In the beginning

Things started out strangely enough for us on MySpace of all places. She was a friend of my roomates, and I thought she was a fucking hottie. Little did I know that not only would I get to meet and fuck her, but she would become my best friend, best lover I had ever had, but in a couple of years, she would become my wife. This is an introduction of my wife and I, and how we ended up in the swing lifestyle.

I had no idea that the roomate would end up writing her friend and asking if I could add her to my friends list until a couple days had passed when she told me to add the friend. By that point, I had forgotten who she was talking about until she showed me her profile again, and the default pic definitely brought back memories of just how hot I thought she was. I added her and found out that she was married, but in every other way, she was just what I was looking for, short, petite, beautiful, and while I was looking for it, it turns out that she was also bi. Major plus all the way around, but again, she was married. She and I ended up chatting several times, and I did admit to her that I found her very attractive, to which she was very modest and just said thank you. A couple of weeks went by and I was on MySpace looking at the various posts that my friends had posted, and here was one posted by her that definitely caught my eye: "Fuck Buddies". I had seen this post many times before from other friends, but not from her. The post said something along the lines of: "everyone has someone on their friends list who wants to fuck them, post this and see who wants to fuck you". Of course I had to respond to this. I sent her a simple e-mail saying that if it wasn't for her being married, I would say we get together and fuck like to epileptic rabbits with hiccups. I had no idea what kind of reponse it was going to get, but boy was I surprised.

The responding e-mail informed me that the last time she had gotten any from her husband was the previous Febuary, and it was now nearing June, over a year later! She continued to inform me that all I had to do was name the time and place, and she would definitely be there for one hell of a ride. We continued to talk, but from the point of that e-mail, it was now by phone, as I was not about to let the chance of this hot little piece of ass get away from me.

It finally happened, we set up a date and time of when, and of course the where would be at my place since she was still with her husband, and no way in hell could she have me over. When we finally met face to face for the first time, I could sense she was a little nervous, but that would soon be remedied. We sat and watched a dvd together and talked. I couldn't get it out of my head just how hot she was in person, and what would soon be happening.

I got up and proceeded to walk into my room and made a motion for her to follow. Once inside the room, I planted one hell of a kiss on her, and she responded by returning the now soaring passion. We had both wanted this, and were about to get into one of the most passionate sex sessions either of us had been involved in, in quite some time. When it was all said and done, we were both soaked with sweat and glaring at each other like we could tear the other apart all over again, but unfortunately our bodies would not allow for that. We were spent. We said our good-byes but it was far from over, because just as soon as she got back home, we were on the phone talking about just how much we had enjoyed ourselves, and how we would have to do that again very soon.

We went through the next few weeks talking on the phone and chatting online as much as we possibly could. We got together as much as possible, and while talking and chatting, I encouraged her to let her bi side loose, and be who she was. Her husband would never do that, as he was not up for that, and thought she was just crazy for wanting another woman. Ultimately, she ended up leaving her husband, and she and I mived in together, and that is when our sexscapades began.

From time to time after this point, I will be writing more episodes of the sexual experiences we have had, and most times, almost immediately after we have them. I hope you will all keep an eye open for not only the stories to follow, but pictures and videos when possible, including the story of not only our first soft swap, but also how we ended up lucky enough to land the hot 21 year old who we have been playing with since she was only 19!
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2 years ago
good start
3 years ago
Nice background provided. I look forward to reading about y'all's sexcapades!
3 years ago
Nice but could have done more detail about the actual sex session instead of were were spent. Add what the hell made it so good..Thanks