Bitter...But Oh So Sweet

As I sit here and write this I think to myself...this is still one of the most...well, when you read it you'll see what I'm talking about.

Around the same week I met a sexy BBW & a Atlethic yet thin guy:

She had chocolate skin, huge tits, a huge clit that stood straight up (she showed me via pics) & a thick ass that made you want to just bite it! She was very pretty in the face as well.

He was toned everywhere! His stomach was filled with muscle, his skin was carmel & smooth, HIS DICK WAS HUGE!

I talked to both of them eveyday. I was more of a friend to him and we saw eachother often just to hang out and laugh and crack jokes. He was a cool guy and I could tell him everything. With her things were different. We both knew we wanted to be as discreet as possible and she wanted a semi-real relationship with me. She called everyday during her break. We talked every nite and sometimes had a little phone fun ;) She kept me entertained and we had never even touched eachother.

One day he called me up and was feeling low so I told him I was coming over so we could crack a few jokes and play a video game or two. I arrived and he was very happy to see me. He was playing the game and was started to talk, laugh & just have fun. I got a little tired so I threw myself across his bed. He got quiet and continued to stare. He all of a sudden began to ask me about my encounters with women. He asked if it was true that women can lick pussy better than men. My face was kinda stuck in place as I replied "everyone eats pussy different." He asked "how do you like yours licked?" I was wondering what was up with all these damn questions?! I gave him all the details as he sat in a chair across the room. His dick started to get hard and I could see the print through his jeans. "I see that got you a little excited" I said and laughed. He replied with the look of sex in his eyes "I want to eat your pussy so bad, but we're friends. If I take it there then what?" I let him know he would be doing a friend a favor. Hell, I needed some head! He told me to take my pants & panties off & spread my legs. "Damn, youre wet as hell! You were ready for me huh?" I smiled and said nothing at all. I looked down and he released this long snake like tounge and began flicking it across my clit. "OH SHIT! IF I KNEW YOURE TOUNGE WAS LIKE THIS..." I got wetter and wetter. He kept hearing me moan. I tried to hold back, but I started to get a little loud and shove my pussy in his mouth. "Be quiet. Im not home alone" He said it so fast & in between licks....THEN HE STOPPED! "What's wrong?!" I asked. "I want to fuck you. I wanna feel your pussy wrapped around my dick. Youre wet as hell I gotta have some of this." "Get it. What are you waiting for?" He was ready! He grabbed 2 condoms from his drawer (ALWAYS PLAY IT SAFE PPL) and proceeded to put 1 on. His dick was so thick I was nervous he was going to hurt me. With his first stroke his eyes rolled in the back of his head. "You got some good ass pussy. Damn!" He kept fucking me, stopping frequently so he wouldnt cum before me. I started rubbing my clit while he dug his big dick deeper into my pussy. "I feel that pussy tightening up around my dick. Youre about to cum? Cum all over my dick so I can cum. Cum for me baby" Hearing him talk dirty to me as he fucked me made me explode! I let out a loud moan & let him fuck me harder. "Im about to cum!" He gave me 1 last HARD & DEEP thrust. He got up and told me how good it was. It was a little awkward because we didnt want to cross that line, but we did.

We got ourselves together and walked into the kitchen and I heard a woman talking on the phone. He began to tell her to come and meet his friend. I was embarrassed that I had gotten fucked while someone was home so I kept my eyes down. She walked into the kitchen and gave me a look. I glanced at her quickly. "Your coat is so cute." She said it with anger in her voice and walked away. He looked at me and I looked at him and he shrugged.

Later that nite my sexy BBW txt me as usual. She asked how my day had been and what I had done that day. I repiled "Nothing. It was fine." Then she called. "Are you sure you didnt do anything today baby?" She said with anger in her voice. "Yeah, I just hung with a friend and that was it." "Youre just like a man. Youre lying to me already! So you didnt go over a guy's house & fuck him today?" "Yes I did, but how would you know that unless you know him or you were following me!" "I know him! How could you and I really liked you" She hung up on me so I called him. I asked him about the woman and he didnt know what I was talking about. I texted her and asked who he was to her while on the phone with him. I gave him her name and he gasped. " do you know her?!" "We talk." "LET ME CALL YOU BACK!" He was pissed! Then I got a text...

"HE'S MY b*oTHER."

I was floored! The girl I refused to look in the eye today was my sexy BBW friend I talked to daily! I immeadiately called her back. She answered "YOU LOOKED IN MY FACE TODAY AFTER FUCKING MY b*****r AND ACTED LIKE YOU DIDNT KNOW ME! AND AFTER ALL THAT YOU TOLD HIM I LIKED GIRLS. I TOLD YOU MY f****y DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THAT. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" I was so shocked yet I was an asshole about it and replied "At least you two have good taste".

Days later he called and we remained in touch for a while. He said he never wanted to talk about his s****r being bi or even the fact that his s****r and him wanted the same woman.

Her on the other hand, well, she never spoke to me again.

He slowly did the same.
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1 month ago
1 month ago
All I can say is WOW...
5 months ago
Damn that was very arousing. Thank you for sharing another gem.
5 months ago
Damn, that was hard... But you are great at telling the story...
3 years ago
3 years ago
i wish i could meet you, and i dont have a sister to worry about.
3 years ago
this is something else
3 years ago
damn! i was hard reading it,but wow, life's complicated sometimes ;-)