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So many of my previous stories had me earning money to get to college. Well, here's my first story about earning money while at college.

So my sophomore year began and I had probably the sweetest deal you could find in the dorms. way off in the lower levels of the older dorms, the ones bulit in the 50's and 60's there are rooms, one per dorm, that is all by itself, behind a couple of doors and they have bathrooms to themselves. perfect for being a working college student.

So I advertised in the right places. Bulletin boards. Walls. Bars close to campus. And even early websites. Basically I said I would entertain anyone in a private room on campus where you could be (almost) as loud as you needed to be to get off. Low fees were appreciated since I was in school and I liked what I did. If I didn't like it, I'd charge more. Which is what I started doing later on. But not because I stopped liking it but because of a little economics trick I learned. If anything my cock and cum addiction gets worse as I get older.

So my typical clients were anywhere from other college students (regular ones and atheletes), employees on campus (like workers at the cafeterias, campus cops, etc), locals in town, and college professors. I have so many stories to tell, but a typical one was like this.

I had an answering machine as this was before cell phones were common and every day I would have anywhere from 5-10 messages. I would screen them by how the guy sounded and how much they offered. I would call them back if I was interested. I would set up a time and place (if they wanted to meet somewhere besides my room). Most guys were wanting a young college aged guy. Especially one who would only fuck bareback. So I would have my room nice and cleanfor the set time. If it was late and they needed me to open the locked doors to that dorm I would. They would knock and I would answer wearing the least amount of clothes I could. Gym shorts and a t-shirt most likely. I was almost always naked in my room. If it was a repeat guest, I would answer naked. Or on my knees. Or I would have the door open and I would be in whatever position they liked me in and I would be lubed up and ready to go. If that's what tey liked.

But typically I would sit them down in the chair and remove my clothes before them. Get on my knees and slowly open their clothes up. Their cocks are usually hard before this point, so I don't have to work on that. I take their cock in my mouth and work it until it's ready. Honestly, this is not my favorite part. Unless a cock is actively spurting in my mouth, I would rather have it in my ass. But I do what the Johns want.

When ready, I would take them to the bed and get in whatever position they liked. Open my legs. Spread my ass cheeks wide. Tell them to put on the least amount of lube to get the job done. And start pounding away. If they liked slow and soft, great. Hard and fast, awesome! I didn't care as long as the came and left happy. The most I did was one frat guy brought two of his pledges to me and they all three bred my ass. Both of the pledges became regulars. Something silimar happened with a black football player, but it was just a friend of his from his old school that was being recruited. I won't lie, once I was hired to recruit a football player who had hinted he was gay. When he came to visit the school, He was sent to me. He had a great time and he did end up coming to our school. I saw him pretty regularly.

Professors often used me. Afternoon breaks between classes. Meetings in their offices. I started to have dreams of me being the center of a huge gangbang. I know I had had eight guys in a 24 hour period before, but there were porn videos about this time where female porn stars were getting 250, 500, and 620 dicks in a 24 hour period. I so wanted to be the guy that took 101 bare loads. Then 200. Then 300. But, I didn't want to get into porn. Not yet.

I miss those days. Millions of anonymous sperm inside me. Oh wait. Nowadays I'm in the Billions!
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1 year ago
always better if you canmake a little cash on the side
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Would have loved to be there with you in case you got tired.
1 year ago
i would be a repeat client
1 year ago
Yum :)
1 year ago
wow that sounds awesome