Scary but exciting morning

At 7:40am,

My loving wife decided this morning before she left for work that she would tease me a little bit. I was laying in bed and she came in and grabbed my butt and rubbed my cheeks. I thought that was very nice as I sighed in approval. She even gave me a few mild spankings too. Then, I feel her start rubbing my asshole, which actually felt very nice and stood me straight up almost instantly. She stopped for about a minute, which at this time, I thought she was done teasing and getting ready for work. Boy was I wrong.

All of a sudden, I feel this overpowering f***e that I cannot describe. All I can say is that something didn't feel normal. Not knowing what exactly was going on, I asked her, "What was that?" She says, "What was what?" Way to play stupid and deny what she was doing. She clearly knows that she just rammed something the size of a bus up my ass. There's no way she can deny it.

(background info) Turns out that she had desensitizing lube on her finger when she rubbed my hole. She also apparently had a lot of the same lube coating what she jammed in me. No wonder I could barely feel anything in the form of pain. I just felt a great deal of discomfort.

She then proceeded to thrust the object slowly inwards and outwards. This was when I started to really feel uncomfortable. I wanted her to stop, but something else told me to let her have her fun and try to enjoy this. Since she would have to leave for work any minute, I just let her continue and held my breath. The thrusting became more intense as she really came onto it. Suddenly, she yanks the thing all the way out and then rams it all the way back in. Ouch! She thrusted some more and then yanked it back out again. She then aggressively shoved it in all the way and yanked it back out repeatedly for what felt like an eternity.

Then, just as quickly as it all began, it stopped. I just laid there on the bed trying to recover from and understand what had just happened. My asshole was just throbbing from the whole experience. Then, just as it began before, I felt, yet again, something else but much worse. She rammed something shorter but much wider inside of me. I assume it must be some sort of a buttplug, as I haven't the nerve to haul it out. My luck, I wouldn't be able to get it back in before she comes home for lunch. She said I have to leave it in until she says I can take it out.

Now, after about an hour and a half with something stuck up my butt, I can honestly say that you can [almost] get used to it. I can totally feel it up there, but I am actually able to move around and even sit with mild discomfort. I just hope I don't have to go to the bathroom.

She also just texted me, "Relax and leave it in....... You think that hurts........ Wait till later this evening."

Now I'm very concerned. But honestly, how does she expect me to relax with this thing in. Not to mention, the bewildering notion of something worse.

[update] As it turns out, this is what was rammed and thrusted up my butt earlier today.
It can be found here:
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