Imagine... So Far into Woods part 2

Exhausted, you have long since ceased your struggles. The spanking continues, gentle slaps on tender flesh. Now that resistance has ceased the spanking is gentle again, more symbolic of your utter submission than true punishment. I follow each slap with a tender, erotic caress on your vulnerable pussy. You begin to moan. Soft moans are punctuated with short, sharp gasps as a slap interrupts the caress.
Caress... Spank.
Moan... Gasp.
Louder moans as tension builds, the muscles of your stomach and vagina slowly tighten. I sense your impending climax and move to your ass, not letting you cum. You willingly rotate your hips. The finger in your ass no longer required, I slowly sodomize you with it. Your pussy completely accessible now, I continue the pussy stoking/spanking. This time, mercifully, I don't stop...

It's a hot summer day, sun shining and a cooling breeze blows. I am washing you in cool water. You relish firm, strong massage on your soapy body. A full body massage. Totally relaxed, trusting, you allow me to move you. My massage is expert. I move your bones, testing the limits of your freedom of movement, not exceeding comfort, just pleasant extension. I pull on your arms and legs. Cradle your head, pulling gently, rocking it back and forth. Stretching, then rubbing one muscle group, then it's complement. It feels wonderful. Special attention to the parts made tender. Gentle, healing, loving touch. Thumbs press into the soles of your feet. Face massage: Lips. Temples. Forehead. Eyes lightly circled. Sun warmed water poured over you, rinsing. I admire your clean, supple body. Supporting your head, I lean over you, hand resting easily on your throat, and press my lips to yours. Our first kiss. And another. Moving around. Nibbling, kissing, licking, tasting, I move down your body. I nibble on your breasts, then continue downward. Somehow, you find the strength to open your legs. Knees rise as I find your pussy. Such a wet kiss, gentle and loving, it's hard to believe I'm capable of spanking you there. Sun beats down, heat builds, you begin a slow grind, sweating. When you're ready, I mount you. You are wet and your swollen pussy offers no resistance as I take you. Deeper. Soon I have filled you, and I push just a bit more. You are stretched, my cock testing the depth of your pussy. I finish mounting you: I place your arms above your head, and firmly pin them there. Pushing your breasts together, I lay on your chest, my weight supported by your fine tits, crushing them. My other arm slides under you, to your ass, and I insert a finger to control your hips with. You feel how it is to let a man have you completely. Masculine strength controlling you, you're impaled on cock. My withdrawal is rapid, two-thirds of the way out, then a slow, teasing entry, repeating the filling, then the final shove, testing your depth. Again and again I repeat the fucking. Each thrust fills you completely. Impaling you. Stretching you. As passion builds I withdraw less and less, staying deep inside, moving less but pounding harder, until I withdraw not at all. I just thrust, rocking your hips no matter what you do. Every push stretches your pussy. You gasp as I pull completely out, then plunge home, pounding your cunt. Again and again I roughly pound-fuck you. I return to the deep fucking style. Alternating my technique, stretching, then pounding. You open your legs, the only movement available to you, and beg me to stop. I pound you harder as waves of orgasm roll over you. Lovely tits. Pounding. Desperate kisses. Stretching. Powerful. You shudder as I spill into you. No one hears our screams...

"My Love, I'm hungry. Would you stoke the cook-fire before you come back?" You return to the campsite and eye the fire. It's almost out. You throw on a few sticks, then go over to the cooler. You lift it, take it out into the woods, and mischievously hide our food. Then you silently walk over to the post and fasten the collar to your neck. You kneel, arms back, leaning slightly forward, waiting...
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2 years ago
I finished part two tonight ,i guess i should have skimmed over it the other night to see how long part two was before i stoped reading for the night ,anyway i like the story and i hope to write a few myself ,thank you
2 years ago
She is the sub I love. Teasing her Master hoping for the punishment she needs. But her Master knows she doesn't need punishment. She wants it. Whatever the sub wants it is the Master's choice to decide on when, where and how. She knows she might not get her punishment. That is a punishment in itself.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Honey, you wrote a beautiful story, I really enjoyed reading it.
I dream of being in a situation where that girl ......
Pearl Thanks for sharing it.
A kiss, Slavebrescia.
3 years ago
amazing writing, thank you so much for sharing your talent
A xxx
3 years ago
This story, and its predecessor, was quite amazing! So well-written and with a clear understanding of the Master/slave dynamic; you are a very special and gifted writer, Pearl. I notice that only friends may view your profile, which makes asking to add you as a friend a tad difficult!

Perhaps you could get back to me about this - I would love to add you as friend.