My First Time With A Female Bodybuider

Last week i was at the gym and i walk in and saw this White Female Bodybuilder running on the treadmill. When i change she made her way to the weight machine and walk past me and said hi with a german accent,my dick got real hard and i wanted her to see. So i was a foot beside her and started to lift 60pound barbells, she kind of notice at first and smile from the corner of her mouth I moved over to do the speedbag and she said slow down Tyson. She had a sense of humor so i said U would have to stop me, She laugh again and started to talk to me. She said her name was Kathy she was from germany and in the navy she also said i was cute and she like black guys with tattoos she made a comment about my dick saying Something in German. I ask her wat that mean she said Heavy Dick I played it off with a smile and said u like and turn sideways i ask her so wat u doin today she said nothin bout to go home i said well if u want to hang out sometime i can give u my number she smile and said ok young boy. Turns out she was 42, we conversate for 30min and i go back to my work out and she leaves 20min later waving bye. Two days later I get a call from Kathy she said would i like to come over and chill i said yeah. I drove to her house and she is wearin booty shorts with a tank top she ask would i like something to drink and watch a movie, I said yes We Watch The Town With Ben Affleck. Half way through the movie she ask have i ever fuck a female bodybuilder I say no i started talking and she just started Kissing me. She Said I want U So she pull me Toward the bedroom and half way there i pick her up and carry her on my shoulder. She Got Real Wet And Excited when in the bedroom she pull my belt off and put her hand down my pants and she pulls it out and say O You Have A Beautiful Dick She Starts to suck and moan and gags on it for about 20min. She Says She is ready for black dick I yank Her shorts down and lick my hand and stroke my dick for lube I did two strokes and she started screamin in german Screamin Give Me more Black Dick. 5min in she Came 3 times im still hard i fuck her doggy and i was talkin dirty and she started screamin pull it out Daddy i said no i told her to tap then i will do it i started to pound her hard and rapid fast. She Tap On The Bed Hard Screamin Stop Daddy I Stop We Was Goin At It for about a Hour anyway, She started to suck my dick and choking my dick aggressive sayin Cum In My Face U Black Fuck. I Need that Protien she said I Nutted in her mouth and she swallow it and made me nut more. We Then Went To sl**p and Fuck again around 3AM I Left Her House and 5min later she call and said she miss me and i was a nice guy. She Said she was gonna call Me KING in german. So for the past week I Have Been Fucking a female bodybuilder and Im FUCKIN LOVING IT.
54% (4/3)
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3 years ago
Good Job My Friend . I want to FUCK your sexy QUEEN Bad