Birthday Present

So as a favor to the comic book store owner, I agreed to be a birthday present. For his father. His father was going to be turning 60 and he wanted something special for his dad.

The idea was this. His father had always had a thing for boys, but had not ever acted on it. He knew his father had always wanted to have sex with a younger boy and he was going to give him his ultimate present. I would walk to his fathers house playing a, get this, Girl Scout. Selling Girl Scout cookies. I would beg and plead with his father to buy a bunch of cookies and if I got him to buy a lot, I would be his suprise little slut. Spend the night with him if it lasted that long.

So the day came and the comic shop owner picked me up and took me to his s****rs. There I was lent an older Girl Scout uniform and dolled up in some slutty makeup courtesy of the shop owners s****r. I was dropped of a couple houses down from the present recipient. I walked up to the small, well kept, house and wrang the doorbell. After a few minutes, an old man answered the door in a bathrobe.

I explained who I was and why I was there. I don't know if he believed me, but he invited me inside. I entered the house and showed my cookie samples to him. He seemed a little wary of the situation, but I kept it sweet and innocent. He agreed to order a few boxes. I thanked him and explained that if he just doubled his order, I would go ahead of my fiercest rival in the count and I would anything to beat that bitch.

With that he doubled his order and then some. He started to get some money and I explained that he didn't pay until later. But that he would get his thanks right now. He had a puzzled look. Especially when I knelt down and opened his robe. I took out his cock and stated stroking it like a pro. Which I basically was. He didn't stop me, in fact, he opened his robe up more. He revealed a rather fit older man with a very fat, but shorter cock. And by shorter, it still was probably bigger than six inches.

So there I am stroking away when I start gobbling that fat cock up. It was too big for me to really swallow, but I choked myself as best I could with that cock. he grabbed the back of my head and slowly pumped his dick in my mouth. I just let him. I let him have total control as that was part of the deal. Soon enough, he was through with that and told me to go to the back bedroom.

There I took my shoes off and skirt, but I kept my panties on and shirt. I was going to let him find the suprise. I saw him come in. He went straight to the bathroom and I saw him down a couple of pills. He then came to the foot of the bed and disrobed entirely. I got back up and started to suck his cock again. cupping balls. Licking balls. Squeezing balls.

Soon, he pushed me back on the bed and Grabbed for my shorts. He ripped them off and reveale my mid pubescent cock at full attention. I don't think he could have missed it before, but he did act suprised. It didn't stop him and he went straight to eating my ass. He lifted me up and Buried his tongue deep inside. He had to have done this before. Many times. Didn't take long before I was ready for it. So I begged him for his cock.

He obliged, getting right up on me and reaching for a bottle of lube in his nightstand. He definitely has done this before. He lubes up his cock and puts the tiniest of dabs on my anus. Didn't stop him from ramming it home balls deep with the first thrust. He had to have ripped something doing that. But it didn't matter. I was there to be his fun for the day. To be his recepticle for whatever he wanted to put in me. However many times.

He pounded away for just a few minutes. It wasn't particularly enjoyable since I was still new to fat cocks like his. I have since learned to love and appreciate the exquisite feel of having my anus ripped apart by a cock the size of a soda can. Within five minutes, he was cumming deep inside me. Well, as deep as a six inch cock can go.

Didn't matter. He had cum inside me. That's all I cared about. He caught his breath and slid out of me. Ambled to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. I lay there. He came back, got into bed and quickly fell asl**p. I stayed there. Watching TV until he awoke. So I could be his birthday present some more.
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Your stories are always amazing
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Well Done.
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nice story
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mmm hot story
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mmmm love your storie
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