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You are lying on your bed face down with your head turned to one side. You are wearing both a bra and knickers, both black. I can see that you have your right hand down inside your knickers because your fingers can be seen moving very slowly and gently between your legs, lifting the material, and you are ever so smoothly raising and dropping your hips from the bed as you rub and caress yourself.

Starting at your toes, I lick each foot, each toe, and each instep very gently and sensuously – using my tongue to wet your skin just slightly. Up to your ankles, onto your calves, to the back of your knees where I linger a moment to caress the back of each with both tongue and fingers…before slightly pushing your legs apart so that I can run my tongue up the inside of your right thigh, pause to kiss your fingers and push my tongue against them and through your knickers, and then back down the inside of your left thigh – then back up, lingering a little longer on your fingers to inhale the warm scent of your dampness and back down the other side again….

Moving both hands up to your hips, I hook my fingers into your knickers and gently slide them down over your smooth bottom. As each inch is exposed, so my tongue runs across from side to side and dips into the crease, moving gradually and very slowly lower so that I can tease your anus with my tongue – something I have never done before – pushing gently against the puckered opening and wetting it. As your knickers push lower, your fingers come into view – just the tips – and I suck each one in turn into my mouth so that I can taste your juices and lick them from the tips of each finger – warm, wet, scented with the sweet, sticky taste of you – pre-cum at it’s most sensual. You use your fingers to hold your labia open just a little and I push my tongue past your clitoris and into the wet folds of them – gently at first, then with more urgency as you open up even more and your lips swell and fill my mouth….

Then I move from there, as you sigh with pleasure and return your fingers to their rubbing, pushing your face into the pillow, and again run my tongue up from your clit to your anus and thence up the crack of your bottom to your waist and beyond up the middle of your back, pausing only to undo the strap of your bra before moving up to each shoulder – then running my tongue from right to left and back again, pausing each time at the nape of your neck to kiss and caress there with my tongue, moving to the lobes of your ears and sucking each in turn into my mouth so that I can nibble them very gently, which makes you squirm with pleasure. Then I move my lips down to the side of your neck and again ever so gently lick and suckle there, back to the other side, and eventually push your face to one side so that I can suck your bottom lip into my mouth and gently chew it….your eyes are closed, and you are gently murmuring with pleasure as your fingers continue their exploration.

My right hand, meanwhile, has joined yours in caressing your wetness – as you caress your clit, I push my thumb into you, pressing on the front wall of your vagina – you are swollen with wet, damp desire and I push a second finger and then a third into you and spread you open, pushing your legs apart so that I can now feel the whole of your vulva pulsating in the palm of my hand.

I move over you, pull your knickers down past your knees and over your feet, throw them on the floor – and then lie myself down over your whole length so that my cock is hard against your bottom – so, so hard it’s painful, throbbing with the want of you – and I move it down over the crack of your bottom, pausing at your anus as though tempted to push into you there before moving down and inserting just the shiny tip of me into your wetness – moving very gently into you and out again so that the glans is wet all over, as far as the taut foreskin over the shaft of my cock – in, out, in again – very gently, as you caress your clit and use one finger to rub along the length of me to tease the head yet further….

We stay like this for a minute or more – me buried only an inch into you at a time, as my glans seems to expand to fill the swollen inside of your labia and the inner walls of you – and then you very, very gently lift your bottom up and back to f***e my cock to slide deeper into you very, very slowly – so slowly that it’s almost imperceptible – until at last I’m buried into you from behind and your bottom is slightly lifted in the air to accommodate me…. my tongue meanwhile caresses your earlobes, your neck, your shoulders and – when you turn your head – your lips, your eyes, your cheeks – as we start to move to a very slow, very gentle rhythm, me pushing down into you as you push back onto my cock – your fingers still gently rubbing at your clit and your labia; you move both hands down and literally hold yourself apart for me so that I can bury myself all the way to the hilt – my pubic hair is matted with your wetness and I can smell the warm, wet, sticky feeling you have told me about so often – a heady combination of warm woman and sticky fluid which is so arousing I could die just drinking in the aroma….

I feel your bottom tense slightly – then slightly more – and then you fall over the edge into a short, sharp orgasm – your face is intent, taut, and your eyes are closed – but you open them as you cum to stare straight into mine so that I can see the pleasure deep in them and know that I am helping to put it there – you cum again, then again, so wet now that we can both hear the wetness and feel the warmth of it growing, if such were possible – me on my cock, my pubic hair, my thighs – you all over your bottom, your inner thighs, and trickling down into your own tightly-trimmed pubic hair….

Again you tense – your bottom is muscular, hard, and almost ripples as each jolt of pleasure moves through it and I feel your internal muscles clench round my shaft each time you ripple – you move your hand from the tip of your clit and instead grasp my cock as it pushes into you – I can feel the head of your womb on the tip of my cock each time I push into you and it’s just fantastically sensual and very, very slow….you cum again, and then again, and then you suddenly pull away from me, turn onto your front, and pull me back on top of you in almost one movement – so that now I can properly bite your lips, kiss your eyes and your nose and your hair and your throat, whilst you guide me deep into you again, your hips raised up to absorb the shock of my thrust into you….and then you cum, hard, and so do I – and my cum just seems to shoot out of me as I keep pumping and it mixes with yours so that we are now both sodden with sticky, wet, hot juices mingling together…..and then to my amazement, I cum again – less this time but still with the same pulsating intensity – and you gaze upwards into my eyes and watch as I pour myself into you and gradually, oh-so-slowly, lower myself over your body to recuperate…..

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12 months ago
Thanks for the post. I've not read it yet but it comes highly recommended. I saved it as a favorite and I'll look for it next time I need a good read.
12 months ago
Too beat to read it now but I saved it as a favorite and I usually get to those. Thanks for highlighting good writing. One of the richest parts of the site are our blogs. I do wish we could make our blogs password protected but I guess that would lead to too many serious allowable content issues. Talk to you later.
12 months ago
That's a very impressive piece of writing, with some excellent descriptive passages. Why have you written nothing since? Seems a real pity to neglect such talent.

Talking of neglect, how come I'm the first person to post a comment on this?