First Hetero Sex

There's no doubt I love cum. I love cum when it's being shot in or on me. I don't know where I got this love. But I do have it. I do get aroused by the thing that provides the cum. A penis. Any and all. Big, small, long, short, fat, skinny, pierced, etc. As long as it's in my hands, mouth or ass, I am happy.

What's weird is I am not attracted to the man the penis is attached to. I don't get aroused walking around and seeing men or boys. I just don't. I think I happened to be introduced to the penis, not just mine, but never got into the whole "gay" thing. Except for the whole getting fucked thing. That's great.

So when I started getting attracted to a girl in my school, and she seemed to be attracted to me, I didn't know what to do. I mean, the only people I had ever had sexual relations with were guys. And I know what I had to do with girl. Where my cock went and all. But I was still nervous.

We chatted in school and after. We even happened to run into each other a few times around town. One time, I was leaving the comic book store with a fresh addition to my collection, as well as a fresh deposit in my backside, I happened to run into her. We stopped and chatted and she pointed out her home a few houses down. I walked her home and we made plans to get together that Saturday afternoon. I was excited. I had an erection not induced by a cock or cum in some way.

I Made my way to her house that next Saturday and was a little early. I knocked on the door and a man answered. I introduced myself and he said that he was her father. He asked me to come in and wait for her. He told me that she had gone out and would likely be back in an hour or so. I thought that was odd, had she forgotten about our plans? No, he said. He asked her to go out and let him have a chance to meet me before we did anything.

I understood and answered a few questions. After about 20 minutes, there was a lull in the questioning. When he started up again, he started with the fact that they were a very open f****y. That they liked to have fun with each other. When I asked what he meant, he said that they basically had an all out free for all in the f****y lifestyle. I was a bit shocked. But then he told me he thought I might be OK with it since he knew my neighbor. The one that introduced me to gay sex. At that my cock jumped. He even said that he had fucked me before during a gangbang his friend, my neighbor, hosted.

At that I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants, whipped out his cock, and started sucking. His musk of his cock and balls filled my mouth as his cock did. Didn't take long before he got me up and turned me around. He had me on my hands and knees as he lined up behind me. Grabbing my hips he pulled my ass back onto his engorged cock. There we were in the living room buck naked and getting nasty when the door opened. It was another boy, I assume an older b*****r of my date. He saw what was going on and asked if he could join in. I nodded as his dad heaved a very large load as far into my ass as could probably been possible.

The other boy, probably three to four years older than me, was already hard by the time he stripped naked. He didn't bother sticking it in my mouth or anything, just headed straight for my ass. He had me get on my back so he could hit me missionary. We positioned a pillow under the small of my back which raised my ass up to a better angle for being brutally pounded. He spat one big loogie on his cock and rubbed it around and dove right in. His cock was bigger by a good bit than his fathers and it hurt a lot more. But his dad had gone up to my arms and was holding me down. He placed his ass right in my face and kind of pushed it down. I eagerly stuck my tongue up his ass. Nit the first time I had done that.

So there I was, getting a cock in the ass, an ass in my face, and a hard cock beating on my chest. the father had gotten hard again and I could tell was feverishly beating his dick as his son hammered my ass. It probably couldn't have been timed more perfectly. At the moment his son was injecting my ass with cum, I could feel his second hot load being spit on my chest and belly. And at that moment, the mom and daughter came home.

Seeing their men working a young boys ass must have been a turn on for both of them. They might have known something like this was going to happen. the mother came up and introduced herself. Undressing as she did it. Then the son introduced himself, after the fact. My date came up and helped me stand up. She said that I must know the f****y secret now. I agreed and she was acting a little embarrassed. I said don't worry about it. She looked at me and asked if I had cum. I said, not yet. She led me to her bedroom.

She locked the door and said she wanted our first time together to just be the two of us. I sat down on her chair as she disrobed. She stood before me naked and knelt down before me. She absolutely worshiped cock. I've met lots of guys who did, but this was the first girl I had met. She brought me to the verge easily, but would let me cum. She stood up and led me to the bed. Laying down she opened her legs and exposed her lightly haired pussy. The first one I've seen in person.

I didn't know what to do. Cocks, sure, I can make them cum in minutes. But this was a different a****l. I started licking. She liked it, but still gave me tips. She certainly knew what she liked. She must have had sex each night since she had come of age. maybe earlier. I dove my tongue up there like I dove it in her dads ass. That must have worked as she was very wet and ready. I got up in position and aimed my cock at her very wet pussy. This would be my first time in a woman. I was so excited. I started to plunge it in.

She gasped and bit her lip as she clawed at my back. I started pumping into her. Her perky tits bouncing up and down were certainly more entertaining that hairy chests. I pulled her legs up to get better, deeper access. I was so excited that I came rather quickly. I felt like I shot a huge load into her pussy. And I could feel her fathers and her b*****rs cum squeezing out of my ass. I'm sure they had both cum inside her, too. But this was my first heterosexual orgasm. First of many. We giggled and laughed as my cock slowly shrunk inside her. I got up and laid next to her. kissing and fondling each other.

We could hear more noises from the living room. Where I had just been the object of three cumshots myself. We opened the door and saw her b*****r lying on the floor with the mom on top while the dad was working her in the ass. What an awesome DP I thought. At that moment the mom called me over. She took my cock into her mouth. Looked up at me and said that she could taste my cum and her daughters pussy juices. Just the thought of that made my cock spurt again, all over her mothers face. Then the others came inside her, as well.

What a first date.
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1 year ago
Well done! Enjoyed it. Hope there's more. Thanks for the post.
2 years ago
you forgot to add the bit about how you found a lottery ticket that won you $100 million on the way home, where you found a letter from the president inviting you to the whitehouse where he offered you his job, and starting QB position at the redskins.
2 years ago
you should marry that girl
2 years ago
amazing story