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Never Forget

Hi there. This is Jill and we're just home from the VFW get-together. Ninety six years ago the guns fell silent ending "The War to end all wars". Obviously that didn't happen since we just spent the evening with combat vets from Vietnam up to the present. I suppose like every other parent I pray when our c***dren are grown there won't be any wars for them to fight. But there probably will be. In the meantime I want to remember everyone who has fought to keep us free, including my beautiful life partner Patty and those who never came home. God bless you all.
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I won't do that

Many people have a favorite expression, either of their own or borrowed from someone else they use when they want to say they absolutely, positively will NOT do something. I (Jill) thought I would slip my partner Patty's in (she knows I'm doing this).

There's a club right on the county line, straddling it in fact that is the hangout for the area's bikers. Not the wannabe's mind you, the real deal. For this story we'll call it "Harrigan's" which is no where near being its real name.

In her years with the city police and even more so when she moved to the county police f***e Patty has arre... Continue»
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Jill and I are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter Michelle three days ago on June 7th at 2.42 PM EDT. 21 inches long 7lbs 6 ounces. All is well.
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We thought about simply updating the profile but decided we would announce here first. Speaking of first, our first announcement is that after nearly three years of trying Jill is pregnant! Thank you for all the support and kind words we have received and special thanks to Patty's b*****r who has donated the sperm all this time to make our c***d truely a mixture of the both of us. Secondly Patty has finally finshed her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice which means. among other things, that she will be eligible for higher rank if she stays with the County Police, which is her intention. No ... Continue»
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[Story] Choices

Choices by patricia51©

(Note: Written by an internet friend of ours who has, darn it, retired from writing original erotica but has given us permission to post her stories as long as they are listed under her penname, which of course we would never dream of doing any other way.)

Barbara Clausen woke with the first light of dawn as it crept through the curtains. Moving slowly and carefully, she slipped from under the sheet and swung her feet to the floor. She stood and tip-toed to the chair where her clothing lay. She donned her dress, picked up her underwear, pantyhose, shoes and purse... Continue»
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