He lived alone. Had done for the last 2 years after his long-term relationship ended unceremoniously. He worked as a High-Precision machinist for a small company whose customers included the likes of Aston Martin and BAE. Most of his spare time was taken up with charitable work for RSPCA. He had a healthy circle of friends and although he dabbled on the Internet dating scene he found settling down again quite hard. After chatting it threw with some friends he decided to try employing a professional.
There were loads to be found online. e****t agencies that catered for all needs, massage parlours, call girls. They all seemed a little too professional. Not to mention expensive. A lot of what he was paying for was going to administration, secretaries, security, even pimps and then, you never found out what you got for your money until it was too late. So he decided the try out Boris Avenue.
Boris Avenue was by day a busy street full of offices, exclusive restaurants and shops. By night, however, it was better known for its working girls. By 7pm, on this particular Thursday, two weeks after first deciding he would try it, K was driving down Boris Avenue.
He drove the length of it until he was almost out of town and then back up it. On either side he spotted about half a dozen girl that were clearly working the streets. Some were just walking the pavements; others were waiting in a bus stop, etc. They always met his gaze and after giving them a good look he drove off. This happened on numerous occasions until he spotted a girl he really liked the look of; so he drove past her!
On the way back up, he swore that if she was still there, he would stop. By 8.30 he was pulling up at the bus stop and lowered the passenger side of the window. She was already on her feet and had approached the car and was stooping over to look in. K just smiled waiting for her to speak and she smiled back and asked:
“Looking for business?”
There was no turning back now.
“Yeah, sure. Hop in” He said.
She did and K. drove off.

She, M. was in her early 20s, a student at the local University, white, about 5’5”, with short, boyish, black hair and dressed in pretty ordinary clothes: Tight jeans, loose top with a heavy-duty brown jacket with huge, fur-lined lapels. She wore high-heeled ankle-boots and surprisingly little make-up. A small handbag and a mobile phone was all her hand luggage. They chatted for a bit as K. drove down the whole length of Boris Avenue once more.
After the usual pleasantries he asked what she would/could do and how much it all cost. To his surprise she did almost everything. She insisted on a condom for any penetration (which included anal), kissing was allowed, as were blowjobs, facials and he could go down on her too if he wanted to. The whole thing worked out at £100, with no real time limit. Much cheaper if he did not want those few “extras” he asked for.
They got on really well too, so with her permissions he took her back to his flat. He offered her a drink but she only wanted a glass of water. She took a few awkward sips while they chatted a bit more and he offered her the £100 she asked for upfront. She thanked him and then excused herself to visit the bathroom before they got down to it.

K. got comfy on his bed and waited. He didn’t have to wait long and soon, M. was on top of him and they were kissing passionately. K was a healthy, clean, handsome, freshly-shaven, white, 32-year-old male with a fit and toned body. He was about 6’ tall and there was absolutely no reason what so ever for M. to not enjoy herself at least a little bit. K. soon shifted and got her to swap places with him. He removed her boots, jeans, top and bra and began eating her whole body. He started kissing her on the lips again but soon moved down to her neck, and tits. They were a little small, but that was much more preferable to the ridiculous “enhancements” that most of the porn models indulged in. He sucked them for a bit and moved lower down. He turned her onto her front kissed and licked her back for a bit then moved to her buttocks and the back of her legs all the way down to her knees.
He moved her onto her back once more and made his way up the inside of her thighs with his tongue. Soon he got to her fragrant pussy that was struggling to hide behind a simple, black thong. He let it hide a bit longer as he sucked on it through the thin material. Soon the fabric was soaked by his saliva. As he pulled the thong to one side he was pleasantly surprised to find out that her own juices were contributing to how wet her thong was getting. She was definitely getting aroused and she squirmed on his bed as she pinched her nipples.

With her bald pussy, naked in front of him he dove in once more. He lapped away at her pussy and after lapping away at the entire length of it he buried his face in and placed his tongue inside her wet pussy. Over and over again he relished her wetness and rubbed his tongue inside her walls as best and as deep as he could.
He then moved slightly away and started pulling at the panties. She soon got the message and closed her legs lifting her bum off the bed. He held her legs up in the air and removed her panties. With her legs still in the air and her panties at her knees he pushed her legs back. This exposed her pussy, clamped by her closed legs and stretched her bum hole into full view. He couldn’t resist that!
He placed his hands on her buttocks and opened them while pushing her legs further back. He dove once more, tongue first towards her bum hole. As soon as his tongue touched her she gasped. This spurred him on and he carried on eating her bum hole for several more minutes before he could not take it any longer. He jumped off and started taking his clothes off. M. helped him and soon he was stark naked with his penis swollen and dripping with pre-cum. She sat on the edge of the bed and took his penis in her mouth.
K. looked down at her as she gobbled away at his cock and could not help but think she looked like she was actually enjoying herself. But enough of that. He grabbed a condom from his bedside table and pushed her away. He ordered her to lie on her front. He straddled her closed legs and started mauling with his palms her buttocks. Once more he parted them and buried his face between them. He rested his tongue on her tiny, hot bum hole again and flicked gently up and down. M. pressed her face into a cushion and sobbed gently as K. drove her crazy teasing for several more minutes.
Eventually K. sat up, slipped the condom on and ordered her to get on all fours. She did so gladly and he eased the tip of his penis towards her pussy. He pulled her closer to the edge of the bed as he stood either side of her closed legs and eased more and more of himself into her. Soon, all 7 inches were inside her. He then held her steady by the waist and hammered his prick home with enormous, pent up, fury that soon had her screaming. Just as suddenly he pulled out and proceeded to eat her bum hole for a few seconds, then her pussy and clit. Several seconds later he was plundering the depths of her soaking pussy once more.
He steadied her by the waist and grabbing her hard guided his entire length furiously into her again. He pummelled her like mad for several minutes and once again, a few thrusts before the point of now return he abruptly stopped. After eating her out again for a few seconds he went back to fucking her.
This time much slower though. He took his time making all but the very tip of his penis visible and then making the whole thing vanish inside her. He eased her buttocks up and out and proceeded to gently, but confidently deliver his entire length deep into her pussy. This allowed an extra few millimetres access and the tip rubbed against her cervix, making her gasp. After a few minutes of this they were both groaning in pleasure.
“I want to cum all over your face!” K. said.
“O.K.!” she said.
“When I tell you, sit on the floor here, between my legs.” He instructed
“O.K.!” was all she repeated.

His hands left red blotches all over her buttocks and moved to her waist. Once more he picked up pace and her moaning became screaming. He stabbed away at her dripping pussy with as much might as he could muster. This time he only pulled out a couple of inches and hammered home hard and fast and when he hit rock bottom he held her in place. Again, this lasted only a few minutes before his groaning let her know what time it was.
He pulled out but did not have to speak! She jumped up and plopped herself on the floor between his legs. He yanked the condom off and grabbed his prick in his hands and gently massaged it. She looked at it expectantly and opened her mouth welcomingly. His head dropped back as he expertly massaged his penis beyond the point of no return. She flicked her tongue out at it and ever so gently brushed it tip against his tip. It was all he needed and it was literally thrown over the edge.
He physically rocked his hips and let out a long, throaty groan. She knew what was about to happen and indeed a split second later the first spurt hit her face. She involuntarily flinched as it hit her lips and splashed into her mouth. The next spurt was bigger and stronger. It went straight into her mouth and straight down her throat making her gag. But she didn’t have time to react as a third spurt blasted out of his red, swollen prick. This time it splashed against her nose sending droplets onto her cheeks and forehead and into her eyes and hair. Once more she winced but held fast. For the next few seconds, K. groaned and adorned her pretty face with a few final, much weaker spurts of thick, white jism.
He finished cumming and took a few deep, un-laboured breaths as he calmed down again. She grabbed his cock and milked it carefully into her mouth. She flicked her tongue against his hyper-sensitive tip and sucked greedily until his shining head stopped producing any more liquids and his penis began to soften. He shuddered and groaned and M. laughed heartily. Eventually K. had to pull away and collapsed onto the bed.
M. got a tissue from her bag but the mess was considerable so she had to go and get a towel from his bathroom and wash her face. She returned to the bedroom to find him still lying on the bed getting his breath back. She lay next to him and chatted for a bit.

After a few minutes she got up and started getting dressed. K. had relaxed enough by now to go to the bathroom himself, wash the sweat off his face and drink a bit of water. When he walked out, M. was almost fully dressed but K. surprised her by casually stating:
“Go again for half price?”
She just giggled and ignored him.
“£50 is all I have on me, unless I wanna go hungry for a week!”
Confused M. giggled again and then realised he was not joking and paused.
“Erm… O.K.!” she agreed.
“Get your kit off!” K. ordered with a big cheeky grin on his face and walked back into the bedroom.

Seconds later she was sauntering in after him completely naked once more. K. was spread out on the bed, his hands behind his head comfy, relaxed and semi-hard. His intentions were clear and she gladly obliged. She forgot about her “money up front” ethic, knelt between his legs and went to work. He played with his sack for a few seconds and after a few more seconds of sucking on his penis he was beginning to respond. He warm mouth, plentiful saliva and clever tongue had him standing to attention in seconds.
There she stayed for several minutes teasing and torturing him. When he pushed her away she knew it was time to fuck again and got a condom out and expertly put it on his penis. She then straddled him, placed a knee either side of him and gradually lowered herself onto his penis. He suckled her tits and groped her bum as she did. Soon he was completely inside her again as she gently rocked up and down on him.
He gently pushed her knees apart until she got the message and lifted her bum slightly so as to plant her feet either side of him. Her knees were in the air now and she squatted onto his penis as at least half of it was still out of sight but definitely not out of mind! He placed her hands on her knees and looked down at the last few inches of his penis as she rocked a bit more. K. helped her by holding her ankles as she tried to balance on his bed. She started bouncing gently and soon he was completely vanishing inside her. Her bum hole slapped his nut sack as his entire 7” slapped into her. Her pussy made wet squelching sounds as it slapped against his pubic region.
As she picked up pace he jolted his hips a tiny bit just as she hit bottom. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the intensity of the penetration felt like an actual punch to her stomach, albeit a deliriously pleasurable one. This she continued for several minutes until the pressure of his swollen penis rubbing hard against the entire length of her walls, including her G-spot was too much. M. let herself go, for the first time on the job. The way it pushed against her cervix when she hit rock bottom suddenly took her over the edge and her legs buckled. She could no longer bounce and she turned bright red as a bizarre, powerful and slightly scary orgasm gripped her insides. She slumped down and wiggled feebly as her one hand went for her sensitive clit and pressed hard.
She yelped out in short, shrill cries as her legs wobbled uncontrollably. K. continued thrusting up and down gently, while she wiggled in chaotic circular motions until she could take no more and flopped helplessly on top of him sobbing and sweating.

He didn’t allow her much time to enjoy the sensation let alone come back down after wards. He got up and reaching for a bottle of lube he asked if he could take her arse. She was in no state to say no; especially as he was the paying customer.
He got her to kneel again on the bed and placed a knee either side of her feet as he started applying lube to her bum hole. He eased a finger in, and then two and when she managed to relax enough he started guiding his condom-clad penis towards her tight, hot hole. He pushed gently and allowed her to relax some more. When she started pushing back to meet him, he edged forward a bit.
A little more lube and some gentle swaying by both parties and soon he was almost completely inside her. She had to watch her breathing rhythm as more and more of him vanished inside her, in a progressively more violent manner. Soon he lifted his one knee and placed a foot one side of her. The other knee was still in contact with the bed and his hands eased her buttocks apart as he pumped a bit more.
Eventually he did the same with both legs and he crouched behind her, his knees in the air either side of her as he pummelled her bum hole. By now she was groaning as she breathed. K. picked up pace and M. got louder and louder and soon she was screaming once more as K. violently and ruthlessly fucked her tiny arse hole hard.
Having recently cum himself it meant that he could take several minutes of this without rest. M. was reduced to screaming in both pain and pleasure as her internal organs were being grinded by a large, hard, foreign muscle. Her bum hole, stretched to its limits, was pouting rhythmically in and out in response to his rough administrations.
M. was lost and so was K. but not for much longer. Eventually he pulled out and removed the condom. Once more he finished all over her, leaving long streaks of jism on her back, buttocks and even in her hair. He then collapsed on top of her and she rolled into the foetal position while they composed them selves for a few minutes, panting heavily.

Eventually M. began to stir and looked at the clock. It was almost 11.30 and she began to get dressed. K. agreed to take her back to where he picked her up and she agreed and thanked him. He put on a tracksuit and handed her the agreed £50 before e****ting her out. She asked him to drop her off at her place, which turned out to be much nearer. She thanked him and was about to get out when he asked:
“Can I offer you a tip?!”
“Sure!” she said with a smile, “if you want to!”
“Excellent!” he said as he reached for his wallet, “Give us a kiss then!”
She bent over to give him a quick kiss on the lips. He smiled and handed her over another £50. She counted it wide-eyed and gave him a great big sloppy kiss on the lips. She jumped out, thanked him again and threw in her business card.
“Call me!” she exclaimed before shutting the door and turning to walk away.
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