My first masturbation for strangers

We were working together for a week and I have always had dreams about being watched and watching men masturbate. My partner has been dogging before and had a reliable contact who said "no problem if Penny wants to do a show for guys".
He chose a privately owned barn with another dogger who was interested and invited reliable and interested friends.
I was quite nervous but had so often wanted to see men masturbate and to show them how I do it too. On Thursday it was pouring with rain and I was even more nervous when we drove to a pre-arranged parking area.
We met and were driven a few miles across unfamiliar country. I was nervous but also aroused and began to chat to our driver who was reassuring me that it would be warm, dry and I could do whatever I felt comfortable with.
I began to become very aroused under my skirt and to feel a real need to masturbate. We arrived at a house with out buildings and I was helped out of the car with an umbrella and into a sweet smelling warm straw piled barn. Inside bales of straw there were warm lights (I think they are used for a****ls) and a pile of cushions and throws. I felt relaxed immediately.
I lay down wearing only a blouse, belted skirt and stockings and heels.
Our reception committe of 2 explained that my show had been popular and several other men had arrived. I was asked to indicate whether I wanted to go ahead and if I felt comfortable. I nodded and said I was feeling nervous but also aroused now and how much I dreamed of seeing men masturbate for me. I was asked if one of the men would introduce me or whether I wanted to say anything; I said I was feeling able to tell everyone why I had wanted this opportunity. I asked them how to ask the men to masturbate so I could see each shoot for me.
I was asked if I would let men shoot on my body? "Oh yes I will take my clothes off but leave my glasses on and where would you two like to shoot for example?" I enquired. They both wanted to shoot on my face and glasses. Well that was clear and I had no problem. I had on a head scarf to protect my hair from the rain but decided it might be protection too from other liquid raining down on me!!
I was having strong contractions now at the exciting thought of strangers watching me, one of the men commented that I looked to be enjoying myself and I had to confess I was jolly excited now. He said that my well spoken English accent would excite everyone invited but some of the men would want to use dirty talk to me. I was prepared for that I do find my sexual arousal takes me beyond the point that words offend or embarass me. I knew that I would be blushing but my vaginal excitement had removed any nervousness now.
My partner said he was hard and it was obvious now how large and hard our driver had become; I asked if he would like to be the first to masturbate for me and he nodded.
"You have had a lot of visitors Penny" our host announced and in came 7 other men. A range of ages represented.
I introduced myself and explained my fantasy; undid my belt and first lifted my skirt, explained I was smooth and that when I was naked I would show myself opened wide and then masturbate for them.
Cocks were hard all around me this was a dream coming true! I was soon naked and spread my legs and outer lips wide. I was unable to control my innerlips movement and felt so creamy now it was very easy to slip fingers in and make squelching noises in my naturally wet slit. I took some lube and covered my clit, exposing it fully from the hood of skin. It takes very little pressure for me to climax and this one lasted along time; my lips twitching for minutes.
My first cock was now close and I looked above me to see a very long cock and purple head just before my glasses went white and heard a grunting spunk shot all over my face.
I was dripping onto my breasts and all around was the sound of wanking cocks. "Penny show us how many fingers you can get up that twat" I'm spunking your mouth darling"... he did when I opened it and many more. I was not disgusted by anything said to me though they were a filthy bunch!
I was astonished how far one man shot to hit my body from legs to head and I could not stop coming with little manual use myself.
I realised that not only was one of the younger men very long and thick but he was clearly going to shoot more than the others and he did incredibly-7 times! One man spunked on my back as I kneeled another along one bottom cheek which stained my stocking (must remember to take off in future!!)
I was fascinated by all the wanking techniques on show and the enthusiasm of the prolific 7 time stallion.
It was smelly messy and filthy sex and I loved it! It gave the inner cum slut I have an evening out. I do hope to repeat on other evenings in future.
All that and back to recive the appreciation of a highly aroused partner too!
92% (24/2)
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1 year ago
i have only had two men do that to 7! great story
1 year ago
that was so hot i wish i was there as well.
2 years ago
Well written, and sexy as hell!
Damn! :)
2 years ago
very hot,wish i could be one of them cumming for you
2 years ago
Welcome to the world of strangers and looking forward to seeing you in action this month. The scarf was good thinking; spunk in your hair is awful when it dries! Excellent story all the better for being true and your fame has spread!
2 years ago
Lovley, wish I had been there
2 years ago
Lovley, wish I had been there
2 years ago
very erotic story and I loved it...
2 years ago
Mmm we love this story!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I love when a woman can open herself up like that...Wish I was there.
2 years ago
Your stories are exxxceptionally hot! Wish i could meet you ;)
2 years ago
Great story. Would love to read more.
2 years ago
Your story is very horny and I could easily imagine myself doing the same as you. Love the thought, not sure I'm brave enough tho.

2 years ago
Very hot :o)
2 years ago
that, i would love to be part of