Older Weman

As some people of Ukex know, i adore the more mature lady.

I have a great sex life with my wife , but have to say that even though she was happy to do most things, she isn't a patch on some of the older ladies I have had sex with in the past few years.

One of my lovers is a divorcee named Jean who is 64, and is a work colleague. Jean worked in the office, (still does in fact).

We first had sex when I had been dropping her off home for a few weeks, and as a thank you she said that, if i didnt mind, she'd make me some dinner.

I have always found older women more attractive and I'd had more than a few wanks thinking about Jean so I was happy to spend some more time with her.

We had a nice meal, then sat in her living room with a glass of juice. Jean just had the one sofa, so we sat next to each other and out of the blue she just cuddled up to me. I put my arm around her which she said was nice and let her snuggle into my shoulder. I was getting very excited and started to lightly kiss her head, she sat there going "Mmmm that's nice"

she turned her head up to face me. I bent down and kissed her on the lips, she responded by slightly parting her lips to kiss me back. We just sat there for a while kissing.

Then I reached down & squeezed one of her very ample tits. Her lips parted even more, I slipped my tongue into her mouth, Jean responded by licking my tongue with hers in full snog mode.

Her tits are huge and it was just amazing to feel tits the size of Jean's.

As we continued to snog I undone her blouse quite expertly then f***ed my hand into the cup of her left breast. Jean not only has huge tits but her nipples are lovely and big too, soon I massaging her nipple with my fingers.

It was then she moved away from me and lay back on her sofa. I knelt down on the floor; I started to kiss her tits through her bra. She removed this to give me easier access, as her bra was removed I was given my first sight of a 40inch E bust. My eyes were on stalks, Jean pulled my head down onto them and I started to lick and chew on her tits whilst she writhed about on the sofa.

She was telling me how bad I was but at the same time, she was fondling the tit that I wasn't sucking on. I lifted Jean's skirt up as she helped me pull down her tights. She was wearing a pair of black cotton knickers, her pubic hair sticking out from all sides. I carried on sucking on her tits whilst rubbing the palm of my hand against her cunt. She was desperate by now; she was forcing herself down against my hand. It was truly wonderful to feel the gusset of her knickers get quite moist as I rubbed her pussy.

As we started to snog again I f***ed my fingers into her cunt to felt Jean's juicy pussy for the first time. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but her cunt was a lot wetter than I thought it might be so much easier to get into. Jean later told me she had been using a dildo for several years, so was quite used to having her pussy nice & full.

By this time I was desperate to get my cock out, so I stood up and as Jean just lay on the sofa watching me, I stripped off naked, she told me to rub myself in front of her. Standing in front of a woman you hardly know wanking whilst she watches is fantastic.

Whilst I ran my hand up and down my shaft, Jean fondled one of her tits with one hand, and with the other started to finger herself. For a few minutes we just wanked off in front of each other until Jean made herself cum, she pulled me down on top of her, and with a little guidance, easily slipped my cock into her pussy. I fucked Jean like crazy for a good 10 minutes before I shot my load into her.

After we had rested a bit, Jean me took me to her bedroom where she dressed up for me in stockings & suspenders. Where we spent the next few hours exploring each others bodies. She told me about all the things she dreamed of sexually and asked me if I was willing to help fulfil them which of course I was.

One of those was that she wanted anal sex. This is something I had done with my wife once or twice but she wasn't that keen had only done it when she got carried away sexually. I therefore went to work on Jean's lovely arse. As she is quite a big lady, she has a lovely big arse, and I have to admit it was great kissing and licking it all over. I eventually got to her anus which I started to lick with my tongue forcing it open a bit.

After a while doing this I slipped a finger into her arse which she loved. I used my other hand on her pussy making her cum again, I spread her juices between her legs making her arsehole much wetter. I then moved up behind her and ever so gently started to try and ease my cock into her. It took a few minutes but eventually I got into Jeans arse.

The feeling of her tight bum on my cock was wonderful and together with the the fact that I could fondle her great big tits at the same time as fucking her from behind was just heaven. We managed to do this for a good few minutes before I had to pull out but it was a great experience for both of us and one we have done several times since.

Even though I changed jobs, Jean and I still get together every couple of weeks and I always look forward to caressing those lovely big tits, fucking her tight pussy and getting my cock up her delightful anus.

Love Lee

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11 months ago
good work.
1 year ago
A lovely and highly erotic account of the joy of an older woman.
1 year ago
great story,brings back memories of ex gf's mum,she was a great fuck even though she was an oldy.
1 year ago
Very nice story. Thank you for posting - just the kind I love to read. Gerry
2 years ago
Excellent story Id love an experience like that .
2 years ago
I'm with you on the older ladies I've had my share of older ladies even when just a kid of 19 , and have enjoyed them my whole life
2 years ago
i love older women
3 years ago
A great story, you're a lucky guy.