Hands To Yourself

After he made his purchase and got in his truck to go home he couldn't stop thinking of her. The tight little pink shorts she was wearing left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It was very hard to concentrate on what she was saying when she came up to him in the store to see if he needed any help. He had been here before and was hoping the same girl would be here and as luck would have it, she was. They talked about his previous purchase and she asked if his wife liked it, "It was a pink rabbit, right?". He couldn't believe she remembered him, she must have thousands of guys come in to lose their mind over her. "So, was my suggestion a good one, does your wife like it?" He told her she loved it and he loved to watch her use it too. "I broke another one and had to buy a new one. Again." He tried to concentrate on her smile but the little pink shorts she had on kept drawing his attention downward. He was getting nervous and didn't want her to see him getting hard because he could see the shape of those perfect little pussy lips outlined by the shorts. He quickly said thank you, went to the register to pay for his things and went outside.
He had talked to his wife about her before, told her that she was one of the strippers there and sometimes she gave lap dances. He wasn't sure what his wife would think about that and she shocked him a little with her answer. She asked why he didn't get one, and he stammered something about not having any cash. She told him next time he should bring some extra money, a lap dance isn't so bad, you can't touch her anyway right? He said yes but she can touch me. His wife said, that must be pure torture, to have a beautiful woman rub all over you, feel your hard cock against her and can't do anything about it. Maybe torture for her too, to get all worked up and can't have that hard cock. I know how much I love to feel your hard cock in me, I'm sure she would like it too, even if she can never have it since it's mine.
Now, here he is, sitting in his truck, with money in his wallet and that conversation going through his head. He starts to get out of the truck and wonders if he should call his wife. Did she really mean what she said? There's a difference between talking about it and doing it. Maybe a text message and he won't be so nervous to ask. As he waits for her to write back he keeps thinking about those pink shorts, wishing he could see them on the floor. Wondering if she had a thong on or nothing at all. Since he is in the truck he is not worried about the hard on he is getting, thoughts of pink shorts mixed with the things his wife does to him, for him, on him. She learned a new trick a couple weeks that just absolutely blew his mind. One of the few things left that she hadn't done for him, said she would never do. She loved to put his hard cock in her mouth and she got better every time she did it but she wouldn't let him cum in her mouth. It always made her so wet and drove him crazy with how good it felt. He had always told her to stop when he was going to cum but this time she didn’t stop. He tried to pull away but she still didn’t stop. He said he was going to cum and she squeezed his cock even harder with her hand and her mouth. His muscles tensed, his mind was racing, was this really happening? Oh my god, she isn’t stopping, he had to put his hand over his mouth or the whole world was going to hear him, he could feel the cum rising and she still had her mouth clamped on his cock. She didn’t even hesitate as he came in her mouth, his mind and body in shock, senses reeling as his cock became sensitive to touch. Her touch was too much, making him quiver as she finally let go. He couldn’t even speak, too blown away that she actually let him cum in her mouth, a dream that he thought would never in a million years come true.
Just then he had an incoming text from her, bringing him back to reality. He wasn’t sure what her response would be as they were exploring new aspects of their relationship. He thought maybe this would be pushing the limits. He told her he bought her a new toy and the same girl was there to help him. She even remembered him from the last time he was there and wanted to know how she liked her toy. His wife asked if she had the same shorts on as last time and he told her that they were different and they were pink, almost the same shade as a pair of pants she used to own. She asked him if he had any money and he said he had some in his wallet. She said “You’re thinking of a lap dance aren’t you?” and he replied “Yes, is that wrong?” She told him no and she knows how much he like to see a nice shaped pussy. She asks if he is going to go back in and he says he had to ask her first. She says “Well since you can’t touch her, you have to keep your hands to yourself. . .” Next message says ”You just have to sit there with a rock hard cock in your pants . . “. He says “That’s gonna be hard to keep my hands to myself but if I touch her then the dance is over.” She replies “So you think you can handle it?” He is pretty sure of his self control and he is aching to see this girl without her shorts on, to see if that sweet pussy is everything he imagined. He decides to call and asks his wife, “Are you sure this ok? I don’t want to push our relationship to far and lose you”. She says since he can’t touch her, can’t put that cock she loves so much inside this girl, he just gets to watch, then it’s alright. He really wants this but doesn’t want to hurt his wife. She says “Go and enjoy yourself then come home and take out all that pent up energy on me.” He can’t tell her how much he loves her, can’t believe that she is okay with this! Their bond has become so close, the sex is completely amazing and totally fulfilling. They have talked of this girl at the store but he really didn’t think he would ever be here again with the potential for this to happen. His wife says “Go back inside, maybe watch her dance a little then see if she will take you to a room for a private lap dance.” He says “Are you really sure, you’re not gonna beat me up when I get home?” “No, I will just occupy my time with my own thoughts until you get here.” she says. “Okay”, he says “If you are really sure.” She tells him she can’t wait for him to come home and tell her all about it.
He hangs up the phone and sits there for a minute more. He gets out of the truck and goes back into the store, looks around a little but she isn’t there. Oh god, he thinks, I hope she didn’t leave. He goes back into the lounge where the girls dance and sits at the bar and orders a beer. He looks for her without trying to be too obvious. He can’t see her anywhere, vaguely aware of the girl onstage, he is looking for those pink shorts. There’s a ball game on a small t.v. at the bar and he thinks of asking if she is still there. It’s getting late and he doesn’t want his wife to think he is having too good of a time. He debates on ordering another beer when the music stops and the girl leaves the stage. Hoping his girl will come out to dance he orders another beer only to be dissapointed when a blonde comes out. He starts watching the game again not paying attention to much else when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see who it is and is pleasantly surprised to see it’s her. Thank god it’s dark in here and she can’t see him blush. She says “I thought you left?”
“I just went to put my stuff in my truck and came back in for a beer.” He is trying so hard to keep his eyes on her face, she must be used to men looking at her body but he doesn’t want to seem like every other pervert that comes in here. “I didn’t see you and I thought you left.” She laughs “Oh no, I’ll be here all night but I don’t dance for another couple hours. I am done working in the store now I just have to wait til it’s my turn to dance. Unless of course someone wants a private dance.” He says, “Oh, you do private dances?” She tells him “Those are done downstairs in a private room, a bouncer waits outside the door in case someone wants to get hands on then he can come in and throw the guy out.” He asks “Have you ever had to throw anyone out?” She says “More than I care to count. Most guys just can’t keep their hands to themselves. You look like you might be one of the rare ones that can though.” He tells her “I’d like to think that I have some self control but it would be so hard not to touch you.” She teases “Well, hard as it gets, it’s still hands off.” He is blushing more than ever which she notices and thinks it’s cute. “So, you’ve never had a lap-dance have you?” He puts his head down and says “Ugh, hate to admit it but no, never have.” She says “Ah, that’s so cute, all sweet and innocent.” She is sitting on the barstool next to him and when he drops his head he can see between her thighs, the shorts stretching against her skin. One of the other girls comes up to the other side of her and when she turns to talk to her he can just barely see the top of her thong, purple, his favorite color.
The other girl asks her what she is going to do until she has to dance. She says she just might be up for a lap-dance. “Oh yeah, for who?” She says, “This gentlemen here beside me. If he decides to come with me, I will be his first.” The other girl says, “Oh honey, if it’s his first you should give him the best show of his life, make it something he will never forget.” She turns back to him “What do you say, want to come downstairs with me?” His mind racing he says “Sure, I would love to.” She gets up and takes his hand, “Hey Randy, will you accompany us downstairs?” “Sure thing”, he says.
He sees how huge this guy is and it reminds him to absolutely keep his hands to himself, this guy could toss him out like a rag doll. She leads the way downstairs and he watches her hips sway all the way down. As they enter the room she tells Randy not to worry, she’ll call if she needs him but she doesn’t think that will be necessary. She closes the door and tells him to have a seat. There is a bench that goes full circle with a pole that comes up through the middle, every stripper has to have a pole right? There is a stereo in the corner and she put in her favorite mixed cd. She tells him to relax, he looks so nervous. Just calm down and let her do all the work. He says he’d better pay her now because he probably won’t be thinking straight when she is done and she says that’s fine. She walks over and takes the money and puts it on the shelf with the music. She comes back and leans over to whisper in his ear, “Remember, no matter what you feel, what I say or do, you have to keep your hands to yourself.” He can feel her breath against his neck and her lips gently brush against his ear. She hasn’t been this close and he notices her perfect skin, faintly covered with glitter. She stays leaned over with her hands on the seat behind his head. He doesn’t like big breast and hers are perfect, they would be just a handful if he was allowed to touch her. She doesn’t talk, just moves to the music. She turns around, such a perfect ass for his eyes to feast on. He is dying for her to take off those tight little shorts, wondering if she will make this quick or take her time. She turns to face him, unbuttoning her shorts but just that one button. She comes closer and turns around again, closer and places one leg on either side of his. So far he is remembering to keep his hands down on the bench but he would love to know what she feels like. She lowers down, rubbing her thighs against his, getting closer and closer to his raging hard-on. She moves back and discovers how rock hard he is, rubbing those hot pink shorts against it and a soft moan escapes her. When he hears the moan his hand comes up and almost touches her but he catches himself only an inch away.
She stands up and turns around, straddling his lap and sits down. She puts her hands on the bench again, bringing her chest against him. The fabric of her top is so thin he can see her hard nipples sticking out and he wants to rip the top off and suck one into his mouth. He can feel her breath on his cheek as if she wants to kiss him but she pulls away at the same time grinding her hips against him. From her movements the zipper on her shorts has inched down, revealing the soft satin of her thong. She sees him watching and stands up pulling the zipper all the way down. She turns around again and instead of taking off her shorts the takes her top off. He can just see the curve of her breast, her hair hanging down and covering the nipples he wants to lick. He wants to close his eyes and imagine touching her, licking and sucking but he doesn’t want to miss a moment of this. She turns around again and sits back down on his lap. She leans her head back and her hair falls away revealing perfect bare skin. She puts her hands behind her on his knees and it’s all he can do to keep his fingers from touching her hard nipples. As she leans forward again she presses against his chest and he doesn’t think she realizes--or maybe she does—that her nipples are rubbing against his own through the fabric of his shirt.
It makes him shiver and she lets out a little giggle, “You like that huh?” He can only nod his head. She says “If you like that then you’ll love this.” She stands up again and turns her back to him. Finally, the moment he has been waiting for, she starts inching her shorts down. Agonizingly slow, exposing that purple satin thong he has been waiting to see. As she moves the shorts down she bends forward and the shorts reach the bottom of her cheeks. He is dying to see those perfect lips but he’s not sure if she will take the thong off too, he probably won’t be that lucky. He is sure she is totally shaved by how close those shorts fit and as her shorts get lower he wonders if her panties are wet. Here it comes, the moment he has been waiting for, and the biggest surprise, even better than he hoped for. That perfect purple satin thong is crotchless. That perfect sweet pussy is completely exposed and he’s never seen such a beautiful sight. He can feel the wetness spread from his hard cock and imagines him pulling it out and her sitting back and sliding onto it. She steps out of the shorts and kicks them out of the way, staying bent over for him to see. She spreads her legs a little more, he can see her hard nipples too and she moves her hands from her ankles up to her ass, squeezing here and there. Her hands move up to her nipples and she rubs them gently and another small moan escapes her. Her right hand moves down to her knee and slowly slides up her thigh to feel the softness between her thighs. She asks if he likes a shaved pussy and he says “Oh god yes!” She says “You are being such a good man, keeping your hands to yourself, you haven’t even tried to touch me once.” He feels a little guilty for slipping and coming so close but it’s not worth it to end this show early. He tells her “I may not be able to touch you but I love to see you touch yourself.” At this, she starts to rub her lips a little harder, “Mmmm, it’s so soft”.
“You know”, she says “You can’t touch me but I can touch my self and maybe we can bend the rules and let you touch yourself too.” He raises and eyebrow and she tells him to unbutton his shirt. She says it’s against the rules for customers to expose themselves but she likes him and since it’s his first time she will make an exception. Besides, after rubbing herself against his hard cock she wants to see what it looks like and just how hard it is. He never thought this would happen, what if Randy comes in and says time is up? He asks if she has a time limit and she tells him it’s up to her, Randy won’t come in unless she calls him.
He starts to unbutton his shirt, never taking his eyes from her fingers. He notices that she is getting wet and just barely starts to push her finger inside those soft lips. She turns around and puts one leg up on the bench as he opens his shirt. “I love a man with a hairy chest, I just want to run my hands all over it. He says he wishes her nipples were rubbing against his, and to his shock she sits down on his lap and proceeds to press her nipples against him. He says “Ah, that drives me crazy” She puts her cheek next to his, lowering her lips to his neck, barely touching him. Her nipples rubbing against his make him want to cum right there and then but she isn’t done yet. She whispers in his ear, “I want to see your hard cock, please take it out and let me see it.” She scoots back on his thighs and he notices she has left a wet spot on the zipper of his pants. She starts rubbing her nipples again as he releases his belt buckle and unbuttons his pants. He says “Are you sure?” She says “Oh yes, my pussy is all wet and I want to see your hard cock.”
He pulls his zipper down and the tip of his cock is peeking out of the top of his boxers. She moans and says “More please”. Her hand moves back down and starts slipping inside to touch her clit as he pulls his hard cock out, exposing it’s full length. She gasps and he isn’t sure if it’s the sight of his cock or her finger on her clit. She stands up and pulls at his pants, getting them down to his knees and sits back down on his lap. He says “I don’t think I can take it with your sweet shaved pussy this close to my cock. She says she wants to fuck him so bad but she knows he is married and she would never do that. But, she won’t stop him from touching it. She wants to see him stroke it, wants to see his big strong hands around that hard cock. There is a little bit of precum on the tip and she tells him she wants to lick it off as her fingers start to move faster and deeper. Her pussy is just inches away and he can’t have it, his hand stroking his cock and watching her fingers. He asks her if she will cum for him and she says only if he will cum for her too. He says “I always please a lady first, I just want to take your nipple in my mouth and shove my hard cock deep into your pussy.”
“Mmm, more” she says “Talk to me more.” He tells her that he has wanted to see her pussy since he came into the store the first time, this is a fantasy come true. Even if he can’t fuck her this is more than he ever thought he would get. She watches him stroke his cock and tells him she wants to see him cum, wants to see it shoot out all over him. He wants to touch her so bad, is aching for it but has to keep his hands on his cock. He moves one hand up to rub his nipple, imagining her tongue there, her nipple rubbing against it again. She is so wet, spreading it all around, her fingers are all slippery and she moves faster and faster. He wonders who is going to cum first and she starts moaning and grinding her hips. He decides her wants to see her cum first if he can hold out.
Her thighs start to squeeze agains him and he can tell she is getting close. She has to put one hand on the seat to keep her balance and he is thankful for the music so Randy can’t hear her. She is moaning, saying “Yes, yes, oh, I’m gonna cum, oh god stroke your hard cock, yes, yes.” He is losing control as she cums “Oh god!”, she says, “I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming” and he can feel it building, rising up in his hard cock. She says “Cum for me, make that big cock cum, c’mon baby, let me see you cum” and he lets it all go, seeing her cum on her fingers and he starts to shoot his own cum out onto his belly and chest. “Yes, oh god yes, ahhh, yes, make that cock cum, don’t close your eyes, look at my wet shaved pussy, look at my sweet soft pussy that you made cum, yes”.
He is spent but the orgasm seems to go on and on, he can’t stop stroking his cock. Her fingers are slowing down and she is gasping for air. She puts her head on his shoulder and watches and his hand finally starts to slow down but his hard on isn’t going away. She sits up and looks at him, smiles and slowly trails a finger down through his cum on his chest. She says “That was one of the most amazing lap dances I have ever given” He smiles but he still can’t catch his breath. She follows the trail of cum all the way down to the base of his still hard cock. She gets up from his lap and lifts the seat up next to him and pulls out a towel and proceeds to wipe his cum off for him. “Not bad for a first time lap-dance huh?”
He says, “That was the most amazing thing, I’m practically speechless.” She says “I very rarely give my customers the royal treatment and you certainly deserved it. I hope you enjoyed it.” With a huge smile on his face she knows he is very satisfied. “So will you come back again sometime?” “Even if I get half the treatment I got this time I will definitely be back for more.” She says, “Good, I’m glad you liked it, I know I did, even I didn’t get to feel that nice cock you have.” He blushes and says thank you. She says “Your wife is very lucky, it’s a rare thing to find a man who can keep it together like you did, Maybe since your cock is still hard you can go home and use it on her and give her a huge smile like yours.” He says “Maybe I will just do that.”
She gathers her clothes and turns the music off and he puts himself together. She says thank you and he says “Oh no, all the thanks goes to you.” His legs are still a bit wobbly and as they get to the top of the stairs she turns and kisses him on the cheek and whispers in his ear again “Goodbye my sweet gentleman.”

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3 years ago
Magnificent! Stunning!

Now the sequel beginning with his laying it out for his wife in lubricious detail as they tantalize each other equally as long and devilishly will be available when? And of course she will make him pay even as it costs her...Oh what a dear school.....
3 years ago
A VERY nice story
3 years ago
great story, i need a towel
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4 years ago
Fantastic story loved every bit of it
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excellent i got lucky once she got off on my leg & left a big wet spot i sat on my hands
4 years ago
hot story! made me hard :)
4 years ago
Great story, made me hard and wet!
4 years ago
Great, GREAT story. Had a good wank to this one ;)
4 years ago
Fantastic...similar to a wonderful time I had with a gorgeous woman a few years ago. The memory still makes me excited and this blog renewed that hot moment for me......Thanks
4 years ago
Mmmm lovely story ... thanks!
4 years ago
Fantastic story!!
4 years ago
great story..i wish all strippers were that nice
4 years ago
fucking brill more please
4 years ago
You have a dirty little mind. Thank you for sharing it with us. Excellent story!
4 years ago
Mmm loved it. Would love a lap dance like that!