Whore once again

Once in a lifetime does a man find a woman, so eager to please HIS cock, willing to do whatever he pleases and cum where ever he wants. MY whore is that woman.
She loved being my whore, so much so that she wanted people to know how she was treated. She didnt care who saw, didnt care who knew.
That day at work, while in the office, she purposefully stuck her tongue out of her mouth, just so that i could see the wetness that she had. Immediately, i took out my phone and sent her a text. "My cock wants that tongue" was all it said. She looked at her phone and texted back, "Then you shall have it, tonight". The day carried on as normal, working and waiting for the time to go home. As i was ready to leave, i reached for my phone and texted her,"11 o clock, be at my apartment". She responded with,"yes sir". As it neared 11pm, i found my dick starting to twinge a little in anticipation of what i knew i'd be getting. Then, a knock at the door. I opened it to see my whore, dressed in a trenchcoat, with her massive tits peeking out thru the top. I brought her inside and kissed her passionately, grabbing at her lustful body as i did. Her hands went straight for the bulge in my pants, rubbing up and down on my shaft. I closed the door behind her and guided her towards the couch. "Thank god you're here, i've been wanting to ram my cock down your throat all day" i said to her. A look of pure lust filled her eyes as she said, "Fuck me however your cock pleases". I instructed her to sit down by thecouch, with her head laying back on the seat. As always, she did as she was told, "Like this", she said as she opened her mouth wide. I removed my pants and shirt and lowered myself down to her waiting mouth, my cock aimed right at her. I slid it all the way down and then quickly back out. She gave a quick smile then opened wide again...straight down her throat i went, back and forth, making her gag every once in a while. She loved when i made her gag on my cock, every time i did, she would make a gurgling sound and try to take it all in. Once i let go, she would sigh in ecstasy and relief. after fucking her mouth and throat for what seemed like an eternity i withdrew and asked, "Are you MY whore?" "Of course i am" she responded. "Can i do whatever i please"? All she did was nod. I got up from her spit covered face and went to the window to open the curtains. "Now, if anyone walks by, they'll see what a whore you really are" Her hand went to her pussy and started playing with herself; she got off on being a good whore and wanted everyone to know too. I helped her up and brought her over to the window. "Down on your knees" i said. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly face fucked her, her tongue licking up and down as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. Just then, someone passed by. It was my neighbor from upstairs. By chance, he glanced over and apparently saw my whore in action. He stopped dead in his tracks, probably shocked, and alarmed at what he was witnessing. I stopped for a moment and said, "You're being watched, just like you wanted". She looked out the window to see the man looking at us, she locked eyes with him and took me deep into her troat. "Show him what a good whore does, baby. Show him how you can suck a cock". I could tell she was excited by this because she kept my cock deep in her throat, using her muscles to massage my head. "Stand up and show him your ass, baby" i said to her. Without taking my cock out of her mouth, she undid her coat to reveal nothing ,but her sexy body, naked and exposed. She turned her ass towards the glass as she continued to throat fuck my cock. I grabbed the lube off the nearby mantle and gave it to her. She popped the top and poured some onto her fingers and brought it around to her asshole. She rubbed the lube all over herself, slowly inserting one finger inside as the man watched my whore in action. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and told her to stay bent over. I came around to her backside and spread her cheeks wide, so the man could get a good look at her puckered anus. I positioned my cock at her entrance and rammed it deep inside her.. She gasped as i did this, partially out of pain, but mostly because she knew a stranger was watching her get butt fucked. I spread one cheek so the man could watch her sodomized by my cock. I slapped her ass as i started fucking her harder and harder. "Who's my anal slut?" i asked. "Oh my god...i am, fuck me. Fuck your whore", she replied. "You gonna show that man what a whore you are, huh bitch?" "Oh yes...fuck my whore ass...fuck your bitch, fuck me you fucking bastard" she said. now, she was mine. I pounded her roughly and hard, not caring if she was in pain from it at all. I was going to treat her like the whore she wanted to be. She was there to please my cock and let me use her for my cum deposit. I felt my balls start to tighten as i slammed her, the man watching with his mouth open. One more hard slap on her ass and i filled her ass with my hot, sticky cum. I pulled out of her and showed the man her gaping asshole, which soon started to drip cum. I grabbed my cock and wiped her hole clean and instructed her to turn around. She saw the cum and ass juice on my cock and obidiently sucked it off. She gave him one last cum covered smile as i closed the curtains...
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