A fantasy of mine

I've always had this fantasy please be nice...hope you like it :)

We are in the same class together. We always give each other a friendly smile or a simple hello, due to my shyness in the presence
of such a pretty girl. I sit through class and wonder how you managed to squeeze your beautiful tits into that shirt. I feel the bugle in my pants start to grow as the thoughts of you are driving me crazy. I wonder what kind of panties you are wearing or whether you are wearing any at all. My lips begin to tingle and I can only imagine how good your pussy must taste. All I wanted was one taste, I was lying to myself. I wanted it all, I wanted to make you mine right in front of the whole class. At that point I wouldn't have even cared. Instead I awoke for the last minute of class when the teacher told us to pick partners for a group project. Yes! I thought to myself. now was my opportunity. I see you leaving a few steps ahead and quickly catch up and politely ask if you'd like to work together on the project. What I didn't think about was the massive boner that was bulging out of my pants. You just smiled accepted but informed me that its due on monday and I was going home for the weekend. We decide to work on the project then because it was our last class. We get to a crowded library and find a small end table with 2 seats near the back of the first floor. We begin working on our project and our endless small talk continues. After about an hour or so you look over at me with the sexiest look in your eye and say "so are you always that excited to see me?" I blush and and want to tell you how I fantasize about you and jerk off at night thinking about you but all I can manage to say is "yeah". You ask me why I don't do something about it and thats the only tip I needed. I rush my hand up your leg and up your skirt. My fantasy came true and you weren't wearing any panties. I begin to run my finger up and down your pusy and could feel it start to get warm and wet. You start moving to the the rythm of my touch. Not even an army could stop me now. I drop down to one knee and take both of your legs over my shoulders. I always wanted to take my time if we were to ever do this but in the moment I cant help but dive right in. I kiss and and suck and lick your pussy and your clit. You lick your lips and tilt your head back as I get you closer and closer until your pussy starts to shake an pulse. You're cumming while I have my mouth on your clit. You pull me up by my hair and throw me back in the chair and in one sexy motion unbuckle my belt. As I slide down my boxers I gasp as you take hold of my fat cock. You can barley get your hand around it and it feels so heavy in your hand. You take one good look and give me smile, right before you take it all down your throat. At first you start slow and begin to get faster. You lick the head and I gave you a few gentle slaps on the side of your face. As you stand up to take your skirt off I turn you around and bend you over. I don't get the urge that often but you'd gotten me so worked up I start to lick you from behind. From this angle I can see the toerh people around watching. A few had moved but a few had stayed and seemed very into what we were doing. I pick you up and position you up against the glass wall of the library overlooking the quad. I press your perfect tits up against the glass and begin to you fuck. As I enter I can feel my dick fill you pussy and it fits so well! You start to moan and meet my thrusts. I can tell you wann be fucked. I pull your hair and bend you over the table. Your moans becomes screams as your pussy starts to clench my dick really tight and I can tell you are cumming. Speaking of which I am about to cum myself. You drop to your knees as you jerk my cock with you eyes looking straight up into mine, looking like you really want to be covered in my cum. I shoot one big load right across your cheek and you take the rest in your mouth. Not only did I just have sex in public and in front of the other students but I just fucked the girl of my fantasy.

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3 years ago
very good don't we have them