My first time

I was over at my neighbors house playing with him with various toys. GI Joe, Transformers, etc. That should give you an idea of our age. When he said we should play He-Man. I didn't have any He-Man toys and he only had a few. So we decided to play He-Man by dressing like the figures and fighting. Anyone on here knows that He-Man basically is in fur underwear.

So we stripped down to our boxers and began sword fighting. No, not that kind of sword fighting. That comes later. We pranced around his room and the adjoining one for 20 minutes or so before we got bored. So we got dressed again and moved on to the next game. After a while I went home.

A few days later I went over to my neighbors house to play but he wasn't there. He was at his mothers. His father was (they were divorced). He invited me in and told me my friend wasn't there. But he wanted to ask me about the other day when he saw us bouncing around in our underwear. I instantly got nervous thinking I was in trouble. But he assured me I wasn't in trouble.

He said that it was fine with him that I was like that, dressed down to underwear, with his son. He liked it, too. In fact, he liked getting all the way naked. But he asked if I wanted to play some video games in my underwear with him. I had no video game system and desperately wanted to play, so I stripped down to my underwear and started to play some games as a couple of plumbers in the pipes.

My neighbors father stripped down to his boxers, which intrigued me since I had only had tighty whiteys before. We played together a bit, but mostly he just sat and watched me play. Eventually he asked if I wanted to get all the way naked. I was distracted by the video games, so I said sure. After about half an hour more, I got dressed and went home.

But I came back the next day. This time I knew that my friend was not there but I just wanted to play video games. He let me in. I strolled right to the TV and stripped. I didn't even notice him behind me stripping, too. After an hour or so, I was done. So I got dressed again and went home.

After a couple more times of us just hanging out naked together, I noticed that sometimes I would get an erection. Which randomly happened to boys that age anyway. But it seemed to happen more often when I was naked at his place. In fact the last time I was there it seemed like I had an erection before I went over there and it stayed hard all the way through until I left. Maybe it was the shag carpet they had tickling my balls?

The next time I was there, I asked him about it. As I was pulling my underwear off, and he was pulling his off too, I asked about my erection. Standing proudly before him showing it to him. So he showed me his. He said every time I came over he had an erection. I asked him more about it, the head, the balls, the glans, the shaft, everything I could think of.

He showed me all about it using his hard-on as a guide. He asked me to look at it carefully and feel free to touch it. Which I did. He lay back on the couch and opened his legs a bit. I got real close studying his cock very closely. Occasionally I would look down to mine to compare. Eventually I asked what it was used for. Thanks conservatives in education for cancelling sex ed. And my conservative parents for never teaching me. Because my neighbor taught me about it, I have always had a love for the cock since I was a decade old.

He told me it was used for making babies. But that more importantly it was used to have fun. He described as best he could the intense pleasure that came from an orgasm. I had yet to experience this, but he assured me I would likely have thousands, if not tens of thousands of them in my lifetime. I couldn't wait.

He said I could do it myself by stroking it. He showed me how he does it and I tried. But nothing happened. I certainly was erect and it felt good. But no orgasm. I asked him to show me. So he did. He stroked it slowly but steadily. He got me in a position where he could grab my ass and play with my cock.

So I was there on my knees with this huge cock (huge for me at the time) just inches from my face. His had grabbing my ass. He slipped a finger in my ass and I did not like it. But it apparently was what he needed because within seconds of his finger going in He shot a huge load. And I mean huge. It shot up about a foot out of his cock and splattered down on his belly.

He was there panting. His finger still two knuckles deep inside me. And All I could see was this white stuff that had erupted out of his penis. I reached out for it and touched it. It was slimy. It smelled funny, but I liked it I guess. I was turned on and that's when it happened. He must have felt my young prostate and I had my first orgasm. Just squirted right there on his floor.

I was shaking from the experience. But I was hooked. I now loved the feeling of things in my ass and could easily cum with things up there. He took his time and slowly introduced me to the world of gay sex. He didn't f***e anything. And now I love it.

The next time I was there, he lay me back on that same couch and fucked me for the first time. Slow. Steady. And he didn't cum until I had cum. What a good guy.
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6 months ago
You are sexy
6 months ago
6 months ago
6 months ago
I know the feeling. The first time an adult fucked me I came so hard I almost passed out. Enjoyed it so much I was a frequent visitor at his home every Sat and Sunday. In time he would invite his friends over and that was even more fun.
6 months ago
I've never been with a guy. But after reading your story, I'm gonna have to slip into the restroom, and take care of myself!
How old are you now? Where are you now? Hope your of age, and living somewhere close.
7 months ago
fucking hot story