Keeping the Police at bay.

His cock was sliding inside me. I was so used to having cock in my ass you wouldn't think it mattered, but each time that it was a completely new cock got me more excited. And this was the first time this cock was using my ass for fun.

This was one of the weekends at the cabin I have written about before. One of the weekends where I made a lot of extra money being a nice little cum dump for many wealthier men. The cabin was fairly secluded and near a pretty private branch of a fairly large lake. That being said it wasn't completely secluded. And this party was a little wilder than most of the other ones. It was getting to be loud.

That's the reason I was taking this new cock inside me. Apparently the neighbors were complaining about the noise and I was asked to ease the tension of the situation by helping this gentlemen release his tension in my ass. We weren't sure it would work, but my very young (but of legal age) look helped me seduce this neighbor I had never met before. Most guys won't admit it, but they like younger looking persons since they started puberty when those younger looking persons were all around them.

Anyway, here was the neighbor slaving away on my ass. My face buried in a pillow. My ass was very loose for me as I had probably already had a dozen loads pumped up me that night. But it was approaching midnight and this guy came over to complain. He's not complaining any more. He must have not cum in a month since when he did it seemed like a cup of cum came out of me. Or it could have been the backlog of loads up there finally making their way out.

He got up and thanked me. We went to different bathrooms to clean up. I sat on the toilet and made sure all the cum that was up there was deposited there. Then I cleaned myself out with a small enema. After all, I am paid to be a dirty little slut with a clean hole.

As I e****ted our new friend to the exit we were greeted by two cops when I opened the door. Our new neighbor explained that he called the police before coming over and hadn't called back to cancel the complaint since he was busy working my ass over. He told the police officers that he no longer wanted to complain and that he was heading home. It was significantly quitter at that time anyway.

So there I was trying to explain the situation of what was going on to two cops. One looked to be in pretty fit shape and the other was a little overweight. But not much. They asked what was going on there looking at the parking lot full of $80,000 and up cars. I explained that it was just a get together of like minded friends and their company. Which it really kind of was.

The cops weren't too pushy until they saw another one of my entertainer friends leaving a room completely naked with a towel cleaning his backside. That must have piqued the cops interest since they asked if they could come into the house and search. I knew they couldn't unless they had a warrant or someone invited them in. I politely declined but asked them what they would be searching for. After a short pause, the bear type of cop said "ass."

I smiled and said they could search my bedroom and my bedroom only. They agreed and I took them up to my room at the top of the stairs. Once inside, they made a cursory look around. On the side table they found a tube of lube and some condoms inside the drawer. They asked what these were for. And I said I could show them. I quickly dispensed with the shorts, tshirt, and underwear I was wearing and knelt before them. I had both their cocks in my mouth in les than 10 seconds.

As I was working on one the other would disrobe completely. Once all three of us were naked I climbed on the bed and got on my back. Lifting my legs up I exposed the red and well used ass I had to them. The younger one got in there first and starting hitting deep and hard. While that was going on, the bear flopped his short but thick cock in my face. I was being face fucked. Which meant I was getting it at both ends.

After just a few minutes of this, I could tell the cock in my mouth was ready to release. So I took a deep breath, grabbed his ass and pulled him hard to my face. He wasn't long, but long enough that he squirted right into my throat and I barely tasted or felt the cum. But the nice thing was that at that moment his partner was unleashing a nice little deluge in my ass.

This was the first time I can remember having two loads injected in me at the same time. Which is saying something since I have had hundreds of cocks and thousands of loads before. They both got off and I lay there as they got clothes back on. I thanks them for coming by and walked them to the door. Ones cum oozing out of my ass and making my cheeks slippery when I walked. The others cum I could taste as I burped a little of it up.

After they left I went back to my room and waited. After a few minutes I heard a knock on the door and it was one of our regular guests there to have his way with my ass. I greeted him and took him to my bed.
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9 months ago
Great story and the word pictures were superb. Your story brings back memories of the many parties I would be taken to as a youth of 18 and 19. The man who took me to those parties always had me wear something skimpy such as a loin cloth or a very tiny swim suit. I would serve snacks and get groped doing so and then I would end up providing sexual pleasure to all the guests. I loved those parties and really enjoyed servicing all those men.