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I like women to watch me masturbate. I t turns me on and I like reading any comments!
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1 month ago
I love it when I'm hiking on the trails near me, with my dick hanging out of my shorts. I usually get a raging hard on when I pass people. Sometimes they notice and start to hike with me, so they can get a better look. After a short time, I start stroking, and we'll stop so they can watch me stroke myself off and cum. I usually shoot buckets then....
9 months ago
yes.it feels so fucking good being naked out in the hot sun stroking my stiff rod with someone watching.my cock gets so fucking hard that it feels like a steel rod.the fucking head swells up twice as fat as the ridgid shaft.then once it starts throbbing i know that i'm going to cum.once i get to that point i tighten up my legs and arch back pushing my cock straight out and up.usually they will be hard and pulling their cock by then.that's when my cum will start flying out of my stiff fucking meat.i get so horny when i do that,that i always shoot an extra large load.it looks so hot flying through the air.
9 months ago
That sounds awesome! Do they usually watch you cum?
9 months ago
i go back in the dunes at a beach that i go to and walk around naked.when i see that i'm comming up to someone laying out in the sun i'll stay out of their sight and start playing with myself until my cock is standing straight out.then i'll walk by them with my meat swaying back and forth as i'm walking.after i'm a little ways past them i'll start jerking-off where they can see me.i love cumming while they are watching me.i have a lot of stories of things that i have seen and done out there.
10 months ago
No question about it. Someone I don't know or just met watching me is amazing!
10 months ago
Yeah I love to be watched as I jerkoff! My wife does all the time, but it's more fun when it's someone else!