Back for ass Part 2

She laid for a minute, exhausted from the pounding she just took, my cum dripping from her asshole, down to her pussy lips and continuing down her leg. She got up and excused herself to use the bathroom as i proceeded to go into the bedroom. As she cleaned up a little i looked down at my cock, still glistening from the combination of my cum, her ass and the lube. I took it in my hand and began stroking it, imagining what i had just done. As i heard the toilet flush and the door click open, i turned and looked at her. Her eyes were fixated on me stroking my semi hard cock. She came up in front of me and dropped to her knees. "I love watching a man jack off", she said as she looked at it eagerly, ready to devour it. She kissed and licked it periodically as i continued stroking it in front of her, her tongue going up and down my shaft, licking her ass off my cock. "Open", I said as she looked up at me, mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out of her mouth. I rubbed the head all over her tongue as i stroked the base, now covered in her saliva from the tongue bath she had just given it. I stuck ther head into her mouth and began to slow fuck her again, never once taking my hand off. I brought her up to me and she began to disrobe, taking off all her clothes and letting them fall to the ground. "Fuck me, now", she said, as she bent over the bed. I teased her pussy with my cock, sliding it up and down her lips, making my cock wet all over again. I asked her to spread her cheeks so that i could get a better view and she did so, not knowing what was in store for her. I looked down to see her worked asshole, still traces of my cum dripping out of her. I couldnt take it, so i plunged my cock deep inside her ass again. She tried to jump up screaming that she didnt want that again. "You're gonna have to fuck my pussy if you want any more of my ass", She insisted. I took her hands in mine and quickly pulled them behind her back. "It doesnt look like you have a choice, does it?", I asked. I began to quicken my pace, fucking her ass, soaked in my cum...feeling so good wrapped around my cock. She again, let out a scream. I held her arms with one hand and with the other, i pushed her head into the matress. I could hear her muffled words underneath the slapping of ur bodies together. Her ass shook from me pounding her again, i love to watch her ass shake as it gets fucked. I pounded her like an anal porn star for a good 10 minutes, by that time, she had given up hope of getting her way. I let her head up and as soon as i did she said, "I love being your anal slut; i love you using my body for your pleasure. Make me your bitch, make me love your cock up my ass!" Obviously, this made me so aroused that i couldnt take any more...i took my cock out of her ass and started jacking off, aiming right for her gaping hole. My first squirt was a bullseye, straight inside her. I pushed my cock as deep as it wouuld go and let the rest drip inside her.
Damn...i love my anal slut!
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