our last session

Authors note : I wrote this for a group I used to be in , I decided not to edit it . it is a true story but it does not in any way reflect on my life as it pertains to the present. please enjoy.

You were all warned…I told you all more than once this “story” wouldn’t be pretty…the names will not be changed to protect the innocent, there are no innocents here. It will be graphic, it will be ugly and it might turn you all off…or not …either way know this …I don’t write like this usually and so it was just plain easier to retell actual events. Perhaps my imagination isn’t as great as we all thought…Or perhaps real life, sometimes is more gratifying than anything anyone can dream up …Or I’m lazy. As I said this wont be for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned. And thrice…. Oh and one more thing, this took forever to write , screw the spelling and grammar …

The little Bastard had been nitpicking me all week. He simply refused to listen and what was worse all he did was argue about this or that. I really was beginning to loathe him. Okay lets be frank , I sort of already DID loathe him, but he was fun to keep around sometimes. Great in the sack even if he wasn’t as well equipped as most others I had the pleasure of being with , and the lack it would seem only made him try harder. He was so eager to please in that area that it was harder to let him go than I had thought.
And I loved spanking him. He was my slut and he knew it…Oh yes he was an argumentative, defiant little brat. Six years my junior , always whining and moaning and altogether annoying. But I loved fucking him and I do mean literally.

We had just finished an argument over something stupid ,the boy loved to argue , over anything and everything .it was early evening and he was pouting, same old same old . Nothing made him happy,go figure and we hadn’t been getting along at all and finally I just gave him a look and growled out “ Holy fuck Steve quit being such a little bitch “ …I remember his eyes sort of widened and he gave me a look that was almost incomprehensible until it struck me and I asked …
” Didn’t you buy new shoes last week? “
“Yes but you said you hated them”
“well duh …”

looking back on It I wasn’t the nicest Domme , I s’pose none of us are ….

“You always hate everything I buy “
“Not always… I liked the lipstick “in fact I confis**ted more than his share of makeup but I digress…
At this point I could see his mind whirling , he was antsy but I figured I’d give him an hour or so to sit and watch TV pout and continue huffing around the house like the little bitch he was.
Finally I could no longer take the stomping in and out of the room.
“if you’re going to act like a whiney lil bitch all damned night you might as well get your ass upstairs and get dressed “
I think at first he wasn’t sure what I was talking about until …
“and put on the purple wig , I like that one”

I never saw anyone run up those stairs so fast, he has long legs and I think he went up three steps at a time. I must admit when those legs are swathed in black hose or fishnets they’re very sexy.

As usual he took his bl**dy time and I was sort of getting antsy myself. I was truly angry at him and I couldn’t wait to teach him a lesson. He was going to get it hard .Harder than he had dreamed I can assure you. The thought of it was making me tingle from head to toe . I recommend to any open minded woman that she needs to, at least once in her life, get herself a strap-on and see how the other half lives. It’s intoxicating.
I nearly jumped myself when he called from the top of the stairs.
“I’m ready! “
“I’m ready “WHAT” ?
“I’m ready Mistress , will you come look please “
Oh yeah, he wanted it bad …I got up and went to the bottom of the stairs , I was pleased and pissed at the same time , how dare he actually look decent ..It blew my mind how he was so much more attractive dressed this way than the other.
“ alright go get your toys and don’t forget the powder …” I did a half turn and then turned back “ and bring the camera you dirty slut “
I think he jumped again , it would have been fairly amusing at the moment were I not still angry with him , but then it seemed that we didn’t really get along so well and it was ,I admit a very bad idea to Domme him while I was upset ….But I’ll get to that part …
He came down with the cat-0-nine , the strap on …the large one… and the video camera .
I cant tell you how pleased I was , and excited …too excited maybe . I took the camera pointed it at him .He smiled shyly and for some reason it sort of annoyed me.
“ Look at you , aren’t you pretty?”
“thank you Mistress”
“good boy …turn around ,let me see your ass “
He turned all legs and heels and stockings and poked it his little butt out ,beckoning me.
I obliged with a hard smack .
“thank you Ma’am”
I sneered , I could feel the sadist in me rise to the surface , no turning back now.
“youre welcome Slut”
I smacked his ass again . he jumped that time and groaned.
“did you like that ?”
“yes Mistress”
“good …get your ass upstairs “
I followed him up camera in tow filming every second of it .He was trained pretty well at that point and so he layed out the whip ,the strap on on and the powder the bed and got on his knees at the end of the bed ,something was missing though …
“wheres the lube ?”
“on the dresser…”
I was tickled he forgot himself for a minute he was going to pay for that
“excuse me . wheres the lube boy ?”
“On the dresser Ma’am.”
“That’s what I thought…”
I put the camera on the dresser , positioned it just so , disrobed and put something more comfy on .. Purple obviously sort of satiny and short …I snapped the harness on . Damn I was excited but I couldn’t let on.I walked to the bed picked up the huge phalice , packed the powder in and locked it into place , turned to him and ordered….
“suck it slut”
He looked up at me wide eyed ,paused, and then went right to it , I knew he hated this bit and I made sure he knew I wasn’t pleased with his forgetfulness as I f***ed his head down enough to make him gag . I don’t usually like the sound of gagging , it turns my stomach to be honest . I refuse to have anyone gag me , I’d much rather do it on my on ..power issues …I digress…I slipped the cock out of his mouth and smacked his lips with it .
“whos a bad boy ?”
“I’m a bad boy “
I smacked his lips again
“do you deserve my big cock?”
“no Ma’am”
“are you a good slut or a bad slut…?
He had to think for a second
“a bad slut?”
“Yes you are ! good boy !”
He had the cutest look of relief on his face and I cant tell you how much I enjoyed it,that pleading look of “please don’t punish me “ along with the smudged lipstick on his mouth…precious .
“you want my cock don’t you ?”
“yes Mistress”
“On the bed spread your legs like a good little slut .”
He did as he was told I grabbed the lube and set it on the bed , grabbed the whip and gave a quick flick of my wrist . the combination whoosh/smack! Was music to my ears , I loved that noise and the accompanying “thank you Mistress” tickled me through and through.
I loved how pink and red his skin got , it was unfortunate that he had a skin condition otherwise I could have whipped him all night . in fact we had an extended spanking session the one time but we had disastrous results and I ended up having to rub his rear down 4 times a day with medicated cream .I cant recall the name of it , but his skin is always dry and a bit scaly , it often cracks and bleeds in the winter and even if he wasn’t a cross dresser he’d still shave his legs and arms as the medicated cream penetrates better without all that hair …I said penetrate …
I gave his bottom a few more quick passes with the cat-0-nine tails , threw it on the bed and moved to grab the lube , flipped the top lubed it up well , and slowly slid the stupidly large cock up and down his ass crack teasing him.I smiled when his back arched and he pushed back ,I loved it when he gave me an excuse to spank him and I did .My free hand came down with a loud smack ,landing a handprint to his bottom and part of his thigh.
“ naughty boy …how do you ask?
He pushed his rear out at me again and whined.
“Please Mistress…”
I was feeling evil and pulled my cock away from its resting place just above his puckering anal rim and gave him another smack for good measure.
“Please . Mistress. What? I’m never going to fuck you if you keep this up”
Now he was really whimpering ,almost breathless and the whine in his voice told me he was about to go bonkers and I loved every second of it.
“please Mistress fuck me”
I moved forward slightly .
“Spread em like the nasty little slut you are …”
he quickly obliged with a “Yes Ma’am” and there he was , his cheek and chest resting on the bed , legs and ass spread wide like a bitch in heat and I couldn’t take it longer .
“Good boy …”
I pushed the head in slow at first and watched as his asshole swallowed it greedily, he gasped and then let out a small cry and moved forward a bit , but I was gone already and there was no turning back as I f***ed myself halfway in , letting go of the strap on and grabbing hold of his hips I snarled at him.
“youre not going anywhere…”
I pushed further in ,pulling on his hips for leverage .
“but …” he trailed off … I knew I went in too fast and too hard .fuck him he’ knows the safe word , and I slowly retreated then pushed in again , further this time and with more thrust.He yelped that time .
“ did that hurt slut ?”
I roared and pulled almost all the way out then back in again.
“yes Ma’am ! ahhh! “
“good boy ….”
I tightened my grip on his hips and he yelped again as my long fingernails dug into his skin.Gods I loved the noises he made… the yelps and cries and moans and groans …the heavy panting and whimpering it was driving me insane. He never could take more than 6 or 7 inches at a time , but tonight I didn’t care , he was going to get a fucking he’d never forget ….his breathing pattern changed and the whimpering changed to a deep guttural moan I knew he was close and I wouldn’t have it …
“ Don’t you dare cum “ I growled and pushed the limits of what his poor little bottom could take as I drove my cock in deeper, he screamed and tried to move forward but my grip was too tight and I had the advantage .
“please it hurts”
That was it , all I needed .He didn’t use the safe word and I wasn’t about to stop until he did .Not to mention he didn’t give the proper respect . I started pistoning furiously while I cooed at him soft and melodically.
“please it hurts what , sweety? “ my voice was thick with honey as I drove in and out harder and harder .
“please Mistress it hurts !”
“Good boy! ”
faster and deeper I continued , ignoring his cries and yelps , my whole body was tingling , the rush was intoxicating ,my head was swimming .there is nothing in the world quite like it.I envy you men sometimes , I really do . you wield a lot of power right there between your legs .and in that moment I had mine…
“thank you Mistress”
“does my good little slut need to cum?”
I withdrew only slightly but kept the same rhythm .
“yes please Mistress”
I was sort of disappointed he hadn’t forgot his manners but I rewarded him all the same .
“okay sweety , cum like a good boy “
I smiled at the muffled “ thank you ma’am” he had turned his head and buried his face in the sheets as I began pumping his ass faster and faster , his back arched and then his whole body tensed and shuddered .THAT was my moment and I rammed my cock in as deep as I could and just kept pumping , he screamed into the sheets ,lifted his head and howled .
“too deep!!”
I growled back at him
“whats the word bitch !?” and rammed him even harder .
he screamed it so loud it almost startled me
I slowly pulled halfway out .
“okay …shhhh … youre okay .you did good .”
I let go of his hips and rubbed his back softly with one hand .He lay there panting and shaking , and I knew ,I just knew this was our last session. I eased out of his bottom and lay gently on his back , my hands moved slowly up his sides ,I kissed the middle of his back in between shushes and we rested there his breathing returned to normal.
In retrospect as I said before It was probably not the best night to Domme him , I know that now . A month later we were packing his clothes and what not into garbage bags … its funny now to say it but , as I slipped the dildo into one the bags , I knew I’d miss it , more than I missed him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…I am one evil bitch.

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3 years ago
I'm not a little bitch like the guy in your story. But still, fuck my ass next please. I'd love to take turns with you.
3 years ago
thank you :)
3 years ago
Good story, well written
3 years ago
Nice story