The Milk Boy Leaves

Tom slammed the door behind him and I slumped onto the sofa where I had milked his cock into his mouth only seconds ago. I closed my eyes dreamily and savoured the taste as it lingered in my mouth.

But that would simply not do. I had to jump up and turn myself into the human whirlwind for the next few minutes. I used my own hastily-discarded clothes to wipe the place down from various bodily fluids that might have left traces of themselves in the house. I opened a window and squirted copious amounts of air freshener all over the place.

Holding my breath a rushed upstairs and jumped in the shower. Cold. It had to be cold as I needed to cool down a little. The b/f was gonna be here in a few minutes. So I closed my eyes and stood under the shower listening for his car pulling up. I ached all over after a relentless week and the pounding I had just had. I turned the heat up a little and relaxed.

I ran down the stairs, wrapped in a bath-towel, my legs aching, trying not to slip in the puddles of water I was leaving behind. I opened the door and Terry walked in, a big sexy grin on his face. I had forgotten how much I had missed him until I saw him.

We grabbed each other as soon as he walked in and hugged and kissed. His arms started roaming and groped my bum over the towel. He groaned and slipped his tongue into my mouth. Something hard pressed against my tummy and I was getting a very clear image in my head of what was occurring in his pants.

Strangely, I was getting hungry again. I felt a little guilty about what I had just done to Tom, but it quickly turned into a “naughty” feeling. I pulled him by his belt as I reversed cautiously. Tongues and lips still tightly coiled around each other he removed his jacket and chucked it on his suit case. He started unbuttoning his shirt as I sat on the edge of the sofa and undid his trousers.

As I pulled them down with one swift motion his cock sprang forth desperate for a thorough sex-fest. I intended to give him exactly that. I lunged – literally – for his cock. With my mouth and it hit the roof of my mouth. He groaned. I tried again, aiming better and the tip probed the back of my throat. He gasped. So I tried a third time, attemping to concentrate. His cock hit the same sweet spot at the back of my throat. This time I insisted and it insisted back. As did his hips.

He went silent as he vanished inside my throat. Unlike Tom, Terry was slightly above average. More challenging and more rewarding. I loved the feeling. I loved the noises he made – what little there was! I was similarly quiet. For different reasons but I was also quietly content too. I jerked my head back and forth a little and felt his length tense harder and fight against the natural curvature of my throat.

It was quite nice but what was best, was knowing he was totally lost. He had probably gone all week with maybe a pathetic wank or two and he has been looking forward to this all week. So like the good g/f that I was, I happily provided. Knowing full well I was about to get fed again.

I stopped for air and carried on playing with his length, admiring its girth and heavy balls. I cupped and squeezed and he did his best to remove all his clothes. He took my towel off and lifted my tits in his hands and squeezed and pinched and played.

I wanked him some more into my mouth and as I felt it swell I took a big gulp of air and took him in all the way again. He groaned and I shook my head and tried swallowing and growling making my throat and mouth convulse around his eager length. He was getting close. I could feel him trying really hard to not explode in me there and then. He pushed me off.

“I am gonna cum, if you do that!” he warned.

“I know!” I smiled back at him.

“Not so soon! I wanna play and make love to you!”

“We will have time for that. I have not… eaten in ages.” I smiled at him as I lied through my teeth. But I knew he could not provide as frequently as Tom could, being almost 30-years his junior! So I thought if I made him cum quickly the first time, he would be ready for action again tonight. If I tortured him I could make him last considerably longer but he would then cum once and that would be end of action for a day.

He said nothing. So I begged him:

“Please feed me? You know what how grumpy I get after a week of fasting!”

He smiled and stroked my hair gently. “ok!” he conceded. So I wanked him with long slow strokes into my mouth. I squeezed my hand tight and made his bell end bulge and turn dark purple. Then I let go and shoved him into me all the way. Held him and starting phuking him with my mouth… no, my throat!

He held my head gently in his hands and I cupped his buttocks. He phuked me slow and deliberate, making my throat bulge and squelch. Gloopy saliva trickled out of my mouth in long strands that hung from my chin and splashed onto my tits. He groaned and thrust and then kept still.

I heaved and struggled to contain him as he jolted ram-rod straight and exploded down my throat. The sensation was totally amazing but I could not taste anything, so just before he finished I took him out slightly so that the last few splurts were dumped into my mouth. There was plenty there as he had gone without a release, for a while.

I happily finished him off in my mouth and wiggled the slimy, cloying liquid around my mouth. It thinned as it mixed with my saliva and it rushed around my mouth like quicksilver.

I rubbed my tits as they were now lubed by the strings of saliva that had previously landed on them and he gently massaged his cock, inches away from my face. He sighed relieved and I swallowed half the load of the spunk-saliva mixture in my mouth. I savoured the rest and started playing games with, blowing and sucking it though my teeth and lips. I can be a real right whore sometimes!

He looked down and smiled relived. I took his cock and squeezed the base tight with forefinger and thumb. I felt it clench and I moved my fingers towards the tip and was rewarded! A thick, bright white drop appeared on his tip and it grew and grew and grew!

Just before it was about to drip I slid my fingers back down and it vanished. I swallowed the last mouthful of saliva-cum, freeing my tongue up and repeated. As I slid my fingers up his shaft, the cum started appearing at the opening of his penis. I snaked my tongue out and continued until a perfectly formed droplet of cum was deposited on the tip of my tongue. I felt it race down the length of my tongue and into my mouth.

His chest and tummy heaved as he inhaled-exhaled deeply. I curled my tongue upwards and the spunk trickled to the back and with a big gulp it slid into my tummy where it mixed with all the cum Tom had fed me. My pussy had been perfectly content up until the moment the realisation of the cum-cocktail I had sloshing about inside me. The thought just drove me insane and I started getting turned on again!

There are now four loads inside my tummy. Tom 3 – Terry 1. With a bit of luck I could get the two lads to draw even before long.

What shreds of clothing he had left were frantically discarded as we stumbled upstairs. We threw ourselves onto the bed and onto-and into each other. He manoeuvred me into a 69 and I was a very happy girl. His cock, at this angle allowed me to pack the whole lot into me with ease. I squish my face into his groin with fervour and my nose gets buried deep into his soft under-carriage.

His administrations were gratefully received too. I can tell he is having fun when he is getting stuck in, moaning and groaning and lapping and kissing away at everything he can find, using hands and getting thoroughly involved – and then he suddenly stops. As I gulp down all his cock he suddenly looses the ability to concentrate on my pussy and just breathes heavily, his hot breath, all over my bum, pussy and legs. Bliss!

That torturous game carries on for ages. Best bit about this is the angle. When his cock finally explodes, he has build up a massive load again only this time it pokes straight down my throat and my positioning allows it to stay there without me gagging – too much!

Sure enough it swelled and twitched and convulsed I held it there clutching his shrinking testicles. His hands went to my head and pressed down. Heaven only knows how much meat I had packed inside me. It was a lot of fun. As I pulled his cock out, because it is impossible to swallow, most of the spunk that had just pooled in my oesophagus. As I retract the foreign object, some of the spunk trickles back out with it and ends up pooling inside my mouth just as my tongue – expertly trained – traps it long enough for me to savour its taste again.

His cocks still facing me, his grunting and panting quickly remind me of my duties so a few deep breaths later I swallow and re-insert the entire length in my throat. We keep perfectly still and concentrate, his cock still giving mini-twitches inside my throat as it gradually calms and shrinks. As I pull it out again to breathe it jerks playfully again and before long it goes too limp for it to push past my throat. Tom 3 – Terry 2!

By 11pm we were fast asl**p. Needing the loo, extreme thirst and extreme hunger woke us both up at about 3am. So we ended up downstairs, chatting and catching up, while indulging on a mid-night snack. Not the healthiest of habits, but once in a while it good for the soul!

It was getting light now and it felt silly going back to bed so we cuddled on the sofa. My bum rubbed sensually into his crotch but it was a half-hearted attempt from us both and soon we were fast sl**p again.

When we woke up it was a lovely sunny day and the birds were singing merrily. No idea what time it was but there was something definitely stirring in Terry’s pants. Whatever it was it was poking into my bum as he wiggled and rubbed against me. It was such a sexy feeling.

Soon enough both his arms were wrapped around me. The one, under me grabbed a boob and the other went for my pussy and started rubbing gently. I reached round and removed hastily his shorts, best I could without disturbing the blanket. I love spoons. It helps if the guy has a big penis as it does not allow deep penetration. But I find it amazingly sensual and Terry’s 7-plus inches and keen hands and tongue lend themselves gloriously to the task.

Shivers ran up and down my spine with every pinch and pull and tug. Every flick of his tongue was electric. It wade a lovely change from the week-of-abstinence, followed by the 4-plus frantic hours of disgustingly gratifying sex I just had. Reminded me I was a woman – not just a cum-guzzling whore – and this man was my boyfriend!

He had been inside me a few minutes but as his arousal increased he demanded more of my pussy for his cock and gradually tilted more and more onto his front with me underneath him. Soon I was completely on my tummy and his was completely inside me! I kept my legs straight and he knelt either side them inching deeper and deeper inside me. Now this, bizarrely, allowed plenty of penetration. The blanket was long gone and I reached round with my hands and tried to help him. I spread my arse cheeks and he pushed harder. He moved further up a little and it felt as though he was reaching for my heart.

It was awesome. He did this very slowly, for several minutes and I was reduced to burying my face into one of the sofa-cushions and howling. As he hit rock bottom and held tight for a few seconds. All I could was groan huskily into the sodden pillow. I would suffer his intrusion into my nether regions hopping desperately I could take it all, but when he would pull out… I wanted more!

He eventually jumped up complaining about something to do with him not being able to last too long in that position? I was amazed at how well he was doing but before I could reply he shoved me onto the floor – sideways. It was like he was demented. I grabbed the sofa as my bottom half hit the floor. He held onto my one leg as the other landed onto the blanket that had fortuitously fallen off the sofa previously.

I knelt on one knee, the other leg still hitched onto the sofa in right angles to each other. He placed his right knee between my one leg and his one hand mauled my bum cheeks open and the other guided his penis inside me again. He was definitely demented alright – but life was good!

Over 7” of hard cock pressed into me with a single, strong stroke. The shock was amazing. He manoeuvred himself into an angle that trapped the bl**d in his glorious length and it swelled up inside me filling me up amazingly. And then he started hammering. My initial yelp of surprise gradually turned into low groans of amazing pleasure. This guy was big – and he was in control!

My first orgasm came galloping along in seconds. Then I must have lost count. Terry meant business and he carried on ploughing inside me relentlessly. His thundering passion was more of a turn-on, that what he was physically doing – which was of course deliriously awesome anyway. I was in heaven!

He pressed his hands into my back and literally bounced himself on and off my arse cheeks. My frame ached in protestation. I’m glad I’m not one of those size-0 girls I see floating about the office. They would have snapped. He was being rather ruthless with me and the helplessness of my situation just heightened my arousal. At the same time I felt totally safe and comfortable and the multiple orgasms he gave were incredible!

Eventually, however, it was his turn. My head was swimming in an ocean of pleasure and when he clenched I know I was in for an internal shower too. When he exploded, he pulled me onto himself with fury, I was almost lifted off the sofa. I was like a rag doll in his hands and what felt like a torrent of spunk splashed about inside me. I felt it drenching my cervix and flooding my insides. It was indescribable… lovely!

Then he slumped on top of me. His full weight was once more on me pressing me into the sofa. I was so weak, all I could was just lie there. He was totally spent too and eventually we rolled onto the carpet panting. He was practically dripping with sweat. After a few minutes I rolled over to him and cuddled up to him. He just wrapped and just before drifting to sl**p again my last thought was: Tom 3 – Terry 3.5!

When I woke up, there was a cushion under my head, a blank over me and a glorious smell of cooking food. As I came to my senses my first thought was: Tom 3 – Terry 100!

After staggering to the loo and back down I realised it was 7pm! I had slept for about 8 more hours. No wonder I was parched and starving. The rest of the evening was pure quality-time with my lovely boyfriend and we went to bed at a reasonable time this time, cuddled and slept soundly.

Sunday started with frantic morning-sex, breakfast in bed, followed by a lovely walk in the mild, sunny morning. Everything a hard-working girl needs. I had not actually been fed spunk since Friday night but I was not exactly craving it any more. Perhaps, I decided, I turn into the depraved, cum-fixated whore that I am, only when I have gone for prolonged periods of time without sex. The hornier I got the filthier I got and perhaps…. Possibly, with a regular intake of sex (and spunk!) I could pretend to be normal?

‘Phuk normality!’ I thought as Terry, dragged me by the hand off the beaten track of the woods we were in, with a cheeky, sexy smile on his face.

“Ooooo… snack time?!” I asked but never got a reply. When he got to a spot he thought was safe, he leant back on a huge tree and put my hand on his crotch. He was getting hard and knew I was in for a treat. I pulled down his trousers and pants and lifted his semi-hard on. I sucked his nut sack into my mouth and played with them for a few minutes. I gently massages his shaft, waiting for the cold air to cool his cock down before I took it into my mouth.

The contrast my hot mouth made him let out a long groan and he clenched his buttocks. Within minutes his cock was hard as ever and it only took a few minutes of my throat, massaging his sensitive cock-tip before it unloaded a load of spunk inside my mouth.

‘Filthy cum-whore!’ I thought, as I eagerly swallowed it all. And it comes with added bonuses. I demanded to be taken to my favourite restaurant – not cheap – and got it. And once back home I demanded it was his turn to go down on me and he happily obliged again. His technique was amazing and he gave me several, little, titillating orgasms. Finally, at about 6am the next day I got rudely awoken, 2hours before my alarm was due.

Terry had a much longer commute than me and he fancied using me for a quickie before yet another week of boring work. Lucky me. He took control and clambered on top of me. He was already in morning-glory mode and slipped into me easily. Still groggy from my sl**p it felt like I was floating in a glorious dream. There he stayed and pumped me rather viciously with no intention of stopping – so I had to do something.

I guided him with arms and legs until I was practically on top and he had no choice but to stop humping. He looked at me disappointed and confused.

“Yes, yes, I know….” I smiled at him. “Sometimes a guy just needs a quickie!”

“Sorry - It’s not that” he tried to explain. “You know what Monday morning means to me!”

“No need to apologise. Girls love quickies too but I do not need to hit the road just yet, so if you are leaving, you need to leave me something to remember you by.”

His confusion grew.

“I need you to decorate my ugly, morning-face with your beautiful babies!”

He bent over and gave me a passionate kiss. “Your morning face is beautiful!” He said, “But I’d be more than happy to provide some moisturiser – if madam likes?”

“Oh, madam likes!” I said as I took him into my mouth. The brief chat we had made his penis calm down a little and helped him last a bit longer. His cock tasted of my warm depths – mixed with his pre-cum – and it was lovely.

Now I was in charge I could take my time a little but I could feel him clenching and trying to explode on me sooner rather than later. I would have loved to tease him some more, use and abuse his lovely, long cock but we were both pressed for time so I got him to stand up and I knelt between his legs. I cupped his plums and rubbed them as I lifted them gently. I started wanking his cock with long, slow strokes over the entire length of his shaft while sucking on his tip.

When his buttocks clenched and he moaned it was time. I guided his bell end out of my mouth and up and waited. A huge splash of spunk flew out, and somewhat out of control it hit my forehead and glided into my hair. It was rapidly followed by another splurt that was equally hard to control as his hips were thrusting. Nevertheless I got it to land on my face and it started trickling down my one cheek. The other jolts of spunk were easier to target and soon enough my face was coverd.

When I levelled my head to look at his cock it started trickling down my face, only my nose and my chin and from there either into my mouth or on my tits. I milked the last few droplets into my mouth and after playing with it for a few seconds I swallowed.

“What a mess!” he said. And rushed off to go. I admired my face in the mirror for a few seconds and then used my hands to wipe it all of and savour it. ‘Breakfast for champions’, I thought as I got ready to begin the rigours of the week.
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