The delivery boy

Everything was wrong for Mistress Bella today!
Her slave has fainted for the third time this afternoon! We have to say that he was hanged by his balls since 3 hours and the whipping session was too hard for him! Since 3 hours he was naked, cuffed, hanged up by his balls and whipped! He was only a pain doll! She looked at him! His bl**dy body was hanged like a piece of meat! She took her crop and struck the blue balls of her slave! He woke up and started to scream but the hood had a gag ball, so only a growl goes out his mouth and he fainted again!
She was a perfect mistress, dreaded and highly wanted! With her german accent, she was even more desirable and directive! But she was very hard to please and many slaves have suffer in her hands !
The bell ring, there is somebody at the door! “What’s the fuck” she said! Her housekeeper wasn’t here to open! “What a bad journey”!
She open the door! A man was here! It was a delivery boy with a parcel for her! When he saw Bella, he had a lump in his throat. She was fantastic! Blonde with a great body, she was wearing leather outfit with a black rivet miniskirt, her long legs on black stockings, over kneel boots and a leather jacket, opened on her big tits! She looked like a goddess!
“Come in please, I have to see if all it’s all right” She close the door behind him and he follows her, until her “special room”. There the slave was still hanged by his balls! “Don’t be afraid”, she said, “this bitch is u*********s ! »
Phil, the delivery boy didn’t believe his eyes ! “What’s wrong, with you?”, she said! “It’s the first time you come in a dungeon?
- Hhhhhhhhh! Yes Madam!
- There is no madam here, you have to call me Mistress!
- Oh! Yes M-m-mistress!
- So we have to see if my command is all right! “

She open the parcel and she took a monstrous strapon! The size was from a horse!
- “Oh my God, what’s this? Said Phil!
- It’s my new toy! I’m sure you want to see it on me!
- Oh god yes mada…HHH, Mistress!
She left her skirt and fixed the strapon between her legs!
“So! Now it’s on place, you have to try it! Go on! I want you naked! Quick!”
Phil was stunned! He left his clothes down, but one time naked, his cock was hard and ready to work!
“Look at this! – said Bella- You think it is a cock? No! THIS is a cock!” And she took the strapon on her hand!
“First we have to knot these balls!”
She took a ball stretcher and she put on Phil’s balls! She squeeze them tight!
“Don’t worry, slave, your ball will turn red, then blue, like this worm’s one! Oh god, I’ve forgotten him”!
The slave was always hanged, like a piece of meat! She took down the slave, he was still u*********s!
“Wake up, lazy bitch! We have visitors”
She slapped his face and the slave woke up moaning!
“Shut up and stay on all four! Don’t move”
The she spoke to Phil: “Come on bitch, be on all four too and lick my boots! NOW!”
Phil Kneel on Bella’s feet! He stated to lick her boots, he kissed her ankles, then her knees, the he went to her beautiful legs! She was sitting in front of him, she opened her legs and he came to her pussy! It was so soft, so warm and wet! He started to lick Bella’s pussy!
“Yes –she said- carry on bitch! Lick Mistress pussy as a good dog must do!”
He opened the pink fruit and put his tongue on Bella’s clit! She was so wet, she was moaning! She took Phil by his head to fuck his face as well!
“Come on, lick me, faster, faster! Go deeper with your tongue, deeper, deeper!”
Her pleasure was coming! She squirts all over his face! Phil was drinking Bella at her spring! It was fantastic!
A few seconds later, Bella took her spirits!
“So! You make me cum, but it’s only the beginning! So now, suck my strapon wide! You have to lube it before i’ll take your ass!”
The horse strapon was so big!
“Please Mistress –said Phil- the strapon is too big for me! I can’t take it in my ass! Please, I beg you, you’ll kill me if you fuck me with this!
Oh shut up bitch! On the bench! Quick!”
Bella tied Phil on the bench, the she commands the slave to come!
“Come here you slave, prepare my new boy toy! Lick it”
The slave started to lick Phil’s ass. It was the first time for Phil to be touched by a man! He was spiting on his ass, licking him wide while Bella was standing in front of Phil! She put the horse strapon on his mouth!
“Suck it bitch, lube it, I’ll take you with it soon”
Phil was terrified. This strapon was so big!
“Slave! Open his ass!”
The slave took his cock and put it right in Phil’s ass! Phil was crying like a c***d! It was the first time he was fucked by a man!
“No! Please! I beg you! Don’t do this!
- Shut up, bitch! Get the cock and open your ass!
- Mistress please! Oh my god! He’s cuming! No please!
- What have you done slave! You cum on his ass?
Bella took her crop and started to slap the slave’s face!
- Come on bitch it’s your time!
- No please I beg you! Noooo!
Bella was behind Phil’s ass! She put the strapon’s head on Phil’s asshole and she started to push! The slave’s cum was gliding the horse strapon in Phil’s ass! He was impaled. He cried but something was new in his mind! Bella was fucking him rough, taking him by the hips! His ass was wide open! His cock was so hard!
“It’s not possible! I can’t take my pleasure like this”
Phil was so surprised! His cock was hard and dripping! Suddenly the cum ran out his cock! He took his pleasure and he had stars on his eyes!
“So little bitch, you have cumed! I see you take your pleasure, but I’ve not finished with you! “
Bella started to fuck Phil rough! He will take every inches of horsecock strapon! His ass was smashed in, wide open! Mistress Bella was insulting him on her german language! She spanked his ass, while fucking him like a fuckdoll!
After a long time of fucking, Phil’s ass was burning! He was moaning linke a virgin! So Mistress Bella decides to stop it! She took the strapon out Phil and said
“Ok Bitch! It’s time for you to go now! Your training is over! Stand up, take your clothes and go away!”
Phil was untied by the slave, his ass was hurting so bad, it was wide open! He took his clothes wears them, then thanks his Mistress, kissing her hand in submission and go away!
On the door, Bella said:” Don’t forget to turn back next week, slut, we have much work to do, to make you a perfect sissy slave”!
Then she look at him, he went away, walking like a duck!

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