My First Bondage Experience (Part Two)

Sara kept me hog-tied, gagged and blindfolded all night before she untied me. But Sara kept my wrists tied tightly behind my back and she helped her lover now her slave out of bed and led me into the bathroom. She had layed out a razor and shaving cream next to the sink. She took a wash cloth and damped it with warm water and she washed my redish pubic hair around my crotch, cock and balls and even my ass. After several minutes of this she then proceeded to apply shaving cream to my pubic hair and other areas and Sara began to shave away her lovers pubic hair. Sara soon had my crotch area shaved smooth as the day I was born and my manhood, jewels and my nether region was shaved just as smooth as my crotch area. After wiping me clean and dry Sara led me back to the bed where she helped me back into bed. As I sat on the bed she tied my ankles to the bedposts before she untied my wrists and they were tied to the bedposts as well and I was tied very tightly in a spread-eagle position. Sara walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer an pulled out a small box and walked back over to the bed. Lover, I went shopping last night and I bought you something and Sara proceeded to open the box and pulled out something I have never seen before. She took her fingernail and ran it along my cock to my balls and back several times. Lover we need to keep this under control as it now belongs to your Mistress, you are not to touch yourself and never cum without Mistress's permission and the best way to prevent yourself from getting hard and not cumming without my permission is to wear this chastity device I have bought for you. I am the key holder, and you will wear it, understand slave? I was in no position to resist Sara as she had me tied so tightly to the bedposts. I said yes Mistress Sara, and she smiled and proceeded to close a stainless steel cock ring around the base of my cock. It was a tight fitting ring, but not to hurt her new slave. Next came the cock cage which has vents in it and a small hole on the end so I am able to use the bathroom, and the cage is small enough that I can get an full erection while wearing the device. Sara quickly slipped the cage over my manhood before it had a chance to grow to full erection. She connected it to the cock ring trapping my balls between the ring and cage and Sara slipped the padlock through the holes and she locked it into place. My cock was trapped in the cage, a ring secured it into place, only my where hanging free. Sara placed the key onto a chain and fastened the chain around her neck and the key dangled between her naked breasts as she smiled at me. Sara said, lets test your chastity lover, and with that she straddled her naked body between my naked body and she rested just inches from my face. Sara then rested her pussy onto to my face and queened and smothered my face very tightly. All I could do was inhale her pussy scents and ocassionally Sara would raise up a little and commanded me to lick her pussy and as I did I could feel my cock filling the cock cage tightly, trying to get hard and pull off the cage but Sara secured it tightly and it was coming off unless she wanted it off my manhood. Mistress teased ah, poor slave wants to get so hard and cum for his Mistress and can't. Sara was driving me crazy with her words. Slave's cock belongs to Mistress now she laughed. And cum when I say, if I let you cum which made my cock fight the cage even more. Sara got off me and stood at the foot of the bed and said she had to run so errands and would be back later in the day leaving her slave and lover tied tightly to the bedposts, leaving my cock in its new home until she decides to remove it. My face was covered in her wetness and cum after my tongue made Sara cum multiple times over my face. Before leaving Sara wiped my face clean with a pair of her panties and rolled them up and shoved them into my mouth and sealed my lips shut with bondage tape to keep me quite until she returned. Sara kissed my sealed lips and said she loved me. Sara left the bedroom and locked the door behind her leaving me tied, gagged and my manhood locked up, still fighting the cage as I heard her high heels fading off into the distance wondering how long my Mistress and gal would be gone leaving me this way.
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