough.

On all fours Natalie moved down Emma’s length. Soon enough Natalie found Emma tiny pussy again. It was time she lost her panties once and for all – Emma did not object. In seconds her panties had joined the pile of clothes she had started on Natalie’s bedroom floor, about an hour ago.

Natalie then took the opportunity to play with Emma’s long locks. Completely exposed as they now were, she ran her fingers through them and gently tugged. They were about two inches long; some were possibly more! Natalie loved them. She pulled them upwards and rested her tongue on the hood of Emma clit.

Emma had removed Natalie’s shorts and started lapping away at Natalie’s pussy. Natalie kept her pussy clean-shaven. Her knees were placed on the bed either side of Emma’s shoulders and Emma pressed her face into her crotch lapping at her pussy. Natalie did likewise for several seconds. Though this was fun, Natalie could not get a good angle this way so she soon jumped up – much to Emma’s disappointment.

But it was to be short lived. Natalie grabbed Emma’s feet and crossed her legs until Emma got the idea and rolled onto her belly giggling. Natalie grabbed a pillow and placed it under Emma’s stomach. They took a few seconds to find the perfect place for it to give her bum maximum elevation. Natalie started feasting once more. She kissed and gently smacked Emma’s bum making the flesh jiggle playfully. Emma opened her legs slightly but Natalie ignored her.

She teasingly started kissing her back, sides, legs. She moved down them and tickled the inside of her knees. Emma arched her back, resting on her elbows and carried on giggling and kicking her one leg when she could take no more. Natalie moved to the bottom pressing her ample boobs onto the soles of Emma’s feet. The new sensation was unbelievable for both of them. The most delightful tease ever.

Natalie reached up and grabbed Emma buttocks and licked the inside of the knees again. She opened her cheeks as wide as possible. It made Emma’s bum hole wink at her invitingly and every time she squeezed them shut again more juices visibly escaped her pussy lips.

Emma strained to look round at this insatiable lover that made her feel like a goddess. Natalie was clearly d***k on the most amazing d**g: Emma – EMMA - EMMA! She allowed her obliging lover to indulge herself and Natalie did not waste a second and did not leave an inch unexplored.

She then let go and moved further down. She placed her tongue hard and flat on Emma’s bare soles. Emma giggled again and twisted round some more to watch her. Natalie looked up at her and dug her nails into her other foot. Emma squirmed and Natalie rapidly change tactic. She moved her mouth to the other foot and sucked the big toe greedily while digging her claws into the 1st foot.

After a few seconds of that Emma could take no more. Natalie stood up and placed one foot on the bed, beside Emma’s. She bent her knee and lifted Emma’s foot until it met her pussy, which was now soaking. She pressed the cool, moist sole of Emma’s foot hard against her warm, slippery pussy until it was drenched in her own juices. Then she knelt back down and licked it once more. Emma just looked back in fascination.

Natalie was taking her mission very seriously: “To completely devour this angel”. She put her heart and soul into it. She then placed one knee between Emma’s legs and opened them as wide as she could. Emma gladly obliged.

Natalie eased her cheeks apart as much as possible and gather once more a globule of saliva onto the tip of her tongue. She dived in and flicked her tongue-tip against her winking bum whole. Emma thrashed violently and Natalie had difficulty holding her down. Emma looked round at this crazy lover that was introducing her to the bizarrest and loveliest of feelings ever.

Natalie was in a world of her own too. She never noticed Emma straining to turn round to look at her. Instead she opened and closed her buttocks again making her bum whole wink at her again. She admired how her saliva trickled down from her bum hole, down between her cheeks and vanished as it mingled with her soaking pussy.

Natalie dived in again and this time didn’t even touch her bum hole with her tongue. Instead she just exhaled softly. Her warm breath enveloped her bum hole and hugged her curved contours running towards her pussy. This was Natalie’s favourite as it allowed her to keep her face far enough from the target she could watch the results first hand.

Immediately Emma’s bum hole clenched and released several times as Emma just arched her back as a throaty, quizzical

ß Em à: Oh my god! ???

escaped her throat. It is unclear whether or not Natalie even heard her. Instead she dived in and flicked her bum hole ever so gently with her tongue. Once more, Emma thrashed violently with a grunt of confused bliss.

Natalie repeated; she gather another globule of saliva on the tip of her tongue and made her tongue into as fine a point as possible. About a ¼ of an inch vanished inside tiny Emma’s tiny bum hole. Instantly it gripped tightly pushing Natalie’s tongue out.

ß Em à: hhhuh ?

It sounded like Emma was trying to ask what was happening but it was just her way of gasping for air. Her head was swirling but Natalie was totally lost too. She had practically forgotten that another person was in the room with her. Let alone that this was the angel from next door that she had secretly fancied since the first moment she laid eyes on her.

Natalie placed both knees between Emma spread legs and sat down to feast once more. She eased her bum open and plunged her tongue into her tight burning bum again. As soon as her tongue touched home, her bum hole it would clamp tight and eject her tongue f***efully. Emma’s fists clenched tight pulling at the under-sheets of Natalie’s bed. Natalie darted her tongue in and out faster and sharper until Emma could not longer keep up and was just reduced to a soft mush that gasped and yelped incessantly with the sexiest hint of confusion in her voice.

Natalie stopped her darting and started lapping. This allowed Emma to relax a little and Natalie to place her tongue on Emma bum hole – always keeping her cheeks apart – while Emma relaxed into it. The feeling was a delicious warmth that started between her buttocks and run up her spine.

She stopped for a second and gently blew on her wet bum hole causing it to cool rapidly. She placed one hand on the small of Emma’s back and rested her weight on it. This caused her to arc her back in an even more pronounced manner. It almost looked uncomfortable but Emma was in heaven. As her bum lifted ever higher, Natalie admired the soaking patch on the pillow that was just beneath her pussy.

She was not alone. Natalie’s was in a similar state. It leaked slowly but steadily all over her own feet. She rested her bum on her heels as she continued kneeling between Emma’s legs. Natalie lifted her other hand and eased her index and middle finger into Emma’s open pussy. It instantly grabbed tightly as if to eject the foreign body, but Emma loved this.

ß Nat à: Emma?

Natalie whispered but it was drowned out by moans. Natalie slowed up a bit.

ß Nat à: Emma?

She repeated a bit louder this time.

ß Em à: mmmm….?

It just sounded like yet another moan but it was too composed this time.

ß Nat à: I’ve run out of hands. Can you open your bum for me, please, darling?

There was no verbal reply – just immediate compliance. Emma opened her own bum cheeks much more f***efully than Natalie would ever dream of using. This helped a lot. Emma was pinned. She bent her knees and she looked like she was going to snap in half. What with Natalie pressing down on the small of her back and Emma reaching back grabbing her own bum it looked like a circus scene.

Once more Natalie dived in and flicked her bum hole as her fingers bent round and found Emma’s G-spot once more. Emma buried her face in the pillow once more. The now-familiar muffled groans filled Natalie’s ears, bedroom, house. This time they were randomly accompanied by a dull thumping, every time Emma kicked her legs onto the bed. She kept her legs wide open and bent at the knee. Occasionally it got too much for her and would lash out by kicking her one then her other leg onto the soft mattress.

Natalie carried on and before long Emma was trashing too violently to allow Natalie to carry on licking. Emma was experiencing and orgasm unlike anything she had felt thus far. Anything she managed on her own or with her boyfriend completely vanished from her memory – forever. When Emma let go of her own bum Natalie recognised the signal. She eased her weight off the small of Emma’s back and unhooked her fingers out of Emma’s tight pussy.

Before Natalie could react, Emma had squirmed onto her side and reached up grabbing Natalie’s hand. She pulled it to her face and took her fingers into her mouth, licking clean her own pussy juices from her lover’s fingers relishing the flavour and smell.

ß Nat à: Did you enjoy that, darling?

She just got a nod of approval as Emma carried on suckling at her fingers. Once she was satisfied they were clean, Emma rolled back onto her front, slightly positioning the pillow under her tummy, easing her back.

ß Em à: That was incredible!

ß Nat à: Good! Glad you like it. You have a fantastic body. I can’t get enough of eating it.

ß Em à: That was unbelievable!

ß Nat à: hehehe… Glad to hear it. I’m having a lot of fun! I’m going to get a drink. Want anything?

ß Em à: Any wine left?

Natalie returned a few minutes later with a glass of water and a glass of wine.

ß Nat à: Here – gulp of cold water first – then wine!

ß Em à: oh! I was only joking about the wine, but ok…

With Natalie’s help, she took several gulps of water – she was thirstier than she had realised – followed by a sip of wine. Natalie put the glasses on the side table and opened the bottom draw. She pulled out a vibrator with a thin tip and a very gentle taper.

ß Nat à: I enjoyed that…

she said twisting the vibrator on. A gentle whir filled the room. Emma looked up with a startle and smiled wide-eyed.

ß Nat à: Wanna try this, or have you already?

ß Em à: Tried a vibrator and really liked it. Where…

ß Nat à: Just stay exactly where you are!

Emma happily obliged and Natalie assumed her pervious position. She spent a few minutes eating out her pussy again and soon there was a heady cocktail of pussy juices and saliva. Natalie dipped the tip of the vibrator into Emma pussy and scooped up some of the slippery cocktail. She placed the gently vibrating tip on Emma’s tight opening causing it to convulse. She repeated, pressing the tip a bit further in each time. At the same time she would leave the vibrator in there a bit longer each time. Soon she had buried about 2 inches into Emma’s bum. She clenched it tight and Natalie turned up the vibrations. As she did she gently gyrated the base until she found the right angle. There she would leave it pressing ever so gently against the resistance.

Allowing it to rest there, gave Emma the degree of control she needed. She would wiggle her bum, arch her back and do everything that needed to be done until she was reduced to a grunting, moaning, crying, sobbing and quivering wreck. Natalie pushed a couple of fingers again inside Emma. She could feel the tip of the foreign body inside her lover’s rectum. It pulsed and vibrated mercilessly against the inner walls.

Emma did likewise, whirring and shuddering in accordance with the waves of pleasure that were ebbing and flowing from her throbbing insides – both rectum and pussy in unison – enveloping her entire body. When she could no longer take any more she squirmed out of Natalie’s grip. Natalie, in turn, did not offer any resistance and indeed helped Emma come down from the natural high of her recent orgasm by cuddling her.

She cradled her head in her lap, stroked her legs and kissed her face gently. It was now 2am and despite their long siesta they were getting sl**py. Emma, in particular, had climaxed at least three times very hard and had countless other weird and wonderful mini-orgasms. Once she calmed down, sl**p came easy. Natalie had several mini orgasms of her own. Her wildest sexual fantasies had come true and she was thoroughly satisfied.

She made Emma comfortable and cradled her head in her lap. She lent back onto the headrest of her double bed. It gently gave way till it rested on the back wall. There she found a steady purchase and pulled up the duvet enough to cover Emma. She carried on stroking her hair and looked down admiringly at her peacefully-slumbering lover. She lent her head back and closed her eyes.

ß Nat à: Job done!

She whispered to herself smugly. As she carried on rhythmically stroking Emma’s hair, occasionally her hand would brush against her own, pussy. She though she had calmed down but her touch was startlingly invigorating.

Gradually, without her even noticing, her one hand came to rest on Emma’s head while the other took up stroking; this time, however, it was her own pussy that was being stroked. Natalie carried on admiring Emma’s serene, beautiful face as she blithely and soundly slept on her lap. Her other one was getting her own pussy worked up again.

The position she was in, was awkward and she did not want to wake Emma so she had difficulty accessing fully her demanding pussy. But the whole situation was so unique and arousing she found herself enjoying it thoroughly. This she carried on until the warm feelings initially building up in her pussy were spreading through out her whole body.

With the hand that was idly resting on Emma’s head she took a clump of her long hair and moved it towards her pussy. She then rubbed the handful of Emma’s soft brown hair all over her bald pussy and carried on masturbating with Emma’s hair!

It was sensual, naughty and kinky all at the same time. With both hands working feverously at her pussy, she carried on admiring Emma’s beautiful face as she masturbated herself with her hair. Soon she was biting her lip trying to stop her heavy breathing from developing into full-blown gasps. She tried her best to not wake Emma, but as her first orgasm – overdue by several hours! – ripped through her she gasped and moaned audibly and even jerked her body a bit involuntarily.

The feeling of pushing Emma’s hair into her pussy with two fingers, was simply too much. Natalie got her orgasm. A terribly naughty but deeply soothing and satisfying She rested her head back again and after several minutes she was asl**p too.

Natalie was first to wake again – two hours later. The position was not the best and was getting cold, so she clambered into bed next to Emma. That, was enough to slightly wake Emma though who groggily settled in bed again, cuddled Natalie and the two girls were soon fast asl**p. Legs intertwined and hands all over each other, they slept soundly for several hours.

About four hours later the two girls were awake again. First Emma who’s first move was to take the last gulp of wine – “thankfully!” – she caught herself thinking! She then actually got out of bed, but only long enough to get 2 coffees and two orange juices and return to bed. Natalie was half awake and thankful for a drink that was not alcoholic. They cuddled and chatted and obviously dehydrated, they quickly finished their drinks.

With no distractions left they spent the next half hour or so just cuddling, kissing and groping. They knew their time together was limited but didn’t talk about it. Emma talked on the phone to her parents who were due back tonight. They were both still quite exhausted but their limited time spurred them on.

ß Nat à: Fancy sharing a bath?

ß Em à: sure! I was just thinking of a shower but a bath together sounds fun!

ß Nat à: You bet! I’ll get up and it and run it.

ß Em à: ok, in a bit!

They carried on kissing and playing. It was too comfy and warm under the duvet together and motivating themselves was difficult. They managed to peel themselves away from each other, eventually and Natalie started running the bath. Emma helped herself to the vibrator that made her cum a few hours ago.

ß Em à: Shame this aint water proof!

ß Nat à: what?… oh, I have some hand-powered toys?

She replied craning her neck out of the bathroom.

ß Em à: Yeah, I see you have a nice selection… WOW!

She was already in the bottom drawer, where Natalie kept her secret stash. She pulled out a 14-inch double-headed dildo. It lay forlornly coiled up at the bottom of the drawer.

ß Nat à: hehehe I seldom use that one. Not too much fun on your own.

ß Em à: huhmmm…

Natalie’s subtle hint did not fall on deaf ears – or unwilling hands. Emma sauntered over to Natalie, gingerly holding the two heads in her hands. It was flesh-pink, slender, and flexible – but firm enough to be a lot of fun.

Natalie was already in the bath. Standing in water just above her ankle. She carefully adjusted the hot and cold. The room was rapidly filling with steam and the bath with bubbles. Emma joined her. She tested the water with her foot and then got in. They stood there and once more stroked and cuddle each other. Emma still held the dildo in one hand.

As they bubbles climbed higher in the large, oval, white bath, they crouched down together. Natalie reached to the side – where the taps were and turned off the water. Emma stayed there a bit getting used to the hot water and applying bubbled to Natalie’s body. She slid her hands all over her big tits making them glisten and turn pink from the heat.

Natalie slowly sat down and leant back sighing. Emma knelt, let go of the useless-for-now dildo and use both hands to play with Natalie’s tits – that clearly dwarfed her own. Emma spent several minutes getting her lover’s tits very wet and bubbly, playing with them with a distant look in her eyes. There was no look in Natalie’s eyes – they were shut. Emma squeezed them this way and that way, lifted them and tried pulling on the nipples that slid out of her slippery fingers with ease.

Natalie’s hands slowly rose out of the water and started doing the same to Emma’s tits. Once they were in a similar state Emma lent forward some more and pressed her tits against Natalie’s. They locked eyes and giggled and kissed. Emma then sat down fully into the hot water and lent back too. The two girls sat facing each other about 3’ apart, smiling and chatting. Their hands roamed all over their own bodies. Soon their feet were exploring each other’s feet, then legs, then pussy, tummy even tits.

Emma loved the feeling – one of the many she discovered last night – of the soles of her feet pressing tightly on Natalie’s tits. She did it again with the extra slipperiness of the bubbles. Natalie’s tits squashed flat and spilled over out of the sides of her feet and Emma’s infectious, sexy giggling filled the room again.

While she did so, Emma’s hands were absent-mindedly playing with her pussy. That is until they were gently kicked out of the way by Natalie’s feet. Natalie’s feet got just as playful as Emma. But with her pussy. She admired as she squashed the soaked clump of long pubic hair on Emma skin. It only stayed there for a split second as it floated away in the water.

Natalie pressed down gently just above Emma’s pubic bone. It stretched her pussy, exposing her clit. It shone bright red from the heat and with her other foot she rubbed it. Emma’s head instantly rolled back and she slid slightly downwards. This gave better access for Natalie’s feet to find Emma’s pussy.

Natalie hugged Emma’s feet and pressed them tight against her own tits. Emma locked eyes with her for a second, smiled at her and giggled. Natalie re-applied a gentle, rubbing pressure to Emma’s clit and she responded by rolling her head back once more in languor and bliss. Natalie carried this one for a few seconds.

All the while Emma’s hands played with her own pert little tits and pinched her nipples. When they left her tits and grabbed tightly the side of the bath (on the right) and the taps (on the left) Natalie knew Emma was has having a lot of fun! Natalie carried on and pressed Emma’s feet upwards until her tippy-toes reached her mouth. Natalie flicked her tongue out and tickled Emma’s toes. Her toes twitched involuntarily but Natalie carried on, at both ends.

Once more, a new sensation was spreading through Emma’s body. The hot water caused her skin to glow red, while her clit was methodically being tortured roughly by Natalie’s smooth feet. At the same time Emma’s feet were being sexily tickled by Natalie’s tongue and slippery tits. Emma was totally lost and her head slumped back then forward then back again ever so slowly and deliberately. Her hands, almost in desperation, abandoned their perch and clamped tightly onto her tits.

Emma came again. It was a sharp, little orgasm that did not last too long this time, but it made her eyes roll back into her head and the whole room swirl. She felt like she was floating in zero gravity as lots of tiny little orgasms ripped up and down her spine as her overwhelmed little brain struggling to maintain consciousness.

She rode the waves, tossed helplessly, until she slipped once more. A little further down the bath as she arched her back in response to yet another sudden mini-orgasm. Natalie’s feet were no longer on target, her own legs were in the air and her face was momentarily submerged completely. She had to abruptly come to her senses and pull herself out of the water – spluttering. She coughed and gasped for air and sat upright a little more – eyes closed, as though concentrating trying to maintain in her memory banks these unbelievable feelings. Her chest was still heaving from her heavy breathing. When she opened her eyes again, Natalie was smiling broadly at her:

ß Nat à: I think you enjoyed that, eh?

Emma just nodded. Her legs splashed into the water again either side of Natalie. She grabbed Natalie’s legs and guided them away from her sensitive pussy. They played like that for a few minutes without saying anything. Long stares and smiles was all the communication needed.

ß Em à: I’ve lost count how many times you’ve made me cum in the last 12 hours.

The silence was broken. Natalie just smiled with glee and a tiny hint of pride.

ß Em à: You haven’t even cum once yet – I wanna make you cum.

ß Nat à: Sounds good to me!

She didn’t think it necessary to correct her about the gloriously warm orgasm she had last night as she watched Emma sl**ping soundly.

After a few more minutes of lazing in the cooling water Natalie took the initiative. She slowly stood up, grabbed a huge towel, wrapped herself in it and playfully splashed Emma.

ß Nat à: I’ll be waiting next door!

Emma did not need to be asked twice. She stood up – completely forgetting about the dildo – pulled the plug and wrapped herself up too in an equally huge, soft towel. She followed Natalie out into the bed room who had almost finished drying herself. She straightened the bed and spread the towel on top. She placed herself right in the middle and opened her lags wide. Emma stood at the bottom of the bed, trying to dry herself but her eyes were just fixed on Natalie’s body. She had admired it many times before from her bed room window but her it was in all its glory. Long, smooth legs – naked; beautifully looked after pussy – totally hairless and naked; flat tummy, huge breasts – naked! Everything was right in front of her begging for her personal attention.

ß Nat à: Come and get your breakfast, darling!

ß Em à: huhmm…

she dropped her towel and lunged. She had never eaten pussy before but she was more than willing to try. She went straight in for the kill. She pressed her tongue against the hood of Natalie’s clit. The heat made Natalie gasp. She had lay there a few moments naked straight out of the bath and the coolness had caused small pimples all over skin and her pussy lips were all tightly folded in. Emma’s mouth was unbelievably hot.

Natalie took her elbows out from underneath her and flopped bodily onto the bed letting out a deep sigh.

ß Nat à: oh... my… god…

she muttered stretching her hands out above her head.

Emma slowed down and savoured Natalie’s taste. It was mingled in with soap bubbles for now but the more adventurous her tongue got, the more Emma’s could taste her. Eventually the bubble taste was completely gone and Emma tongue and nostrils were full of Natalie’s own deliciousness.

With every flick of Emma’s tongue, new hot waves of pleasure coursed through Natalie’s body. Emma was having just as much fun but wanted more of Natalie’s pussy. She stroked her thighs and then moved her hands under them. Natalie helped her to lift her legs in the air. Tilting her pelvis exposed her pussy some more – this is the bit Emma was hungry for. She gently pried open Natalie’s pussy lips and dived in. Temporarily forgetting about her clit, she plunged her tongue into Natalie’s hole and lapped away at her juices that were now well and truly flowing.

Emma then took a deep breath – inhaling in through her nose to savour her aroma and then buried her face into Natalie’s pussy. As deep as she could, her tongue flicked about at her insides. She helped by pulling Natalie’s buttocks open and soon Emma chin was rubbing Natalie’s bum hole, her nose was gently nudging her clit and her tongue was going crazy inside her. Natalie was in heaven – then she looked down.

Up until now her head was securely placed between two pillows. All she could see was the ceiling. But when Emma’s face vanished inside her Natalie looked down and saw her beautiful neighbour – who she had secretly fancied for ages – greedily eating her out. It was enough to push her over the edge. An orgasm enveloped, hugged and squeezed Natalie tight. All Natalie could do was let out a long, loud, guttural shout that ringed through Emma’s ears and spurred her on.

Having taken a deep breath she could carry on eating for almost a whole minute. Good job too, because Natalie’s pussy was leaking in almost a gushing fashion. It drenched Emma’s face and hair. Natalie just carried on howling and pressing Emma’s face deeper into her. Eventually Emma had to come up for air, however, and she had to pull away. For a few minutes she looked up at Natalie who was a flushed crimson colour, her eyes and mouth wide open. She smiled at her from between her trembling legs that were still pointing upwards as best as Natalie could hold them.

Natalie was trying to compose herself but when she locked eyes with Emma she was lost again. Emma’s face glistened with Natalie juices and when she gave her a broad, shiny smile, Natalie gritted her teeth:

ß Nat à: Oh, you beautiful baby!

Emma, having taken a lungful of fresh air dove back in. This time to lap away at the clear juices still coming in small, weak spurts. Emma caught some of them and swallowed them eagerly – until Natalie stopped her and pulled her upwards by her long hair.

ß Nat à: Oh, darling, thank you! – thank you so much – I really needed that.

ß Em à: huhmm….

ß Nat à: Oh my god, that was awesome. Thank you!

ß Em à: you are welcome… I love it.

ß Nat à: Oh my god…. You are such a beautiful baby!

ß Em à: in fact the pleasure was all mine! And I really did get my breakfast… you are WET!

When she stopped thanking her, Natalie started licking and kissing Emma’s face dry. She was usually interrupted by Emma kissing her back trying to share her juices.

ß Nat à: Poor baby – I’ve practically drowned you. I tend to gush a bit when I cum so hard – sorry.

ß Em à: don’t apologise…. It was so sexy… can you do it again?

ß Nat à: dunno… maybe… never tried… maybe in a bit.

The two, crazed lovers kissed and cuddled and chatted in hushed voices for a bit longer.

Exhausted (again) and satisfied (thoroughly), they eventually they went downstairs for proper breakfast. That was taken on the sofa again, cuddled up. Naked again, with a thin blanket over them idly perusing day-time TV with toast, butter, jam, honey, orange juice and tea.

Natalie suddenly got up and vanished in the kitchen. When she returned she had another bottle of wine already open!

ß Em à: it’s… 9.37am!

ß Nat à: so?

ß Em à: and I have an exam tomorrow.

ß Nat à: you got quite a bit done yesterday and your parents are coming home soon.

ß Em à: yeah…

ß Nat à: You’ll have to go home in a bit. You can revise then.

ß Em à: full of wine, which I should not be drinking anyway?

ß Nat à: I’m not getting you d***k… what time are your parents due home?

ß Em à: They said 8ish so let’s work with 7ish just to be sure.

ß Nat à: tonight, yeah?

ß Em à: yeah…

ß Nat à: Well, the way I see it is this: It’s not 10am yet. Some more wine, and juice and coffee for a few more hours – then I’ll do us something for lunch – say 2ish?

ß Em à: wow!

ß Nat à: yeah… and then you are free to go home and have plenty of time to revise. You won’t even be merry after all that time and some food inside you.

ß Em à: yeah… s’pose… huhmmm….

ß Nat à: Trust me, the last thing I want is for your parents to come home and find you d***k… or for you to fail your exams…

ß Em à: erm…

ß Nat à: Still, we have the 2nd Bridget Jones to watch?

ß Em à: ok, sounds good to me.

The next three hours were spent cuddled up on the sofa. Several breaks were strategically arranged for loo breaks and top ups of both wine and fruit juices but the majority of the time was spent cuddling, naked under the flimsy blanket on Natalie’s comfy sofa.

ß Em à: I’m starving!

ß Nat à: me too – what do you fancy?

ß Em à: huhmmm… apart from you? Whatever…. Something that does not require you to stay in the kitchen for ages.

ß Nat à: heh… ok let me see what I can find….

She left Emma on the sofa and vanished in the kitchen for a bit. Twenty minutes later Emma was about to join her in the kitchen when Natalie came out.

ß Nat à: It’s in the oven – ready in about half an hour?

ß Em à: lovely… what is it?

ß Nat à: You’ll see… nothing major…

ß Em à: ok…

ß Nat à: You’ve got a hors d'œuvre, though first!

With that, she stepped onto the sofa, stood next to Emma, placed one foot next to her head and started lowering her pelvis towards Emma’s head. Emma giggled and tried to grab Natalie’s buttocks from underneath. Her one hand was still clutching a glass of wine (almost completely full as she was trying to pace herself) but the other helped guide Natalie’s pussy to her mouth.

Natalie helped too. She bent her knees carefully balancing on the soft sofa. With one hand she grabbed Emma’s hair and bunched it in her fist. With the other she took the glass of wine of Emma who could then use both hands to aid the vicious pussy-eating session she about to commence on.

Natalie then helped herself to some of Emma’s wine. She drank a little and as Emma had started in earnest on her starter course Natalie struggled to keep her balance. She didn’t want to move but the liquid splashed about in the glass precariously. She took another huge gulp and carefully let tiny droplets of the wine trickle out of her mouth. It streamed down her naked body, naturally ending up where gravity and the contours of her body dictated: at her pussy!

There Emma’s mouth happily lapped it, allowing it to mix with Natalie’s pussy moisture. Both girls were giggling and if not d***k on wine then definitely tripping on this natural high, they were experiencing. Natalie took another gulp, finishing off the wine and repeated. The wine left red streaks down her body and ended up forming droplets around her pussy; only for a few seconds, though as Emma was eager to lap it up. Once that dried up, she sat up and started tracing her tongue up Natalie’s body cleaning up every last trace of wine.

Eventually their mouths met and kissed passionately. Following Natalie’s lead they stepped off the sofa and still kissing and cuddling stumbled towards the living room. Natalie broke away from Emma’s embrace and pushed her to the floor:

ß Nat à: You still haven’t had your starter though. You said you wanted to make me cum again, well I’ve had a coffee, about a pint of orange juice and half that again in wine so…

ß Em à: oh… ok…. Where do you want me?

ß Nat à: lie down!

Emma happily complied and lay flat on her back on the rough carpet of the living room. Natalie planted a foot either side of her head and facing away from her, squatted. She squatted lower and lower, carefully aiming so that her pussy slapped against Emma’s face once more. Emma used her hands to fine-guide her and soon enough she was slurping away and Natalie’s pussy.

This position opened Natalie up wonderfully and effortlessly. Emma’s head was securely positioned and Natalie could twist and turn a little – enough to ensure Emma was doing the right things to the right spots. Once the perfect position and docking-angle was established Natalie stabilised herself by placing her hands on her knees.

Emma went to town on her. Tongue and lips and fingers. In turn the played with her clit, her pussy, and her bum hole. Natalie’s bum convulsed tightly at the slightest touch and mesmerised Emma. It reminded her of her own sensations when Natalie expertly played with her bum hole. The memory alone was sufficient to make her pussy tingle eagerly. She reached down and played with her pussy a bit, tapping the hood of the clit teasingly till it tingled with sharp pain and intense pleasure.

She only did this for a few seconds as Natalie wiggled her hips demanding the appropriate attention. Emma could tell she was close to cumming so she re-doubled her efforts and soon she had Natalie screaming in pleasure and blushing – bodily – bright red. Natalie took as much as she could of this but her legs were trembling violently now and she had to do something to stabilise herself.

Hearing and then seeing Emma trying to play with herself gave her another idea. She turned around and knelt either side of Emma’s shoulders. She gradually sat her bum down again, reversing onto Emma’s face once more. This way the two girls could relish a long, comfy 69. Inspired by Emma’s methods, Natalie tapped Emma’s pussy. Emma gasped but selflessly kept lapping at Natalie pussy. Natalie let long strings of saliva trickle out of her mouth and onto the top of Emma’s puss. As she kept tapping the gentle slaps were replaced by wet squelches.

Natalie carried on varying her speed, strength and location. Soon she had Emma jolting violently with every contact. Her pussy was turning bright red and it opened up eagerly. She bravely managed to keep her mouth on Natalie’s pussy though. Not with any great accuracy, though as both girls were thrashing about with a playful vim and vigour.

Natalie then placed her one hand on Natalie’s bladder. She stopped slapping her pussy and rested on the carpet with her other hand. Eventually ,with a bit of wiggling and repositioning of her knees and ever so gradually lowering her weight she could free her other hand again. Pressing down like that had a similar effect as what she was doing to little Emma in the path. Her pussy stretched upwards and her glistening, bright red clit peaked out eagerly.

She drooled another huge globule of saliva and took to tapping it again. This time Emma yelped. Natalie loved it. She blew it gently, cooling it – and repeated. A few swift, gentle taps and Emma was squirming and barking like a wounded dog. Natalie knew Emma could probably not take much more of the same so took her lead and adjusted her methods. Occasionally she would rub her clit furiously stopping only to add another globule of saliva. She would then alternate between flicking and slapping and blowing cool air on it.

Emma, much to Natalie’s amazement, responded by clutching tightly on Natalie’s buttocks and pulling them f***efully apart. She composed herself by eating violently Natalie’s pussy, slit, and even bum hole when she could reach it. In between wails and yelps she would bite Natalie’s pussy lips and the inside of her thighs – but Natalie always won. Emma squirmed when she had enough and Natalie would ease up. Only long enough for Emma to stop yelping and start licking.

Moments later Emma could not be held down. Natalie recognised the symptoms immediately and stopped this cruel torture. Emma took it all like a brave little soldier and Natalie rewarded her by removing her hands and plunging face first into her convulsing pussy. She managed to squeeze a couple of fingers into her tight, but very well-lubed pussy. She helped her carry on her orgasm as long as possibly, softly cradling her clit in her lips and hooking her fingers up onto her G-spot.

It turned out both girls had a helping of hors d'œuvre, after all, but they both thoroughly enjoyed serving it up and eating it!

Main course was soon to follow and it gave the girls a chance to calm down, re-fuel and recover their strengths – all the while without a stitch on them!

ß Em à: I never made you cum, though.

Conversation had to turn to sex!

ß Nat à: Yeah you did!

ß Em à: sure?

ß Nat à: Twice, sweetie!

ß Em à: cool…

ß Nat à: yeah!

ß Em à: I never got you gushing though…

ß Nat à: oh….

Natalie could not help slightly blushing to that.

ß Em à: that is so sexy… hope you can show me how to do that… to you?

The girls had long finished their meal and were idly chatting. Natalie turned and glanced at the clock on the wall. Emma followed her eyes and did likewise. 3.20pm gave them still plenty of time. Natalie smiled back at Emma and downed another glass of fruit juice.

ß Nat à: Well, I’m gonna need my fluids!

ß Em à: huhmmm….

Natalie got up and walked over to her bedroom. She didn’t need to say anything. Emma knew what was going to happen. She raced after her. The long double-ended dildo was still lying at the bottom of the bath. Natalie grabbed it and walked back out into the bedroom. Towels were still all over the floor. Emma was there standing awkwardly in the middle.

ß Nat à: there you go – one dildo. Where’s your snorkel?

ß Em à: hahahaha!

Natalie straightened the towel on the bed and sat on the edge, Legs wide open.

ß Nat à: Ok, baby, get in there!

Emma kissed her passionately, on the lips, on her way down. She knelt between her legs and kissed her other lips. Natalie leant back and rested on the palms of her hands. Bum perched on the edge of the bed, legs wide open, feet securely on the floor, pussy exposed. Soon it was being attended to by Emma’s mouth and hand.

ß Nat à: Get that thing inside me and find my G-spot…. Then show it who’s boss!

She stroked Emma’s hair and stared lovingly into her eyes. Emma smiled at her broadly and gave her that sexy giggle. A few minutes later, with a bit of guidance and persistence, the tip of the dildo was rubbing away at the cavity inside Natalie’s pussy. Sure enough her G-spot was probed and prodded and eventually massaged gently; then harder; and harder. It was perfect.

Natalie knew what was about to happen. Emma obeyed Natalie’s instruction eagerly and patiently. Soon Natalie’s head was resting all the way back and her teeth were gritted. She leant on one hand and with the other she was holding on to, somewhat roughly, a clump of Emma’s long hair. She had managed to hook one leg around her and Emma administered a slight tickle to Natalie’s clit at random, unexpected moments.

Emma, however, did not know what was about to happen. Natalie started growling through her closed mouth.

ß Nat à: oh yes! There… harder… deeper…. Baby you are… God… god yeah!!!

Followed by a desperate:

ß Nat à: Pull out!

Natalie pulled Emma’s head in towards her pussy as Emma pulled the dildo out. A huge splutter of clear liquid leapt out of Natalie’s urethra. It would have landed a clear 2’ away but instead it splattered all over Emma’s head, face and tits.

Emma was startled at first but opened her mouth as wide as she could and caught some of it. She blinked and flinched reflexively but swallowed what she could, eagerly. Only to be hit by another splutter – weaker this time. She put her face closer and lapped at her pussy and clit. Natalie’s legs now were in the air. Trembling and thrashing about, Natalie could just stare at Emma, her mouth wide open in a silent scream.

As Emma’s tongue hit the target, Natalie jolted again as if electrocuted and another splutter gushed forward this time straight into Emma’s open mouth. Emma gulped and gulped. Seconds later she had the dildo in Natalie once more and repeated the process best she could. Natalie was at her mercy now. Her pussy carried on convulsing and gushing and spraying Emma’s body and soaking the floor.

Natalie’s trembling legs soon had her entire body trembling and thrashing. She rolled away and onto the floor. She landed on her front, cushioned by the carped, and various discarded towels and clothes from previous sexual escapades. Emma jumped on top of her. She slid all over her body as she was drenched by Natalie’s recent orgasms.

She giggled and rubbed herself on her. Natalie was in a less giggly mood but her frolicking was in a total, profound bliss. Emma appreciated this, and since her job was now done she was very happy and smug too.

ß Em à: Wow! I won’t need a shower now!

Natalie could only groan, still lost in ecstasy, trying to calm down and relax a little. Her entire body was still blushing bright red and she kept her still-trembling legs tight shut as rolled onto her front.

ß Nat à: oh my god! Baby… ? what have you done to me?

ß Em à: that was awesome… so sexy! How wet are you?!

ß Nat à: You’re the one that’s wet now!

ß Em à: yeah! Look at what you done to me!

ß Nat à: you are amazing… thank you so much, darling!

She grappled Emma and started kissing passionately. There they lay for a few minutes, eyes closed, cuddling and kissing. One of them, or both together, grabbed the duvet from the bed and pulled it on top of them. Once again, they nodded off cuddled up on the floor, various damp – or indeed soaking – clothes bunched under their heads as pillows.

They both woke up just before 6pm. Their bodies were stiff, from sl**ping on the floor and some joints ached – but they were happy. Until they realised the time. They cuddled and kissed some more without a single word.

ß Em à: I’ve got to go…

ß Nat à: I wish I had a dick… I would fuck you so hard!

ß Em à: huhmmm!

The two lovers try to ignore each other’s comments. They both knew the truth and futility of trying to change it. They had just spent 24 hours together, totally naked, and totally, and insanely happy! That was enough! Or was it?

ß Nat à: Lets fuck each other!

ß Em à: hey?

ß Nat à: With the big dildo.

She flung the duvet off them and with a grunt jumped up. She grabbed the dildo and opened her bottom drawer again. She callously shoved Emma out of the way and grabbed a tube of lube. Natalie grinned and tapped the bed gesturing for Emma to join her. She complied, with a quizzical and excited look on her face.

ß Nat à: Get on all fours!

Again she complied. Natalie grabbed Emma’s buttocks and slapped them playfully – somewhat too hard. Emma squealed in surprised delight and pain. Natalie squeezed a healthy dose of thick, gloopy lube on two fingers. She then took her time to apply it on Emma’s pussy. In and around it and dribbled some saliva too for good measure. She then slapped her pert buttocks again a couple of times for no reason other than to hear Emma’s shrill squeal again. She quickly, almost frantically, did the same to her own pussy. With trembling hands she applied a bit to the dildo’s two tips too.

She then spun round and got on all fours with her bum facing Emma’s. She admired how her spanking had turned it bright red with her finger-marks clearly visible. Natalie leant under and handed Emma the one tip of the dildo. Emma was well into the picture now. She rubbed the tip of the dildo on her pussy and Natalie did likewise.

Before long, Emma was looking down, between her legs, admiring Natalie’s pussy being stretched by the dildo that was beginning to vanish inside her. Spurred on she pushed the dildo into her too. As she did it pulled it out of Natalie’s pussy.

Natalie reversed some more, bringing her bum closer to her lover’s. Now a couple of inches of each end of the dildo was hidden inside the two girls. They tried swaying a little. As they pulled away slightly, the weight of the dildo would cause it to fall out again.

So they reversed a little more. In sync this time. The effect was the desired. Only half the dildo was now visible as a healthy portion was inside each pussy as the girls revered onto each other some more.

The girls were panting and grunting now, reaching round to stroke each other as best the could and looking down between their legs to admire their respective lover’s parts.

This new, strange, kinky sensation was getting Emma very aroused and she was happily rubbing her clit working herself to another orgasm. But Natalie had other plans. She moved her legs again a bit further up towards Emma. With a sharp backwards jolt she reversed some more.

They both yelped in surprise and their bums slapped audibly against each other’s. There was about 4” of the dildo – the 14” dildo, no less! – still visible. Even less was visible when they moved their bodies closer. But for now the two girls kept perfectly still, on all fours, catching their breaths and steadying themselves.

Gradually the one and then they other would start gyrating their hips and pelvis. First they would move their legs one at a time up and down. This was easy on the soft bed. While the one did this the other would start moving slowly back and forth. How much of the dildo was in each girl no one will ever know but frankly, the only two persons this concerns did not care.

They were having an enormous amount of fun as they tried their best to fuck each other with the double dildo. Before long Natalie had built a bit of a rhythm and soon she was repeatedly slapping her bum against Emma’s. Each time she did she wanted to let a loud gasp out, but she bit her lip. She was too keen to hear Emma yelp. It gave her much more pleasure.

And yelp she did! Natalie was relentlessly backing into Emma making the dildo almost completely vanish inside them. Each time Emma tried to back away a little each time, but ultimately she was at Natalie’s mercy. Natalie then reached round and raked her claws down the red patched on Emma’s bum where she was previously slapping her.

Emma was all but reduced to tears. The pleasure inside her had built up to explosive levels and then the sudden pain on her bum cheeks gave her the final push. Emma lost herself and screamed and cried, making Natalie’s ears ring with a painful delight of her own.

Natalie allowed Emma a few moments to ride the waves of pleasure and then reached town and held Emma’s hand. Emma gladly reciprocated.

ß Em à: God… you really did fuck me!

ß Nat à: Hearing you scream like that is the biggest turn on!

The two girls had arched their back now a little and stretching their arms backwards, held onto each other. Natalie hooked her elbows round Emma’s hands and pulled.

Emma helped her support her weight and their bums slapped shut again. The dildo still securely inside them completely vanished. This time for a lot longer than a split second. The two bums pressed hard against each other and the girls arched their back f***efully.

Emma’s mouth was wide open but silent, too scared even to breath. Natalie pulled her arms in a little more and tops of their heads touched. This gave them extra support and allowed to gyrate their hips. They each had about 7” of dildo inside them and as Natalie squirmed it tugged away deliriously, at her inside. It felt like it was rubbing against her stomach and she was gone. Natalie took her turn in screaming the delightful pleasure out of her pussy and lungs!

Emma just stayed as still as she could, mouth and eyes wide open as she gingerly gasped for air. When she calmed down, Natalie, loosed her grip and the two girls slumped forwards onto their hands. They gently squirmed away from each other and the dildo made a wet flopping sound as it eased out of them.

They cuddled up again.

ß Em à: how did you like fucking me?

ß Nat à: oh… amazing….

Her voice was still trembling.

ß Em à: I REALLY like fucking you! Huhmm…

ß Nat à: yeah sweetie… you fucked me good! I came a bit hard…

ß Em à: yeah… I heard!

ß Nat à: I know…. I think I was a bit loud… Sorry….

ß Em à: huhmmm… sexy…

Natalie nudged the dildo with her feet till she could reach it. She brought it up to eye level.

ß Nat à: 14”… and we made it vanish!

ß Em à: huhmmm… Yeah…. I can see tomorrow’s headlines: Two girls turn dildo invisible!

ß Nat à: hahahahah…. Baby… you are silly – I love you!

ß Em à: heheheheh you are awesome – and you fuck better than any bloke!

ß Nat à: Wait till I get a strap-on. Fancy trying that? When are your parents away next?

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3 months ago
thank you all
11 months ago
You are a fabulous writer. The pace, descriptions, and your desire. All that came together for a wonderful fantasy. I dare say you'd fancy a go at our girl, Emma. Keep on writing! Please!
3 years ago
Very hot!! One of my faves!
3 years ago
that was very hot. liked it a lot.
3 years ago
This probably could have come in instalments. i would appreciate all correction no matter how small or trivial. I cannot exactly ask friends to proof-read this. spelling, grammar, syntax, the lot. please comment and i will attem pt to fix...