Camping Gangbang

So my next door neighbor, the one who introduced me to the world of gay sex when I was too young, got ahold of me. He told me he and about three friends were going to go to a friends cabin near the lake about two hours away. Not only that, but his son was going to go. Needless to say I was in. I told my parents I was camping with friends and off we went early in the summer.

He and I drove with his son, who was a couple of years younger than me, and were to meet his friends there. While were stopped at a convenience store on the way out of town, I asked if we were going to have a lot of "fun" this weekend and he responded quickly "definitely." So then I asked if his son was going to be involved. He said, "no, we'd wait until he was asl**p." I had wondered if he had been doing things with his son. I hoped not. Maybe his friends were. I don't know. I had a little bit of a weird feeling at that point.

When we arrived at the lake I was surprised to see it wasn't a small cabin, but rather a large luxurious home. My neighbor met his friend who owned the house after unloading the car and I saw him looking me over. That got me excited. Luckily his son seemed not to notice.

The two of us, my neighbors son and I, had our own bedroom and settled in. He got out a game system and started playing and I unpacked. After I finished I saw that my neighbors son had fallen asl**p so I went downstairs. I met our host as my neighbor was talking to him and he instantly smiled. After just a few words I knew I wanted to suck this guys cock right then and there. So as they were talking I knelt down and opened up both of their zippers. Whipping out their cocks I started to stuff each of them in my mouth. They stopped talking long enough to moan a bit. The hosts cock wasn't huge, but a nice size, and tasted very nice. And I was very used to my neighbors cock. I looked up and asked how many more cocks I could look forward to that night. They said four almost at the same time.

I was stroking their cock in synch with my waiting mouth open and tongue out. Soon, I could tell that my neighbor was about to cum. I quickly curled my tongue around his head. Just as he spasmed once, I could tell the host was ready. I quickly stuffed both cock heads in my mouth and the cyclic spurts on my tongue got me so hard. I let them finish and squeezed the last drops out of both cocks. Swallowing both loads and cleaning my dribble, I was ready for more. But was tired and went upstairs to bed.

When I awoke, I could hear more male voices downstairs and knew the party was starting. I noticed my neighbors son was in the bathroom as my neighbor knocked on the door. I opened it and he beckoned me out. I went out and he explained that they were wanting to see if his son would like to get involved like I started doing a few years prior. I felt kind of odd as if I were ruin an innocent young boy. But he reminded me that these guys would go about it like they did with me. Not pushy. They don't want to ruin anyone. So I said I'd broach the subject with him.

When I got back in the room, he was out of the bathroom. I started talking with him about basic stuff, trying to broach the subject. Finally I just came out and told him. I said that his father and I had been having sex, for fun, for years. He looked shocked. Not surprisingly. I told him that it really was fun. I am not emotionally attached to any guy I have sex with, and sometimes, they give me money. When I told him I used the money for toys and comic books he got excited at that. Then I told him that he should watch me have sex with someone. You know, to see how it works. He agreed and hid in the closet.

I went out and found the host first. He quickly introduced me to the other guys but I told him the situation. That I needed someone to come fuck me so that my neighbors k** could see how fun it was. That that might help convince him. He agreed and said one of them would be up there shortly. I got excited and dashed back upstairs. I told him to hide, made sure the lights were on and that he had a good view.

I heard the door open and turned to see, my neighbor! I started to get worried but he stepped forward and pulled off my shirt and pulled down my shorts before I could say anything. Then he whipped out his all to familiar cock and gently pushed the back of my head to his crotch. The smell of his member got me going and I stated sucking his balls. Completely forgetting that his son was watching. Soon his cock was hard. He knew my ass was ready. I jumped up on the bed and lifted my legs over my head. He quickly greased up his rod and lined up. With practiced precision and an open hole, he slid in deeply. I groaned a bit and threw my head back. He started pumping. Feverishly banging my ass. Slapping his balls against me he soon spewed probably his 100th load deep into my ass. I love being bred.

He collapsed on me and caught his breath. Slid out and his still slick pecker, covered in cum, flopped between my cheeks. I remembered that his son had been watching. I looked to the closet and saw him watching. From his angle he could easily have seen his fathers cock pumping into me. His dad got up, said thanks, and got dressed to leave.

I laid there stroking my cock, cum slowly oozing out of me as he opened the door to come out. He looked at me, then down to my open and probably bright red loosened hole with frothy cum. He said, and it surprised me, that it looked fun and wanted to do it soon. I said cool, I was glad he thought it looked fun. Then he said something that surprised me even more.

He said he wanted me to do it first. I told him that he'd probably be able to sell his virginity to one of those guys downstairs for a lot of money. He said he didn't care, he felt comfortable if I did it. At that he grabbed my cock from me and started stroking it. Clumsily.He moved down and put it in hos mouth.. I had been sucked before, but this was special. This meant something to me, too. I started to pump his face. He choked a bit and I held off. But soon he was taking his clothes off.

We were naked, young, nubile boys. Bodies touching. Erect penis' in mouths and hands. Soon, I got him in position to do what I wish more guys would do before fucking me. I opened his ass cheeks and began eating his ass. I wanted it to be very relaxed for his first time. After a few minutes of my favorite foreplay, I greased up my own pole. We were in the same position that his father had fucked me in just a few minutes before. I aimed at his virgin ass. Placed my cock head right there. And with one hand holding his hips and the other holding my cock, I pushed. He gasped and pulled away a bit.I held him firm. He looked at me with scared eyes. I hushed and told reminded him it would hurt first, but feel great later. He suffered through it.

I started to go in slowly, remembering my first time, I tried to mimic that. Gentle, yet just a little f***eful. soon I was fucking him. His boy cock a little limp now that I was actually penetrating him. I'm sure it was hurting him as I am pretty big. But he took it like a champ. Soon I could tell he was starting to enjoy it. How? His cock had stiffened again. That made me more excited and I started thrusting harder. But, as a young boy, I have still not learned true control. I shot my evidence inside him. I could feel his fathers own goo seeping out of me. I collapsed on top of him and caught my breath. Just like his father had done before me.

With that he looked at me and said it was awesome. I was glad it could be fun for him. We got up, cleaned up, and went downstairs to the main room. Naked. We were the subject of a four day long Man-boy cum fest. I would say that I had at least 10 partners shoot 20 loads in me. and I would say my new partner in crime had more. And we made a pretty penny, too.
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1 year ago
Great stories.Love them all.
Gangbanging has been a fantasy of mine for years,and can't wait for my first one.
1 year ago
2 years ago
great story!
2 years ago
Great story had me hard by the time the kid went in the closet (pun intended) by the time you two were naked, I had to hold back from busting a load ;} Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago

2 years ago
good boys
2 years ago
A great story, good of you to start him off.
2 years ago
Now it was your turn to be the teacher hope your relationship grows
2 years ago
That's pretty hot. Got me hard and blew my sissy cum everywhere thank you xxx
2 years ago
2 years ago
more please
2 years ago
Loved it. more please~ hehe :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
keep righting love it .wear some pantys in the next one plizzz
2 years ago
mmmmm very hot,waits for more
2 years ago
I'm not gay but I loved that!
2 years ago
Hot hot more please
2 years ago
Mmm yes another wonderful story, more please so fucking hot.
2 years ago
Cant wait for my 1st time!!!!