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So I spent the night over my good friends house last night. We had a lil bit to much wine. Her husband was out. Later we both got sl**py so she said just get in bed with me. My husband can sl**p on the couch. So we both fell asl**p butt naked. Later I heard her husband come in. He just got naked and in the bed with us. I paid him no mind. He began playing with his big dick. He rolled over on my friend and was beating her pussy up! it was so quiet all I could hear was the sound of her wet pussy. This turned me on. Her husband than took his fingers and started rubbing my wet pussy. He told my friend I wanna fuck her. She said ok if she's ok with it. I was ready. He slid his dick in my wet throbbing pussy and within 3 minutes he was cumming sayn o shit dam girl u got some good ass wet pussy. He waited dick was hard again he began fucking his wife, then me again, then his wife again two pussies side by side. I told him stick it in my ass and cum in it. He said I never had ass before. He looked at his wife and she said go ahead baby! He stuck his big black dick in my ass. Took him a minute to get his stroke right. When he did he said Ohh its so tight and wet. He stroked my ass for about 12 minutes them shot cum all in my ass. He let out a roar! Lol. I woke up this morning he was snoring. Me and my friend laughed so hard. So now I get a text from HIM to let's all got out Saturday. Asking for my account number to go buy something I called his wife/my friend she said work him..his dick did feel good!
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2 years ago
great story
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