How I got my comic book collection

As a young boy going through puberty I had hormones raging. I liked girls, but was pretty much a dork. And I knew it. But men who like boys were all about me. I was brought into the fold of gay sex by my neighbor. He made sure not to f***e it. He got me to where I liked it and sought it out on my own.

One of the things most boys did was read comic books and graphic novels. I was no exception. I would walk the few blocks to my local comic book store and buy the few comics I could afford. Maybe 3 to 4 a week. Now this comic book store was very small, in a small shopping center off of a moderately busy street. No a whole lot of traffic. It was filled from floor to ceiling with boxes of comics and magazines and it was the shop owners personal collection that was there.

He was a regular guy, nothing special. No major distinguishing features. But he was always there. I think he might have lived in the back of the store actually. His car was always there. Even when the store was closed.

Kind of in the back of the store, on top of a fairly tall counter, was a box of sexually oriented comics. The few times I sneaked peaks in there I always was aroused. It was a kind of mix of all types just thrown into this box. One time while sneaking a pic the owner caught me. He really didn't say anything but I knew he saw me in there. When I was finished and paying for the two comics I had, he told me, since there was no one else in the store, that he'd let me look at some of those if I wanted. I immediately said yes.

He let me grab some and Go to the back of the store. I sat on a couch and he let me have a coke. Someone else came into the store and he stayed out front. I flipped through each one. I think I grabbed five. And when I got to the last one, it was a gay comic. I opened it up and started reading. It was an easy read with lots of comic fuckery. When he came back from the front, he saw me with a clear erection reading. He grabbed a coke and sat down, too. He asked if I liked that one the best and I said yes.

Then he asked if he could take some polaroid pictures of me. I was so turned on I didn't hesitate. Each picture of the 10 or so was in less and less clothing. Soon I was down to my tighty whitey underwear with my dick stretching it out. There was a clear pre-cum spot right there. I Got into a missionary position where you could clearly see my bulging wet shorts.

Finally the last two shots he had. I pulled off my underwear and got on my hands and knees on the couch. Erection dangling down. Ass cheeks open slightly exposing my target. I arched my back and stuck my ass up. He took a picture. Before I could move he told me to stay there. He walked in front of me and pulled his pants down. His cock was hard and pointing right at me. I took it into my mouth and started sucking. Tilting my head slightly, I looked up at the camera. He snapped the pic.

As soon as that was done he put down the camera and took off the rest of his clothes. He grabbed the back of my head and started to test how far his cock would go down my throat. I did my best but got him extra hard. Soon I got done and laid down on my back. I climbed on top of me and grabbed a bottle of lube. Slicked up his cock and put a drop on my hole. Without any hesitation, he slid his cock right in there. He looked at me and said, "you've done this before." I said to him "don't stop fucking me until you cum." He started pumping my ass pretty hard. He clearly was very enthusiastic about it. Sweat forming on his forehead. He told me to beat my cock for him.

I grabbed my cock and started stroking in time with his pounding. The pre-cum dripping on my chest. I could feel my orgasm coming and I knew my ass was grabbing his cock. He liked it. As the first rope of cum spewed from my cock I could feel his warm cum shoot in me. We each spasmed about nine or ten times. A mess of my own cum om my chest and his seed frothing inside me.

He pulled out and stood up. Grabbed a towel and tossed it to me while cleaning his cock off with another. I wiped off my chest and sat up and squeezed out his cum out of my ass. He put the gay comic I had been reading in a bag and said I could keep it.

With that we had an agreement. Once a week I'd come by and he'd lock up. Fuck me this way and that. And I'd leave with free comics. He even hooked me up with a couple of friends who didn't have comics to offer, so they paid me cash. I still go by often to earn some comic books. My collection is huge.
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4 months ago
Great story. What a hot fantasy!
11 months ago
Ohhh man thats hot !!!
11 months ago
Man ! That was a hot ass story.
1 year ago
Fantastic story. I remember when I was seduced by an older man when I was a teen and it was fantastic. I ended up at his home every Sat. and Sunday posing for pics and having sex with him. It turned out even better when he would invite his friends over to pose with me and the first time I had a cock in my mouth and ass at the same time I thought I died and went to heaven.
2 years ago
lucky guy
2 years ago
still like this story
2 years ago
que delicia..., amei!!!
2 years ago
Great story must be fine to have a friend like that
2 years ago
Tell us more please. The first time you were paid cash.......
2 years ago
2 years ago
This is good stuff. Have any more for us?