The Voyers That Got Away...

After graduating HS I became the girl that the guys I went to school with were curious about. 1 of them was 1 of my biggest crushes. He was twin and I was so into this weird little dude.

We crossed paths again while I was out 1 day and attending an event wit my s****r and we exchanged numbers. The look he gave me let me know why he wanted to exchange numbers. He wanted to fuck me. He knew it, I knew it & it was damn sure gonna happen!

The first time we got together he was shy,but so ready. He picked me up and we grabbed a bite to eat and I was just having a nite out with nothing in mind...then he kissed me. Needless to say...he was a horrible kisser, but I led the way. He moved down to my neck while playing with my nipples. I was dripping wet by then. I wanted to show him how much I wanted him and reached inside his pants and pulled out his dick. It was very long...I'M TALKING A FOOT LONG! the problem was that it was so fucking thin! I began to suck and stroke it wanting him to cum inside my mouth, but it was like sucking a straw. He was excited for a while then stopped me. I let him know I wasn't use to a dick that thin. He wasn't mad or anything he just bent me over & fucked my wet pussy until he screamed out "FUCK!" We called it a nite after that.

I saw him again later that week he took me deep in the wooded area of a dark park. We were alone and that turned me on. I could scream and get ass naked if I chose to. We teased eachother for a while. He licked my pussy and got my very juicy and I sucked his dick in the middle of the road. He took my head and shoved me into the car telling to what to do and how to do it. Oh shit! How did he know I like this kind of kinky shit? He started fucking me hard and fast. My ass and pussy was exposed. Then he said "Someone's coming" A couple was taking a walk looking for a place to fuck. They looked as if they didn't mind so he kept fucking me. The guy stoped turned to his girlfriend and said "We should get in on that. You wana go fuck with them?" She kept pulling away and said "No." He wasn't trying to hear that. He asked my friend if they could join us. He didn't know what to say...he asked me if it was ok. I yelled out to the guy "You can come fuck me and I can fuck her!" He started to come towards us and she got scared and started saying "I'm scared. We dont know them". He wanted to exchange numbers, but she wasn't having it.


Damn, why did we let the get away? What if they hadn't?
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5 months ago
Short but sweet, had me hard as hell.
11 months ago
One of those missed opportunities....smh
1 year ago
Nice story.. Short and sexy as fuck.. Thanks for the wood
1 year ago
damn that was hot
2 years ago
Great stories I have read every single one of them
2 years ago
good story but you needed a 11 inch BBC,I got one you con suck on,just a suggestion!!.
2 years ago
too short story...
and you missed the details about the place you where fucked
and the how many tries was around you and what u was wear and what he was wear plus when it started in the beginning of the night or at the end :P:P:P
2 years ago
Did the long thin dick let your pussy grab it completely and drain his balls of all his cum?
2 years ago
you are so freaky and i love it
2 years ago
Good stuff pity about ur straw