The next night at the motel

After the first night I serviced my roomie he couldn't wait to get to the hotel. All job long he would drop subtle hints. Kept talking about how stressed he was and wished he was home to burn some of it off. I kept up the charade of saying the same things.

29 hours after we started the job we finally were done and headed for the hotel. I took a shower first and called the other guys to go get some food. By the time he came out of the shower I was already in the lobby. He seemed pissed when he came down. I thought I would fuck with him before i let him fuck me : ) We went to a nice steak house and ate like kings. He barely said a word throughout the whole meal. After dinner we played some pool in the hotel lobby. He went up to the room with a case of beer. I thought I would let him drink a little and calm down before I went up there.

My phone went off about 30 minutes later with a text that read I have a surprise for you in the room when you get here. I have to admit I was curious but i just responded with cool and let it ride at that. 30 minutes later it read If you know what's food for you get up here. I said my goodbyes and headed for the room. When I walked in there was porn on the t.v. and I heard some voices. A voice I had ever heard before. There was a man from the lobby I remember seeing in there. A black man at that. About 6 foot and pretty fit not great but standable. My roomie said the black man had said that he thought I was gay and roomie said you have no idea. I just found out the other night if ya know what I mean. The black man said he didn't think he would ever be able to do that. My roomie said hey that is what I thought too but It was great. The black man said oh yeah.

Anyway, When I walked in my roomie said this is mark and I want you to satisfy him. I said hey this aint no submissive thing I did those things with you cause I wanted to. I aint no cock whore. Tonight you are was the response I got by the black man. He walked over and put his hand on my shoulder and guided to the bed. He undid his pants and pulled out a lovely 8 inch mostly hard cock and told me to get busy. I looked at my roomie and he just opened two beers and said well get busy. I looked at the cock and had to admit that it looked food and tasty so I figured fuck it why not. I parted my lips and gave it a nice long kiss. I was determined toget it all the way in mouth when after about 5 minutes my roomie stopped me and told me to go to the bathroom and try on the new clothes in there.

When I got in the bathroom I noticed a bag. In it was a hooters tank top and shorts. Prosthetic tits white stockings and 3 inch pumps. There were directions to tuck my dick. I noticed the shorts had a rip in the back for my ass to be accesible. So I put on all the clothes and accessories and came out of the bathroom. I was instructed to resume sucking mark and lube up my ass to be fucked. I did as I was told and soon my roomie was behind me fingering my ass. I was really getting into the blowjob when roomie shoved his beautiful cock in my ass. Which in turn rammed marks cock down my throat. Both let out a huge moan and encouraged them to get harder and rougher with me...which I aint gonna lie I loved. About the time I was really getting into it I felt a hand start to rub my cock. I looked down and marks hands were on the bed so it was my roomie rubbing my cock. It was only a short time later that mark said he was gonna cum so I deepthroated him and took his seed in my mouth. I turned around and begged roomie to cum in my ass which he did a minute or two later.

I went to the shower to get cleaned up. When i got out roomie was asl**p and mark was gone. But that wasn't the end of the night. Stay tuned for part two
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2 years ago
You like being the slut! Great.