Good day to go to university part 2

"Miss i've been working fine recently" i said.
"I can see you haven't, don't think i haven't noticed you looking at my breasts all day" she said.
"You saw, i mean i haven't been looking at your breasts"
" I should go to the headteacher about this really" she said.
" Please don't i'll do anything"
" Anything"
She slowly walked round the desk to me.
" Miss what are you doing"
" Just be quiet and enjoy" she slowly got down on her knees kissing me as she went down. She unbuckled my belt and then slowly unzipped my trousers.
" Oh my what a big cock you have" she quickly took it into her mouth sucking me of.
She slowly started to undo her shirt while jacking me off to reveal she had no bra this just turned me on more. I lifted her up and put here on the table and quickly pulled of her panties revealing that beautiful wet pussy. I quickly started licking away at it.
" OH YESSS STEVE IT'S SO GOOD YES LIKE THAT" she exclaimed. I slid two of my fingers up her pussy fingering her.
" Steve fuck i want to feel you huge fat cock rubbing through my pussy. I stood up and quickly put a condom on my cock and slid it into her sexy pussy.
I quickly pulled out ripped of the condom as she started to jack me of i let my cum spray all over her face.
" I think we'll have to do a little more biology soon.
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3 years ago
good but needs more details