Penis And Masturbation Survey

Age: 17
Body Type: Slim, Some tone
Grower or Shower: I'd say I'm a Shower but I also Grow like 2ish Inches..
Hard Length/Girth: 7 Inches, and I dont know the girth but I'm pretty wide
Soft Length/Girth: Around 3 to 4 Inches long
Do you consider it big, small or medium: Medium Big :)
How big compared to your b*****rs (if you have them): Soft i'd say around the same size as my b*****rs if not a little bigger
How many other boy's penises have you seen: In person, around 6 or so
What's the biggest you've seen? They were all soft, Besides my own i'd say my step-b*****rs.
What color is your shaft: Light Skin Colored
What color is your Head: I'd say a light pink
Are you confident with your penis: Of course!
How big are your balls: I'd say Medium
What color is your ballsack: Darker Skin Colored
Do your balls hang lower than your soft penis: Yes!
How hairy is your sack: It's not, I shave it off!
How big are they compared to other boy's you've seen: I'd say they're average
How much do you cum: Depends on how Horny I am, If I've waited a couple days to masturbate and Im really turned on its Alot. Sometimes it's a little, Sometimes Medium.
What's the most you've came in one day: Around 3 or 4 times
How thick: It's Thick, but If I let it sit it starts to run
Shoot or dribble: I shoot and then I dribble to rest out
Do you feel your balls clench when you cum: I haven't paid attention to them
If you've ever seen another boy's cum, how did it compare: I'd say I come the same if not more from what I've seen of my step-b*****rs cum
Do you like others to see your penis: Its fun!
Do you like looking at other's: Fuck yes!
Ever post nudes online: I have pictures!
Do you masturbate: Of Course!
Which hand do you masturbate with: My right, sometimes my left though
Ever jacked off in public: I've jacked off walking home from school, Outside plenty of times, and In the school bathroom
Ever taught someone to masturbate: No but I really want to!
Did someone teach you: I've had older siblings and my dad talk about it and I learned myself
Do you cover up in the locker room or let it swing: I haven't been in the situation yet, but I'd let it swing
Ever flashed someone: My girlfriend if that counts
Have you ever been Caught Masturbating: Yep, I don't think most of them noticed when they've walked in on me, and I've been caught Dick-In-Hand watching Porn by a f****y friend.
Have you ever Caught someone Masturbating: I've caught my step b*****r jacking off multiple times, I've purposely fake-fell asl**p just to stay up and watch him jack off to porn and then shoot his load
Weirdest place you've masturbated: At a best-friends house, He was showing my some porn the night before - I woke up the next morning horny, while they were all asl**p I put on some porn, and busted all over some white towels I found
Ever Used a Sex Toy: I've used 2 of my dads "Pocket Pussies" multiple times, and I've owned my own Fleshlight!
100% (2/0)
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