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There she was, back in my life again. She had put on some pounds, but still sexy as hell, just as i had remembered. She knew when she came over what would happen...and she didnt care. She knew she would do as i said, just as she always had. She could never resist seeing me in pleasure, no matter what i was doing or how i was doing it.
i opened the door and when it closed, we embraced, but only for a second. I whispered in her ear, "down on your kness". As she always had, she dropped to her kness and opened her mouth. She knew what she was gonna get. She knew that she was going to have to swallow my cock. I pulled it out and without warning, pushed it all the way into her throat. Like the good girl she is, she didnt gag...just sucked it like a pro. I began stroking hard, deep into her mouth, all the way out, then straight back down her throat. Saliva dripped from her mouth onto her top, but i didnt care, i was gonna fuck her mouth like the cock sucker she was. After dropping some pre-cum on her tongue, i stood her up and walked her over to the couch. I f***ed her over the arm and lifted her skirt to reveal her beautifully rounded ass. I reached over and grabbed the lube, located next to us and squeezed the bottle onto her waiting asshole. "Hold your cheeks open for me", I said as i rubbed the lube all over her. One more squirt in my hand and i stood there, stroking my hard cock, looking at that beautiful asshole that i knew i would get to fuck. "Please go sloow, i havent had my ass fucked in a while", she said. I placed my head at her backdoor and pushed it deep inside her, all the way to my balls. She left out a shriek, from the pain, but she knew she would get this when she came over. She knew that i never slowly fuck an ass...she knew she would be my anal slut for the night. I pulled my cock all the way out and rammed it back in. Again, a shriek from her as i started fucking her...exactly how she DIDNT want me and hard. "Who's ass is this?", i ask..."yours, always and whenever you want". This only made me pound her harder, her ass shaking up and down as hse got plowed. She knew what i wanted, so she spread her cheeks for me to watch as my thick cock stretched her tight little asshole. "Fuck me like the anal slut i am", she screamed as i fucked her deep and hard. sLAP! My hand went as hit hit her juicy ass, not being able to control the urge to enjoy every minute of her round, supple ass. My balls welled up with cum as i fucked her like an a****l...pounding her like i didnt care if it hurt her or not. SLAP! One more time as i grab her fat ass cheeks in my hand and squirt my load into her stretched hole...collapsing on top of her as she contracted her hole to suck all of my cum out...
To be continued...
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