Developing masturbation techniques

I am often asked why I want to masturbate for strangers and show myself doing it. In order to answer I should explain that masturbation became a daily habit for me as young teenager. When I attended boarding school it was a little tricky sharing a room with other girls and obtaining the relaxation and relief each day. I was fortunate to have room mates who also wanted to and we didn't seem to disturb each other's routine and style. We knew when each was "on". I only used my fingers, one girl used objects and used to do so in the toilet or bathroom; others in bed under the covers. I really didn't mind if one of them saw me!
I discovered that although fingering brought me orgasms, pressure on my clitoris gave me more and more rapidly. I was also able to have many and prolonged orgasms this way and I developed this at boarding school. I always masturbated without underwear and my vaginal wetness discouraged me from wearing underwear.
I realised that I was often watched around the school by male staff and I would day dream about men watching me. I never had a direct approach or experience at school but certainly actively thought about them!
Outside school uniform I liked to wear longer skirts and since I hated tights, not least because I used to make such a mess in the crotch, I preferred to wear hold up stockings at school and elsewhere.
However in spring and summer I liked short skirts and cycling a great deal I would wear panties which were often quite visible on the bike seat.
When I came up to University I attracted attention when cycling to lectures if wearing a short skirt. I was however very much focussed on studies and sports and only occasionally considered male students.
I roomed in a college and had men on the landing around me; this was fairly sheltered and all of them were theological students. Potential vicars did nothing for me; however the capacity to tease did exist sexually and I did consider trying to see what effect I might have if I was feeling aroused.
One day in warm weather I was cycling back to my room in a short skirt and feeling very horny and inevitably feeling the gentle pressure on my crotch was making me want to finger urgently. I had been to the library and lectures and had both my bicycle basket and briefcase on the rear wheel carrier rather full. As I neared college I was whistled at and realised men were looking. This made me even wetter and I was glad to step off near a vacant cycle rack. As I was locking on to it one of the theology bods from my landing also found space for his bike. He asked if he might help carry anything. For some reason which I never quite understood Theology students don't appear to carry books! They also appear to be slightly detached from the rest of student life.
I smiled and said that his help would be splendid. I had rarely noticed this one; he wasn't attractive to me and seemed rather hesitant and shy. He followed me into the college quad and along to the staircase for the climb to our landing. I was feeling very wet and wiggled my hips a little to see if it produced a reaction. Golly as I glanced down he had an impressive tent pole leaning at about 45 degrees and straining at his trousers. I didn't want to stare but each landing gave me a quick glance. We reached my room and I opened the door and asked if he would mind putting my books on my desk. I flopped onto my bed and said I was quite hot. My panties were now quite visible and I rolled on my side with one leg lifted to expose them. He was now staring between my legs and I could see his cock was definitely throbbing.
"I understand you read Theology" I enquired.
"Oh Oh yes and hope to become ordained" he was red faced now.
"Does your religion preclude you enjoying the female body?" I teased as many of the Theology bods appeared to be gay or asexual.
He almost stammered "Why no" and began to try to divert the conversation to an explanation of belief in the role of women as central and essential to giving birth to life etc.
"I do hope that you aren't too uncomfortable at present" I said and smiled in the direction of the tented trousers "I need to use the bathroom for a moment myself but please feel free to stay would you like a drink of anything after your exertions on my behalf?" He agreed to have a soft drink.
I slipped my panties off to realise there was huge white creamy patch in them and that my vagina was extremely wet. I peed quickly and mopped up some of the moisture.
I returned to the bed and wanted to see if he noticed that I was now naked. He did! I then said I simply had to take my underwear off in the bathroom. "Do you mind?" "Er no, but I have never seen a woman naked there before" he blushed. "I take it you approve" I smiled glancing at his erection. "Oh yes but I am afraid I can't control myself"
"I masturbate, do you?" I teased. "Er yes sometimes I do although not often" he stammered with evident embarassment.
"Well I think you probably need to relieve yourself urgently" I said trying to look very earnest as I did so. "Personally I want to right now I said and you can watch me if you wish".
He hesitated but my fingers were inside me before he could reply. "This doesn't take me long when I am this wet and sexy" I said. "Let me show you 2 ways I can do it and why don't you drop your trousers and make yourself comfortable".
I soon came from clitoral masturbation and asked him as he dripped pre cum to show me how he liked to play.
He could hardly control himself and after pulling himself a couple of times shot a load for me all over my carpet. Naughtily he reminded me of a dog humping the arm of the sofa and squirting helplessly on the floor.
I congratulated him and asked him if he had ever seen a woman open before; of course he hadn't so I pulled my vaginal lips wide apart and took him on a guided tour. He was still hard and I asked him to do it again slowly so I could see him. This time he lasted for about a minute before grunting and shooting again- yes definitely the equivalent of humping the sofa!!
I chatted to reassure him that our bodies have certain needs and it didn't mean anything other than a natural release, and I would not tell anyone what had happened ( I didn't for more than 10 years).
I see today in Crockford's Clerical Directory that he did indeed become an ordained clergyman. I wonder if he remembers the first woman to masturbate for him? I have a soft ( and rather moist) spot for memories of his inexperienced lack of control and my wicked exhibition for him. Apart from occasional hello's until he graduated that summer we never spoke again.
I hopethis answers partly the question why I like to masturabte for strangers
I am grateful for any comments on stories I write xxx Penny
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1 year ago
lovely horny story.I love watching guys and girls masturbate too. WET, WET, WET!
2 years ago
a fantastic story. it reminds me of a time at camp, when i masturbated under the covers, but was caught, but renata didn't tell me until the next day at the lake, i blushed like crazy and well, anyway we become close friends and soon masturbated in front of each other and she would masturbate me and i her. it was a great learning experience. i loved your story, thank you Penny , Anna
2 years ago
that was naughty but sooooo hot.
2 years ago
this is a nice way to get to know you and your experience. Thoroughly enjoyed this story
2 years ago
I'd love to have been him at that time! I'll have to offer to carry things for women more often in the future me thinks lol
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
You need to make a video of yourself masturbating so that a bunch of men could do so for you!
2 years ago
Oh Penny, you are so naughty, I suppose the term 'Bashing the Bishop' never entered your young mind?

2 years ago
Very hot story! Thanks
2 years ago
Penny its very horny knowing that you ike to masturbate, id love to watch you one day