I was the prize

So the comic book store owner that had been working my backside a lot had an offer for me. The pics of me he had taken he had shown to some of his friends and they were interested in meeting me. I told him I would love to meet them, but I'd need something in return. Don't get me wrong, nothing is quite like having a cock spurt hot frothy cum deep inside you. That's one of the best feelings ever, but if I can get something more out of it, I would.

His offer was this. He hosted a card game every couple of weekends and wanted me to be a server during it. He said that there were usually five guys there and three of them, besides himself, had seen the pics he had taken of me. And he said each of them were interested in meeting, and fucking, me.

I was very open to the idea of serving guys beers and food, especially if I could make some money doing it and then in the end, getting it in the end, that would just be an awesome bonus. I quickly accepted.

So Friday night comes and I show up a little before the rest of them. First thing I did was drop my bag off in the spare bedroom I was going to be fucked in. Then the guys each showed up withing about a 15 minute period. I was introduced to each. And I could tell which was the one that hadn't seen pictures of me as he was the only one without that lustful "I am gonna fuck the shit out of you" look in his eyes.

The shop owner told me that his friend that hadn't seen the pics had never hinted he was gay or leaned that way, but he knew the rest of the guys had done and liked that stuff. He also asked that about an hour into the poker, he'd announce that I was the final prize and wanted me to be naked from that point on to help raise the pot. And whoever had the biggest pot at the end of the night got to have me. And I would get half the pot in cash. I was so totally ready for that.

The poker started. The beer and food was delivered. Four of the guys would take little pinches of my butt.trying to grope me a bit. Then the shop owner announced the deal and at that moment I walked in stark naked. Each guy seemed to start drooling at that moment. Except the one non-gay. He looked puzzled. So didn't push it with him.

So the guys would start bidding more and taking more risks. The they started paying me for little favors at the table. First one paid me a $5 to sit on his lap for a hand. Then another paid me $10 to "bless his cards for that hand by rubbing them with my dick. Then another paid me $20 to just lick the pre-cum out of his dick. And he had quite a lot. He was really ready for it since his underwear was sticky with pre-cum and he still oozed a lot.

But something was happening. I noticed that the one guy who was not gay was doing his best, it seemed, to win every hand. He clearly had the most money an hour later. He also didn't ask me to do anything the others were. He was really concentrating.

Sure enough, he was the final winner. He had over $300 in winnings. Which meant that half of that was mine as long as I let him spew his wad inside my hole. Before the table was cleaned up he grabbed my hand and led my naked body to the bedroom. He wasted no time in getting undressed and shoving his cock in my mouth. He was more than half hard and was literally fucking my face. Luckily he wasn't huge or I'd have been in real trouble.

He got hard enough, I guess, and picked me up and threw me on the bed. he didn't even waste time lubing up. My slobber on his knob must have been enough for him. It wasn't for me as he f***ed his cock past my brown hole and started fucking me hard before I was really ready. I really was being forcibly fucked. Can't call it **** as it was what I had signed up for and wasn't really fighting it. I reached down and pushed my cock back and stroked it as best I could being pushed down on the bed.

Soon he came. It really didn't take long and I have to say I really didn't enjoy it. But he did at least do my favorite thing. He left a nice thick load as deep as he could get it. He got up. Got dressed. Said thanks as I lay there. I didn't move as he did all this. Just let his cum slowly ooze out of me. He left and I think left the house within a few minutes.

With that, one of the other guys came in and asked if he could fuck me for $100. I looked up and saw his cock already out and immediately said yes. Eventually all the others came in with there cocks out. They took their turns fucking my recently ****d ass. All bare. Which is how I like it. They each left at least one load in my ass and a couple made sure to muster enough juice back for a load down my throat. I was so satisfied that I had to blow a load of my own as the shop owner was pumping me missionary. I couple of ropes of my cum even hit me in my face. Which the others near my face made sure that they spread that cum around and beat their cocks against my face.

I made over $500 that night.
95% (24/1)
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1 year ago
When I was young and in the Navy I was asked to go to a number of parties and the ones I enjoyed the most were the poker parties. They played strip poker with a twist. I never played cards with them, I just served snacks and drinks. The winner of each hand would remove one article of clothing from me and this would continue until I was completely naked. After that each winner was allowed to grope me until the next winner. Then I was placed under the table and began sucking each winners cock. They sure played fast because I was sucking one cock for a few minutes, then I would have to suck someone else. Then I was made to sit on the winners cock until the next hand. I loved those parties and went as often as I could.
2 years ago
Super story and something like that happened to me when I was around 18 only the men were playing bridge and I was the toy to the man who was the dummy during that hand. When the game was over they played when they called was "Round Robin". I laid on the bed and and each man position themelves around me so I had a cock in each hand, one in my mouth and one in my ass and after a minute or two someone would yell "switch" and all the men would rotate one position to their left. That was kind of fun.
2 years ago
you have the best adventures
2 years ago
Nothing like a good poker game! Would gladly join the table (and the bed!)
2 years ago
Very nice work...wish i was young again!