Long Day, Longer Night - Part 2

I gulped down a bit more of the drink you mixed for me, and started an immediate mental to-do list while dressing in a thin t-shirt and a short and flirty cotton skirt, skipping undergarments all together. Both you and Kevin seem to prefer me with no make-up and bare feet, so that made things easy. I headed towards our bed and started stripping the sheets off of it. You came in and started to argue that it was just Kevin, he didn’t care...but you quickly realized that your argument was futile and just started helping. It had been a fair amount of time since we had had Kevin for a sl**p over, and I wanted him to know it meant something to us. I paid attention to every detail...fresh linens on the bed and in the bathroom, cleared the day to day clutter, lit candles and stole some fresh cut daisies from my neighbor’s yard. While we worked we went through a quick light menu for dinner....he was going to be here in about 45 minutes, give or take.

While I worked in the kitchen preparing a salad and marinating chicken, my thoughts wander to Kevin. We had all met one night by chance in a little restaurant bar while waiting for our tables. We got to talking and just clicked, and we invited Kevin to eat with us. Kevin had just been through a pretty rough breakup and was determined to swear off women indefinitely. He later told me that I had changed his mind that night, our mutual attraction and chemistry was immediate. Sure, he had had a handful of girlfriends in the 8 years since we first met, but none had stuck. I sometimes wondered how much I had to do with that and would on occasion feel a pang of guilt. He has reassured me that it isn't feelings for me, but more just wanting to wait for what you and I have..that special something with that special someone that only comes along once in a lifetime.

You and he had become fast friends, sharing many interests which had pretty quickly included me. He had been over tinkering on one of your many projects with you one night, I invited him to stay for dinner, and he didn’t leave until noon the next day. It was a wonderful night, and one I think back on fondly. The best part was that it all came about very naturally, out of genuine affection for each other, never requiring much discussion. He has just become a part of our lives and our love for each other. We trust him to not ever interfere in our relationship and he has always respected that.

I was brought back from my thoughts by the sound of the back door opening and then closing. I hear Kevin struggling a bit with his boots, swearing under his breath and then greeting our dog enthusiastically. I met him halfway with a beer, which he completely ignored while he wrapped me up in a big bear hug, burying his face in my neck and inhaling dramatically. He growled and took a mock bite at my collarbone. Even in his socked feet, he was still a good 6 or 8 inches taller than me and I had to tippy toe to kiss his cheek. He planted a wet, prickly kiss on my forehead and then a sweet kiss on my lips. I moaned quietly in return and the next kiss lingered a bit while one hand moved up my back under my shirt and the other hand moved down to cup my ass under my skirt.

“Kitten it’s good to see you...I’ve missed you” he says to me.
“I’ve missed you too, Buttercup, I’m so glad you’re here tonight..” I reply. He rolls his eyes at his pet name and takes a swat at my butt. I think secretly he’d be more upset if I didn’t call him that ridiculous name. He releases me and takes the beer from my hand, downing nearly all of it in one go. He must have had the same sort of day we did, and I ask him if he wants another beer. He smirks, ignores my question and makes his way to the fridge.

We see Kevin a couple few times a week with the comings and goings of your and his common interests and hobbies, but it’s been at least a month since I’ve gotten any quality time with him, and I can see that we are both looking forward to the evening ahead. While he rummages through our fridge, I take stock of him. He’s lost a bit of weight, he’s gotten some sun, his hairline has receded a bit more...and he looks absolutely delicious. He turns to say something and sees me taking inventory, and pulls up his sleeves and flexes for me. I giggle and pull up my skirt and turn around to show him my ass. He sighs in delight and says, “You win...”. “I always do!” and we’re laughing and smiling....completely comfortable with each other.

You come in the back door, BBQ tongs in hand and watch us flirting for a moment. You smile and come over and greet your buddy with that slapping on the back thing guys do. You ask him sarcastically, “How was your day, dear?”, and he replies, “fuck my day”...You and I look at each other immediately and fall out laughing. I explain that you had said the same exact thing about an hour ago. The two of you fall into some conversation about carburetors or chain saws or some manly thing and I go back to my salad, listening in a bit but mostly fantasizing about later. You both take turns stealing glances at me, my bare, perky nipples under my t-shirt...my long legs, my manicured toes. I play it up a bit, fondling a cucumber, sucking on a baby carrot, tonguing a cherry tomato...until you both stop talking and lean your backs against the counter to watch me. I’ve never seduced anyone making a salad before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything, right?

We pour more drinks and eat dinner on the back deck. The hot day is cooling off nicely and all of the day’s miseries have vanished. I’m a bit sl**py and tipsy with a full belly and the couple of drinks I’ve had. I stretch my legs out and land my feet in Kevin’s lap, and reach the other way and start fondling your hand, rubbing and massaging it the way you like. Kevin starts stroking my feet and legs, stretching my toes, rubbing his thumb firmly against the inside of my arch. I’m soon putty in his hands, and you in turn are putty in mine as I take your fingers in my mouth. You lean forward and kiss my neck, my chin, then full on the mouth. I feel Kevin’s hands move up the inside of my thighs, up under my skirt, and my pussy reacts with instant warmth and wetness. I feel Kevin move closer and he starts caressing my full breasts, kissing my arm and shoulder while you and I kiss. I turn away from you to kiss Kevin, he’s been watching hungrily and he nearly devours my lips. I’m struck by the contrast of my husband’s sweet passion and my lover’s hungry passion. Both different shades of the same color and it’s intoxicating.

I slowly, carefully and seductively untangle myself from the two of you and stand up. I take a hand from each of you and tug..you both respond immediately by standing. I turn to face Kevin and he takes my face in his hands and kisses me more gently now. You’ve moved behind me, pulling my hair aside to kiss the back of my neck. I can feel your dick growing against my ass, and you push forward a bit, pushing me into Kevin. His dick is getting hard too, and I nearly pass out in excitement as I’m sandwiched between two hardening cocks. I tweak Kevin’s nipple through his shirt with one hand, and reach behind me with the other to grope your ass. You respond by thrusting again, and I can feel both of your cocks at full attention through our clothes.

I break away, letting out a bit of nervous laughter...it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming to be caught up with two men. But the moment passes and I’m ok again. I take the opportunity to grab some of the plates and head into the house. You two grab the rest and we hastily deposit everything into the kitchen sink, the dishes can wait until morning. The mood lightens a bit and we make easy conversation. I slide up next to you and up under your arm which instinctively circles my shoulders while I wrap my arms around your waist and rest my head on your chest. Kevin yawns and stretches dramatically....and we all burst out laughing. We got his message, though, and head to the bedroom.

The woodsy scent of the candles has filled the room, and the light emanating from them leaves the room in a warm, soft glow. I move over to the bed and turn the coverlet and sheets down. A faint waft of lavender tickles my nose. I turn around to find Kevin closest to me. I start to undress him, kissing and caressing and massaging his bare skin when I reveal it. When he’s with us, I tend to pay more attention to him, but you never mind. You are so understanding of my desire to care for him, satisfy his physical and emotional needs for our brief moments...you know I will always return to you, that as much as I care about him, I’m deeply in love with you.

Kevin is undressed and lazily falls back into our big bed. Now I turn my attention to you, but see that I don’t need to. You’ve already stripped down and are making your way around the bed to the other side. I wait for you to get comfortable...and then slowly and deliberately disrobe, making a show of it. Once undressed, I take my time seductively climbing up between the two of you from the foot of the bed. Sucking a toe here, kissing a knee cap there, biting the inside of thighs.....on my knees between you, I stroke both of your cocks at the same time. Simultaneously, both of you reach for me. Kevin’s cock is fully erect first, and I glance at you. You nod and smile. This part is your fantasy, you love to watch me be pleasured...then come in for seconds.

Kevin is perfect for this, he’s a bit bigger than you, a bit more muscular, a little younger and very well hung. His huge cock starts to haunt me if too much time passes between our visits. I turn to him now and snuggle up against him, never letting go of his cock, still stroking it. His big arms surround me and he kisses me deeply, hands moving intently over my body. He gropes my left tit firmly, pinching and rolling the nipple between his fingers. His other hand finds it’s way between my ass cheeks, fingers probing towards my aching pussy. They find me wet and waiting...and he takes me by the hips and moves me on top of him. I grind my pussy on his cock first, nearly catching it. I look over at you, and your eyelids are heavy with satisfaction, your hand on your cock, slowly stroking and fondling it. You wink at me...and it sends goosebumps across my skin. I turn back to Kevin...and now I reach down and guide his cock into my creamy pussy.

We both gasp as he firmly pushes his cock deep into me. I rock my hips once to get us a bit deeper and feel his cock bottom out against my cervix. I close my eyes to intensify the sensation, and he thrusts again. And then again. Slow, deep, steady. I open my eyes, look down at him gazing up at me, and it thrills my senses...I start rocking and grinding hard and fast. He moans and clutches my hips, pushing in deep against my g-spot. It’s just a matter of seconds before I feel the first orgasm of the night wash over me. This one was quick and intense...but there will be many more to come. I know Kevin well enough to know that he doesn’t want to come yet, so I stop and slide off of him.

You are now sitting up with your back against the headrest, and I position myself on all fours between your legs. You guide your cock into my mouth as Kevin moves behind me and slips his cock into my slick pussy. Kevin’s hands are side by side in the small of my back, your hands are cupping my full tits beneath, lessening the sway in them caused by Kevin’s pounding of my pussy. I imagine what your view must be...me with your cock in my mouth, your wife’s ass in the air, being fucked by your best friend. It has to be a poignant moment for you...and I feel your cock go rock hard in my mouth. I slow up a bit, tonguing playfully to let you cool your jets a bit.

Kevin moves his hands to the tops of my thighs and I sit back just a bit. He has to thrust up now, and it feels amazing...again bouncing off my cervix. I say between gasps...”I’m coming again....” and Kevin pushes faster, deeper, and as I feel this orgasm hit me, he explodes inside me. Wow, it really has been too long for him...I’m literally dripping cum and feel it running down my thighs. He’s breathing hard and takes his leave to lay down beside us.

I know what you want, and lay on my back also. You are up on your knees instantly...spreading my lips to see Kevin’s load. Your finger scoops some up and uses it to rub my clit. I wrap my legs around your waist, but your not quite ready...you insert one, then two, then three fingers into my cum flooded pussy. Your fingers slide in and out easily....you stroke your cock once or twice, and then tease my lips with the head. I pull you hard with my legs and you ram your cock into my swollen pussy. I cry out in mixed pain and pleasure. You lay on top of me, you scoop me up in your arms, kissing me hotly, fucking me with a new intensity absent in the shower earlier...I wrap my legs tighter, running my nails up and down your back, sometimes lightly sometimes hard enough to leave a scratch.

Our mouths part, and I feel your hot breath on my ear as you continue to plunge your cock into my completely wet pussy. I trace my tongue from your ear, along your neck, to your shoulder....I nibble your shoulder, bite your chest, clawing at your ass. I feel you tense up at this and shudder in pleasure and I know you’re close. I whisper in your ear, “fuck me...fuck your cum slut”...you groan and prop yourself up just a bit, gripping my hair tightly in both hands...and fuck me hard and fast...one, two, three..and the fourth thrust has you shooting cum deep into my hot pussy. You take a few seconds..a couple more mild thrusts...and then collapse on top of me. I kiss your face, your closed eyelids, your brow and your forehead. You move sideways, one arm and one leg d****d over me, still breathing heavily into my neck and hair.

I look over at Kevin and he’s on his side watching us with fondness. I smile sweetly at him and tilt my head in invitation. He slides over closer, the back of his hand caressing my cheek. I shift a bit so you and I are facing each other, with Kevin spooning me tightly from behind. We fall into temporary sl**p like this...as I drift off I wonder who’s hard-on will wake me up first.
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1 year ago
A wife and husband, and his friend? Awesome, as long as there's no gay and/or homosexual actions, I can compare this story with some of my most favorites. In fact, my wife and my brother-in-law (my sister's husband; non-incestual, though I did fifteen years later have an incestual relationship with my daughter) and I had the same arrangement for quite awhile!! And did it ever twice-squared my libido, passion and sexual/foreplay performances with my wife!!
4 years ago
a hot woman
4 years ago
part 3 is cumming :)
4 years ago
Wow! Two extremely lucky guys!