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*********** Re-Post of Original Bio with Changes ************

I DO NOT speak or write in Polish, I am just learning!

Just because it looks like I'm online does not mean that I

** YES, these are pics of me!!! NO,I am NOT a DUDE pretending to be a woman, who has such time to waste?!**

I have an extremely High Sex Drive but DO NOT give it away, that is why TOYS were invented. I am tired of men telling me to give them a try because they could satisfy me.

2012 has been VERY Stressful! There was a period of time this year that I did not care about sex (This was a first for me)

Behold, my love, behold all that I simultaneously do: scandal, seduction, bad example,(ib), adultery, sodomy! Oh, Satan! one and unique God.... of my soul, inspire thou in me something yet more, present further perversions to my smoking heart, and then shalt thou see how I shall plunge myself into them all!
~Marquis De Sade~

YES, I have read Marquis De Sade, have you?

Part One: Critical and Biographical

The Marquise de Sade and his Accomplice by Jean Paulhan, of l'Acedemie Francaise
Sade by Maurice Blanchot
His life Chronology
Seven Letter ( 1763-1790) ... a bit Dull
Note Concerning my Detention (1803)
Last Will and Testament (1806)

Part Two: Two Philisophocial Dialogues

Dialogue betweeen a Priest and a Dying Man (1782) A MUST READ
Philosophy in the Bedroom (1795)

Part Three: Two Moral Tales

Eugenie de Franval (1788)
Justine (1791).. I wanted to SLAP her many times hahahaha

and of course 120 Days of Sodom

If you do NOT have any photos, do NOT invite me.

- I am in to BDSM, if you don't know what that means, then you obviously are NOT, which is okay too. I am a Switch. I'm Bi-sexual (odd that this is not offered as a choice, but transexual is)

-I enjoy Hard Rough Sex and being Dominated both physically and Mentally. However, I love tenderness and sharing gentle caresses with my love as well.

Subspace is an amazing experience but would never allow myself to go this far with an inexperienced Dom.

-I do NOT like watching or participating in Male Domination. PLEASE stop sending me photos of having shit inserted in your DICK it makes me ILL!!! .... If you want to be verbally humiliated then PAY me and I will DEGRADE you something HORRIBLE :-D

-I am a BRAT!

-I enjoy the finer things in life but I am happiest when I am on my own, backpacking and living in hostels. Simplicity is Sweet.

-I Love Life and enjoying all that cums with it! I Dislike people who are conceited and think of themself as better than others (they are usually the most insecure) .... Life is TOOO Short for such pettiness! ...

-People should be more open about their sexuality... Don't wait for someone to please you, tell them what and how you like it!

-I Love the German Language (it's one of many fetishes)

-I love travelling

-I do NOT Webcam!



-I do NOT respond to messages "Ohhh baby, Ohhh baby, want fuck, I need body bad....I make cum for you.... you like me cock, ohhh sooooo hard for only you!!!! (...bad grammar used on purpose) ..... Are you people for REAL? Seriously who responds to that shit?!?!? ... Please see my wall for an ACTUAL EXAMPLE! LMAO

**If English is not your first language I am not offended by spelling mistakes.** :-)

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1 year ago
I learned that I know how to make you smile. But with two lips only yet, right? Really no more web-cam? So sorry.....
The pope retired. Did you know that his son will take over ??!!
1 year ago
Still one of the most intriguing and
interesting profiles here, Princess!

Warm wishes to you to from (c)old A'dam.
Greet you by its city-logo:
X X X - Porn Poet Peter Pan