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For my secretary,Bella

Her name is Bella, she is my secretary accountant! Blonde, with big tits and a great body! She has a slutty glance and a pretty mouth i allways loved to fuck! Allways wearing dark suit, with stockings and high heels! I have already made proposals but she always said no!
Some day she comes in my office to give me papers to sign! Her heels ring out the floor and when she came in i see her and i guess her silky stockings under her skirt! Her tits are ready to go out her jacket when her came in front of me! She turns around me and i feel her perfume! She takes sexy poses, and she cross her legs high when sitting in front of me! The door is closed, we are alone, i stand myself, coming behind her! The view on her big tits is wonderfull! She looks at me right in the eyes and said: "it is something wrong mister?"
With her sensitive fingers, she unzips my trousers, taking my cock out and start to suck it! Delightfull! Her glance is so sexy! She sucks it dry with her tongue around my dickhead! I make her stand up, kiss her lips and start to undress her! Her skirt and jacket are on the floor, but she does'nt have panties and no bra! She sit on the desk, legs wide open, and i start to lick her wet cunt!
I put a finger in her wet cunt, then a second, she is moaning! But i remember she said no, to me before, so i decide to punish her a little! I make her stand then i bend her over the desk and i start spanking her big soft ass! Her ass turn to red, she beg me to stop, but her juice is raining between her legs! I stop spanking her and, as she is in position, i decide to take what i've always wanted! I take my big hard cock, and hammer it into her wet cunt! OMG, it go in easyly beause her cunt is wide open and she is so wet!
I decide to fuck her roughly! I pull her hair to arch her back, my balls claps against her cunt!In and out faster, as wide as possible, she is screaming because it's rough! "Oh you don't like to be spanked, but you have excited me for a long time, never say yes, always coming with sexy suits, looking at me with a slutty glance! Sitting in front of me, crossing your legs without panties! I've spanked you, that was my right"!
But now i take her to the hips! Stucking my big cock on her! "OMG, i'm cuming"! "Not yet" she answer! She takes my balls, and crush them with her hand! "I'm on fire but you have not finish with me" She said!
She takes my cock out her cunt, turn around, put her back on the desk, then she takes my big cock in her hand and she stucks it right on her cunt! With a slutty voice she said "could you finish your job, mister"? I take her by her tigh and i fuck her hard, her legs around my flanks! I suck her big tits, her nipples, she is cumming! I feel her body stiffen, screaming of pleasure! Then she push me and say: "let me swallow your cock... and i'll suck the last drop out of your big cock, you hot damned bastard... i want your semen over me and my boobs..." She takes my cock in her mouth and after a few minutes i drop my loads all over her mouth and her big tits! She looks at me in the eyes and say: "Thats was a good job mister, i'll be back for the letters"!

Posted by Phil1977 2 years ago
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2 years ago
please send your dirty secretary to me cock needs some attention like this .
2 years ago
Nice read thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
2 years ago
and some BELLA pictures?!?! ;-)
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
Thanks to you ;)
2 years ago
Thanks for this wonderful hot story!