The Hotel Room

Danny was ending his day and he visited the hotel to pick up wi-fi and sign out after his final meeting. He had stayed in the hotel before and knew he could work quietly. He completed and looked at the time and decided he would delay driving at present to let the congestion subside a little. Then he was approached by a well spoken and dressed man and asked if he might be interested to know that in a room in the hotel a naked woman was waiting for a stranger to enter the room and have sex with her. Danny was certainly interested he had not had sex for 2 months and a key was on the table.
"Are you her husband?"
"No just a friend she would ask you to wear protection please and take as long as you wish"
"How do I know that this is genuinely a woman wanting a stranger to visit her?"
A photo was shown of a woman bending across a hotel bed, holding herself open and she was very creamy and wet, the image was dated and taken 15 minutes earlier.
"I apologise if my approach is not appropriate but you are clearly a businessman of her age and she will not speak to you but would be interested to meet you if you choose. I will collect the room key when you leave the room from you"
"I would like to visit the room, she is blonde and attractive and I recognise the hotel. Thank you for inviting me"
"Are there any questions?"
"Why does she want to do this?"
"She has dreamed of doing this and wanted to try-she would like it to be silent and is available provided you simply enter what you see there." He handed the key and 2 condoms to Danny. Danny noted the 2 condoms implied he could do this again to her. He liked the thought.

She had tremendous butterflies in her stomach now and was shaking with nervousness as she continued to stand with her black satin slip raised to her waist and in black hold up stockings. How long would she have to wait? She felt suddenly so nervous she needed to use the toilet quickly; small squirts because she was aroused and having contractions, her fingers were soaked where she had reached an orgasm and she was shaking. She returned to the bed and realised she had waited now for 20 minutes. If this was going to happen it would shortly.
Did she want this? Her body did and she had masturbated hundreds of times wondering what a complete stranger would do inside her in this position. She felt unsafe and exposed but reassured that outside the room she would be close to a friend. She trusted him but was burning to know what a stranger would do. Would this be an employee at the hotel, an older man, a young man would he be big or small inside her, how long would it take? She was horny and relaxing to finger herself again at the thought of something entering her warm and male.
Then the door handle turned...

Danny recognised the black slip and bed cover he had seen previously and relaxed this looked genuine. She had her head turned away. He rested his laptop bag on a sofa and slipped his suit, shirt and tie off, dropped his trousers and looked at her spreading her wet lips and legs wide. He dropped his boxers and ripped the condom open, sliding it slowly over his erect swollen erection. He so wanted her now and looked at the leaking end of his full erection and at her twitching opening. No need to rush he thought.

Her heart was racing now a stranger was behind her looking at her should she finger again or just hold herself as gaping as she could? Her butterflies fluttered again but then she heard the packet rip and knew she was going to be taken and her vagina spasmed and wanted to be taken. She had closed her eyes and lay her head facing the head of the bed as he had crossed the foot of the bed to reach the sofa behind her. This was her own dream about to be fulfilled and her body was reaching out for him. She liked to be a secret slut so far removed from her daily life and work and this was the behaviour of a slut, silently going with a stranger with nothing said.

Danny placed the end of his cock against the skin peeling back from her clit; it looked large but her vagina looked small white with her wetness and twitching ready for him to plunge into and part. She moaned as her rubbed her there a few times but he needed to enter her as he had not had sex for weeks. so he poked her and pulled her hips towards him. She gasped and then he heard MMMMM two or three times...

Oh she liked the rubbing of her swollen clitoris she imagined a man would immediately f***e into her, this was gentle and exciting; then she was entered and it was big and thick MMMMM she felt good but how big was that? She backed up against it and still could not feel the end and it was stretching her open; a sensation she loved but where was his body? This is enormously long she thought bigger than I have ever had inside me. MMMM if he is going to be rough this could be painful but he is being very gentle and she began to relax and grip this long shaft.

Danny was going slowly but each slow pull back a little he was forcing more of his meat into her wetness. He was going to do this slowly but determined to get his full length inside there. He could feel her backing up his shaft exploring the length and sensation of a big cock. He smiled at her evident pleasure. She touched her bottom against him now and he thrust so that his balls slapped gently against her for the first time. He wanted this to be slow and feel every inch of her stretching around his shaft. He knew that if he pounded to the release he badly wanted he might be too big for her and hurt her. The condom had only reached part of the way along his shaft his bare skin was now inside her.

She was almost coming the length amazed her and she realised that inside her she could feel bare skin above the latex on his shaft. Oh how huge and surprising he was the gentle sliding out and forcing her to stretch was going to make her explode; she wasn't bothered and came hugely forcing him back and gripping around his knob again and again Phew what orgasms and he then rammed slowly right back up her stretched and contracting walls she moaned with the intensity and gripped again four more times feeling her wetness now running down her leg.

Danny looked down as his black cock was f***ed out by her orgasms, he was covered in her white cream; she was one very wet pussy he thought- man he was nearly losing it. He smiled it did not matter; their was an invitation for more and he felt like taking that up!

He had always wanted to withdraw to shoot his load on the woman's back and ass but this time he would try to come as deep as he could f***e into her tightening as she came. He liked the idea of her coming as he did. Close now the slow strokes could not hold off his need to pump a big load out. He was trying hard not to release but felt his balls tighten and he needed relief and to blow.

She was loving the huge slow entry and stretching amazed he was still hard, a glance at her watch showed at least 15 minutes of ecstasy had passed. She was panting, glistening with sweat and her heart was racing; the big man had not hurt her once and she was working so hard on his knob with her muscles each stroke. How long could this giant last?Then she felt his full thrust and moaningand realised the slow pumping was his climax.How manytimes did he pump this was amazing she had come atleast four times and he pumped again she came hugely. This was a monster male inside her like no other she had experienced.

Danny slowly eased back and wondered about the condom, he felt with his finger inside her; she gasped and tightened and he felt the latex and pulled with his finger and rescued it before it slipped off. He looked at the thick white clumps of her cum on his black shaft and whistled as he saw how much he had shot inside the condom which was definitley swollen outwards with his thick creamy load. She was one hot woman. His erection was still there and he quickly knotted the used one and slid a fresh one on.

She felt his finger enter and had a huge spasm as he had reached along finger against the wall adjacent to her huge swelling. As he felt finger and knob leave her she panted and was thrilled-her dream had been fulfilled. She wondered was he leaving now and turned to look at the mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed. He was a young black man! He was whistling as he held a condom full of white creamy spunk and knotted it, then slipped a second condom on. Wow he was still hard and was going to do it again! She had not dreamed of this but was not objecting. She texted "again" to signal all was well and stood open for him felt immediate entry this time and then she came....

Danny loved the orgasm his first stroke brought; it never seemed to end and he was f***ed strongly back out so gripping her tightly rammed his full length in to be f***ed out again slamming hard in the same thing happened This was no longer gentle and was almost a competition to get in or expel him. She was out of control and so was he. He was being brutal she was loving it and he wasn't going to be able to last long at this pace and as she was squelching around him.
He would come out and spunk her outside as he usually did.

She wanted him inside but was so out of control he was slipping further back each time she came and she was coming again as he lunged his black shaft back into her-it was uncoordinated wild and she was so excited she was almost on the ceiling!! She moaned, panted and was almost squealing and her stockings were wet as her cunt emitted air from the suction inside her. She had unleashed an a****l cock inside her and she loved the feelings.

Danny could not hold any longer he pulled out and shot on her cheeks and up her back; not as much but several spurts of almost clear liquid. The condom had dropped out on the floor. He went to the bathroom for towels and to wash his shrivelling cock. He gave her a towel and she smiled at him. He collected his shirt and dressed as she lay texting "finished". He left the room and as he walked away handed over the room key. He didn't care about the journey home now he felt good.

(this story is dedicated to friends Robert and Jamal)
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2 years ago
very erotic story. I travel a lot and I was imagining that happening to me!! I am very excited right now and need to send some spunk your way.
2 years ago
I love this story and it's juicy to the max...a 10
2 years ago
Thank you for your comments. yes Peter I wanted to try that style for the effect you felt, thanks for the comment it's a technique I would like to develop in future contributions. Please PM me if you would like to chat about my story. I do not accept friend requests due to the volume unless I have built up friendship first.
2 years ago
good tale
2 years ago
Thank you for the wonderful story!
2 years ago
This is a great story. I love how you switch between her and his feelings. It makes as if I am watching the two and can see how those feelings wash through both.