First legal time

I had been having gay sex for about 6 years with multiple partners. Yes, the first times I had been u******e and therefore i*****l. But gay sex is i*****l in my state anyway, so this story is i*****l, technically.

Like I said, I was no newbie to gay sex. I had had dozens of encounters before. The first times I was coerced into it and initially didn't like it. But the guys that showed be how it was done were generally pretty cool. They did like u******e boys, but they weren't about to make it bad for me. Their goal was to get me to like it. And it worked!

I had a couple of regulars that I met once or twice a week. At school. The comic book store. The arcade (this was back when stand-up video games were most popular). But the guy who started it all was my neighbor from across the street. He had actually caught me with his son when I was too young to know what the hell I was doing. He confronted me about it and ended up teaching me the ropes. Not that that was necessarily a cool thing to do to an u******e k**, but at least it wasn't his son.

Anyway, this story goes back to the week I turned 16. I had had sex probably two times already that week, but I wasn't about to turn down more. Both my parents worked, so I had the home to myself during the summer. I woke up with a hard on, of course, and promptly started to stroke it. My cock is big. Not huge, but big and I produced prodigious amounts of pre-cum. I was squeezing out big drops and smearing it down my cock. I was just about to start really beating it when I heard the car door slam and it was my main regular from next door. Why masturbate when what I really wanted was to get fucked hard. So I stood up immediately and went to the window to call to him. Which I did. Naked. Before I realized he wasn't alone. It looked like he had a business partner with him.

I shut the window quickly and hoped I hadn't gotten him in trouble. But less than a minute later, there was a knock on the door. I looked and it was my neighbor and his friend! I quickly put on some clothes and went to answer the door. I was embarrassed and hoped I could get away with not getting in trouble. But I really didn't know the troupble I was in for.

My neighbor asked how I was doing. "Fine" I said. He introduced me to his friend. It was a long time business partner that was in town and he wanted to have lunch next door. But then he saw me and wanted to see what I had to offer him. I immediately let them in and took them to my room. My neighbor was undressed quickly since he knew my room well. (As I knew his, and his pool, and his living room, and his car, etc.) I was on my knees with my neighbors cock in my mouth instantly. I was working on his friends zipper as I sucked. He dropped his pants revealing nice silk boxers and I had my hand in there. Then I realized what I was going to be dealing with.

My neighbors friend had a thick, and I mean thick, cock. It was like a Coke can. (we later actually compared it to a coke can and it was only slightly less thick) I had my hard grasped around it and was trying to pull it out of his shorts. Gasping and gagging as I already had a hard cock in my mouth. I tried to pull it out. But I couldn't get it through the boxers cock hole. So I just pulled down the boxers.

Oh my god was this cock huge. It wasn't even fully erect and it was probably nine inches long. And thick like I mentioned. By now my neighbor had moved back. We had shifted to the bed and I was on my knees. He was eating and licking my ass as I attempted to put his friends cock in my mouth. Which just wasn't going to fit. I got it hard. Which didn't take all that much since he was really horny. By now my neighbor was shoving his good sized cock deep in my love hole. He was gripping my cheeks and slapping my ass as he worked my hole. Which really was just a warmup for his friend.

Again, I tried to take the huge cock in my mouth. But I really couldn't do it. So he took to just smacking my face and neck and head with his little cock bat. I was moaning loudly as my insides were being pounded by the cock that introduced me to gay sex 6 years ago. That cock and my ass are great friends, so it was like having a housewarming party in my ass as he splooged deep inside of me. Man that felt good. My neighbor took a moment to catch his breath and turned me over to his friend. Saying "I have fucked this ass for years, now it's your turn."

With that, the friend had me get on my back and He got on top of me. I lifted my legs up and pulled them as far back as I could get. I was trying to get in the best position I could to take that at least 11 inch b**st. He got up above me and started to beat my already red hole with his cock. The mass of it, so heavy, I knew this was going to be good.

Since my ass was already lubed with a large load of cum, he just went ahead and f***ed his way in. No stopping. My neighbor was holding me down because I was trying to scoot away. I had taken miles of cocks in the past, but this one was by far the biggest. And he let me know it. He started sliding in slowly. But even slowly couldn't keep it from hurting. Smoothly he was pumping. Increasing his tempo gradually. Soon, I was wincing in pain, but not fighting it. I let him have it. I looked up at his. My hand wrapped around the back of his head, looked him in the eye, and said "go for it." With that he unleashed a torrent of cock pounding. It had to be going deep enough to where he'd be cumming in the back of my throat when he came. His balls, which I had forgotten to mention, were literally the size of large lemons and were making their presence known by bruising the small of my back. I could tell he was getting ready to unleash inside me when I looked at me, held his breath, and gave a couple last pushes. With this, my cock started squirting on it's own accord. I wasn't even touching it as I was too busy bracing myself from this pummeling. He collapsed on top of me. Panting. Grunting. Catching his breath.

Finally he slid out. Cock half the size. My ass hurting, but I could feel the hot semen inside me. I turned over and lay on my side. I reached down and touched the cum that was slowly oozing out and realized there was already a puddle of cum beneath my receptacle. They got dressed, thanked me, and said they would stop by again soon. I smiled and just laid there. God I love cock.
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2 years ago
Great story made me cum thanks
2 years ago
Great story man. Wish I was there.
2 years ago
So fucking hot.......
2 years ago
WoW! Hot story, got me hard as a rock.
2 years ago
love it loveee it
2 years ago
Well Done!
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story mmmm