My personal whore

How is it that a man can be as lucky as this, to have a woman, totally willing to submit to cock? When she comes over, the lights are out and everything is dark; the only light comes from the bedroom down the hallway. Without a hello or greeting she comes to me and kisses me deeply, passionately and it instantly turns me on. She has the perfect tongue and nice full lips, so you can imagine what it must feel like. Her hand is on my chest and traces down to my cock, where she stops to pay special attention to. She rubs me on the outside of my sweatpants, making me even more aroused as she continues with those lips and tongue. She pulls away and asks if i want her mouth on my cock...i respond by pushing her head down to my crotch. She knows what to do, so she pulls it out and proceeds to lick up and down my shaft. "MMM, i've wanted this in my mouth all day", she says as she continues to lick and kiss all over it. Without warning, she inhales it, all the way to the base, her throat full of my cock. She is good at this...allowing a cock to go all the way down. She massages it with her throat as her lips continue to suck and her tongue rubs the shaft up and down. She takes my hands and places them on the back of her head and pushes them down. I grab a hold of her hair and begin fucking her throat with deep, long strokes. She moans in pleasure as she feels it continually going in and out of her throat. She is perfect, a woman that loves to have her face fucked. After minutes of throating her, i pull her up and pull down her top, exposing her 40D breasts. She lets saliva drip from her mouth and in between her huge mounds. "Fuck these, baby" she says, tears coming from her eyes from her throat fucking. I put my cock between her tits and she squeezes them together and begins moving up and down, fucking my cock with her breasts. She periodically spits more saliva on her to keep them properly lubed and slippery for my cock to fuck her with. "Time for your ass, now", I say. She stands up and takes off her tight jeans and her lacy thong and bends over right in front of me as she does. With them around her ankles and bent over, she looks back and says, "You want your thick cock to go in this tiny little hole?" I pick up the lube and pout some out into my hand and rub it all over her tight rosebud and all over her juicy ass cheeks. She moans as i slide two fingers inside her, pushing them all the way to the bottom knuckles. I lean her over the couch and position myself behind her, my cock quivering in anticipation of entering her sacred hole. I push against her resistant ass and feel my head pop in. She lets out a sigh, knowing that there was more to come, but that she was stretched already. I slowly ease all the way in until i cant push anymore. As i pull out, she squeezes her cheeks together so i can feel the lube i rubbed on her as i come out. I look down and aim again...this time pushing with more f***e than before...all the way in. Now, she spreads it open for me; she knows i love to watch as my cock see saws in and out of her forbidden asshole. As always, she lets me fuck her as hard as i want, essentially letting me use her to please myself, not her. In and out, she gets pounded hard deep and fast, until i feel myself about to lose it. I slow my pace for i know that i can have it for as long as i want and i want to enjoy it for much longer. I plant it deep inside her and leave it there, taking only miniscule strokes to let her know she's still getting fucked and i'm not done with her yet. As my sensitivity decreases, i quicken the pace. "What are you?" i ask..."your whore" she replys. "What are you here for?" "To let you use my body to please your cock". I cant take anymore, so i hold an ass cheek in each hand and pound her shithole hard, slapping her wet pussy with my balls as i do. I unload my hot, sticky cum inside her bowels until i go limp and watch some escape as i pull out.
Best thing is...she's a lesbian and plans to invite her friend over to show her what taking cock is all about!
Let me know if you want to hear the threesome!
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4 years ago
You bet!!!!!
4 years ago
Very hot story!
4 years ago
4 years ago
your personal wet dream - lucky guy...